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Admonish - Insnärjd, Momentum Scandinavia


Admonish - Insnärjd (Momentum Scandinavia)


MTV viewers may recognise the name of this band, as two of their members were in a zany television show called Pimp My Ride. Car freaks should check it out, and wonder where the rest is going to sit when Admonish uses this car to go their gigs...But let's focus on the music you can hear on this beautifully covered five song EP. Admonish play atmospheric, melodic black metal. It reminds a lot of Antestor (The Forsaken era), but the tracks on Insnärjd are less song oriented, less radio friendly with tunes that are between six and over eight minutes long (if you don't count the two acoustic, instrumental pieces of two minutes each). There are a lot of shrill noises on this recording, and fast stuff as well. But at times Admonish slows down. This EP contains very appealing sounds. The instruments are played skillfully. Especially the bassist is doing a great job. Fans of Antestor should check this EP (over 26 minutes). But be quick. Only 850 copies were released.