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Christian Rivel is one of those busy kind of artists who aren't satisfied with one band at a time. Besides his main band Narnia he also does Flagship and Divinefire. Yet his musical aspirations demanded another project, with a different musical vision: Audiovision. Read what he's got to say about this special solo project and all the famous artists he got involved with...


The Calling is the name for the Audiovision project you did with Lars Chriss from the band Lionsshare. You are also known for your work with Narnia and Divinefire. You also did a solo album. However, Audiovision is something entirely different. How do you feel about The Calling?

To fulfil my solo album AUDIOVISION I wanted the right elements for the songs and therefore I used a lot of players for the album. My producer Lars Chriss had a lot of connections and I am proud over the result.

Audiovision - The Calling

What strikes me, is that you got over fifteen different musicians/singers involved on this project. The disc was recorded in various studios in the USA and in Sweden. How did it all come together? Can you tell about the way the whole project was undertaken, starting from the early stages till the final product?

It will be a book if I have to the whole story so I am answering this very short. I was afraid of these kind of questions regarding this album. Lars Chriss have some names and I have some people that we wanted to have on the album and we know these people could bring the right impact for the sound I wanted and in the end it was many people involved on the album. I am sorry you don't get a more detailed answer but the process worked out for 2 years.

How easy or difficult was it to get all these artists involved?

It worked out quite easy during these 18 months we worked with the album because Lars Chriss knows a lot of people and then I called them up one by one and told them my audiovision and they liked it and we did an agreement. Of course I am very happy to get people involved from KISS, WHITESNAKE, EUROPE and many more on my solo album to fulfil my dedication for melodic hard rock and heavy metal.

It's funny you sometimes have three or four different keyboard players on one song. Honestly, I can't hear the difference in Read Between The Lines. So, why these many keyboard players?

The reason we have so many different players on each songs is that during the process we wanted more things and sounds. Not even I can separate the sounds today but I know all people are there and I have to give them credit.

Lyrically, The Calling has lyrics that refer to your faith. You wrote the lyrics. How do all the involved artists think about this?

They know it is my solo album so I do whatever I want. I am the only one in charge of this album and everybody knows I am a Christian so if they have something against it they havenīt been involved on the album.

The guest musicians were all involved in their own way, probably hearing only a tiny bit of the album. How is their response to the final outcome?

They think it is a good rock album with great songs.

As I understand it, the feedback from press and public so far is good. Is there a demand for live shows and is that a possibility?

Yeah a lot of people ask if we will tour but it will not happen. My main touring band is NARNIA and maybe I will do some shows with DIVINEFIRE & FLAGSHIP.

Finally, is The Calling a one-record project or may we expect another tasty bit?

Maybe in 10 years you will see a follow up or maybe it will never happen.