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Coriolis - The Endless Funeral, Youngside Records


Coriolis - The Endless Funeral, Youngside Records


Five years ago Coriolis debuted with a titleless album with keyboard gothic and electronic metal. The Endless Funeral is the follow-up release. The core of this band is Jonathan P. Stamets who does vocals, guitar, programming, plays the pennywhistle, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered the album. To call this new album industrial metal would make it sound too metal, though there are frequent heavy guitars sustaining the Coriolis sound. Musically this is rather a melting pot of gothic, industrial, rock, metal and even dance music. Interesting tracks are Everything Must Go and Weight Of The World with its beautiful whistled solo. The songs seem to be very lyric oriented. No wonder as this is a concept album describing how Stamets started out in life optimistic, trusting his fellow humans and, above all, trusting God was on his side. But then life showed its ugly face and things weren't simple any more. This album ventilates the various states Stamets was in. Thank You displays his younger, optimistic self. See You In Hell is filled with anger. And the song Lie? is depressing:

'Where do I go when the world falls down around me? Sometimes I can't comprehend. I never know who's a friend or who's an enemy (I may not have any friends). Is there a purpose or a destiny to guide me? Is the cake just a lie? If there's a God, He isn't speaking to me recently but I'm still waiting for reply.'

This is not a I've-lived-through-it-and-I'm-happy-again kind of record. It's filled with the same dark emotions you can find in some of the Psalms in the Bible. The final song ends with irregular heartbeats stopping and a final breath, followed by silence. And then, almost unexpected, a heart begins beating again. Despite everything that goes wrong in life, Stamets holds on to his faith.

Listen to Coriolis on myspace.com.