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One of the most interesting upcoming heavy metal bands right now is Anaemia from Sweden. Discovered by Endtime Productions, this band gives you some brutal heavy metal on their excellent debut-record The Second Incarnation. Read here what the band has to say about themselves and the recording.


Interview with: Tobias Ogenblad (drums) & Kim Stranne (vocals)

Date: December 29th 2000

Where: This was an E-mail interview.

Other Bandmembers: Chriss Sundqvist (guitars)

Band's Geographical Home: Karlskrona, Sweden

Discography: The Second Incarnation (1999)

Available Through: Endtime Productions

Official Website:  Anaemia

Contact Address: anaemiasweden@yahoo.se

Interview by: mpo


As a preparation to this interview, I checked out the official Anaemia website. However, the history of the band was described a bit briefly. So, can you give us an idea of how it all started and the history from then till now?

Kim: It started of with Tobbe (drums) and me playing in a punk rock band called Armoured Faith. At the time I played the guitar. After a while Erik Andersson joined on keyboard and we got a more doom influenced sound. Then Chriss (guitar) moved from the north of Sweden to join our band and we became Anaemia. At the time we changed to a more heavier sound and Martin joined on bass and we became a live act. After two demo recordings and several gigs Erik left the band for playing techno with his wife. One year after Erik left the band we got signed to Endtime Productions and we went into the studio to record our album, The Second Incarnation. This is the simple but true story of Anaemia.

As I understand it, the band does not have a permanent bass-player. But there is a guy who is helping you out at concerts. Is he just an unofficial member of the band, as it seems he's permanently doing concerts?

Tobbe & Kim: He is a permanent member of Anaemia but he was taking a break from the band when we were recording, but he will be playing on our next recording. Hopefully that will be a new album.

You released the Second Incarnation as your debut-album through Endtime Productions of Samuel Durling. Personally, I think it's a wonderful debut. Are you satisfied with the result and how is the feedback so far?

Tobbe & Kim: We´re glad you liked the record, so do we. But of course you´re never totally satisfied. As musicians we keep developing all time and we think there´s a lot of things we can do better. The response so far has been good.

What could have been better, do you think?

Tobbe & Kim: The sound could have been more aggressive. It´s too much a studiosound on the album. We want more of a ”live feeling”. More dirty rock n´roll. A little more”Soulfly” if you know what we mean. On our next album we will experiment more and we will probably  not be that predictable. Maybe embrace influences from other musicstyles.

Just like Extols debut on Endtime, this album is a good production. Quite remarkable, both Extols as well as Anaemia's debut were produced by the bands themselves. What do you think contributed to that?

Tobbe & Kim: Endtime gave us free hands and obviously we did a quite good job. We recorded our album and they where satisfied with the result.

The CD is a debut-album! To your opinion, what conditions in terms of budget and studio and such were provided for by Endtime to make it to a success?

Tobbe & Kim: We never talked about money. We recorded and they paid.

Okay. Other question now. Extol is the first band on Endtime. They went twice to the States. Summer 1999 they did an extensive tour there. They also had some good response in Europe. With that in mind, what do you hope to achieve with Anaemia?

Tobbe & Kim: We will do our thing as good as we can and if the response is good we´ll be glad. If people like our music we´ll probably do some tour.

And do you have certain expectations of the future? Or even worked out plans?

Tobbe & Kim: We have a couple of gigs and hopefully these will give us more gigs. We will record some new material this summer.

With Anaemia being the second band signed to Endtime, what band would you suggest Samuel as a third band on the roster?

Tobbe & Kim: There are some bands that Durling has talked about but nothing is official yet so we can´t talk about it.

I know about Lengsel as kind of a surprise from Endtime, but is there any band that you like that you would suggest to him or any other label?

Tobbe & Kim: Bob Dylan, but he´s already signed on another label…….*smile*. Hasta la victoria siempre!!!