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Grave Declaration - Nightshift Worshiper, Momentum Scandinavia/Nordic Mission


Grave Declaration - Nightshift Worshiper, Momentum Scandinavia


Grave Declaration is a new one-man-band. Thor Georg Bruer is the creative genius behind this band and Nightshift Worshiper his debut EP. The CD only has four songs, but they fill 25 minutes. And what a great stuff this guy has to offer! The music on the EP can best be described as symphonic black metal with some death metal influences. The vocals are somewhere in between the black metal shriek and a growl. Bruer is a keen listener to bands like Crimson Moonlight, Antestor and even Saviour Machine. All three bands come to mind when listening to this EP. The use of piano sounds automatically reminds me of Saviour Machine. But also some of the eerie keyboard sounds make me think of this band, for instance in the song Lamentation. The shrill, fast parts in Your Beauty Embraced are clearly inspired by Crimson Moonlight (The Covenant Progress album). Is Grave Declaration a rip-off band? No. Though the sources of inspiration are clear, this disc has enough creativity of its own to mark its own spot in the black metal market. Rather striking are the lyrics. They are probably the most explicit Christian lyrics in black metal I've ever come across. Nightshift Worshiper is a very nice CD, with a great guitar sound and excellent programming. It has variety, without losing grip of the band sound. Only 850 copies were pressed of the EP and I recommend black metal fans who dig above mentioned bands and appreciate this lyrical approach, to get this disc fast.