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Seventh Avenue

One of the most underrated metal bands in Europe is probably Seventh Avenue. This German band plays solid melodic power metal. With three albums and an EP under their belts they're also one of the oldest bands in existence. A fourth album is coming up this year. Seventh Avenue was scheduled to play the Fear Dark Festival in Holland and the Bobfest in Sweden in March 2002 and this was the right opportunity to invite singer & guitarist Herbie Langhans to the interview forum for a series of questions. Below you can find the best parts of this interview.


Discography: Rainbowland (1995), Tale Of Tales (1996), Southgate (1998), Goodbye (1999). Available through: Seventh Avenue. Official website: Seventh Avenue. Interview by: mpomusic, Exhead.Nl, Trashcanman5, Daffie K, Master M. Article work-out by: mpo. Date: February 22nd-27th 2002.


Seventh Avenue, FLTR: Florian, Herbie, Geronimo & Mike

mpomusic: Out of Germany comes Seventh Avenue. The band exists quite some years now. How did the band get started?

Herbie: We started with the band in 1989 but then we had another name. In 1992 our old singer left the band and I began to sing. Since we played another kind of metal so we were looking for a new name: Seventh Avenue. But I am the only one from that time who's still in the band.

mpomusic: Did you follow singing lessons? And what are your influences as a singer?

Herbie: I had singing lessons for one year because I wanted to learn some techniques. Yeah, I like Bruce Dickinson, a little bit Helloween, and harder stuff like Rage or Iced Earth.

Exhead Nl: Do you gig often?

Herbie: We don't gig very often but I hope it will be better this year. First the Fear Dark Festival, then the Bobfest and then I will get my baby in April (or my wife will). I hope that we play some good concerts and festivals this summer (maybe Wacken Open Air in Germany). And then in September we'll do a two week Brazilian/South American Tour.

mpomusic: I noticed that on the Seventh Avenue site one can download all songs from all the albums. This makes me wonder which ones of these you're going to do live so we can give them an extra listen... What songs will the set list contain?

Herbie: We play Southgate, Tales Of Tales, May The Best One Win, Time, Iron Man, Goodbye, Rest In Peace, some new stuff and some surprise songs.

mpomusic: And with surprise songs you mean covers? On the Seventh Avenue site I downloaded Burning Heart, an eighties classic.

Herbie: Yeah, cover songs is right. Burning Heart is from Survivor.

Trashcanman5: I don't know how many times people have asked you this, but is there a possibility you guys will play at Cornerstone Festival, in the U.S? It's the biggest Christian music festival in the nation and it would rule if Seventh Avenue would come! Any plans for concerts in America?

Herbie: I really wanna go to Cornertsone! But I don't have a contact with anyone from the organization. In September we are in Brazil/South America and maybe there is a way to go to North America as well.

Daffie K: Some people here on Art For The Ears are very curious about your clothing when being on stage. Are you wearing tight leather pants a la Stryper back in the 80's? Or is it baggy jeans with ultra white sneakers?

Herbie: I think we wear the same style as ever. A lot of black leather pants, black shirts and of course a little bit Poser Style. Our drummer once wore a Scottish dress!

Herbie Langhans

Exhead Nl: What do you think of the current state of the metal scene?

Herbie: About the metal scene I can say that I like a lot of new melodic metal bands. It can always be a way for us to come forward. I don't like all that new metal (Limp Biskit, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson). The new Maiden was very cool.

Exhead Nl: There's seems to be a good market for good traditional metal. Are your CD's selling well?

Herbie: I hope with the next label we can sell a lot more CD's because the market is very good.

mpomusic: What do you mean with 'the next label'. Are you switching record deals? Can you tell us about it?

Herbie: Normally we would have made the deal with Underground Symphony from Italy but they didn't send us money for recordings and I didn't get an answer for my questions. So we had to cancel the mix in Gate Studio (Rhapsody). And I must pay for some stuff by my own. That all makes me very angry. Now Victor Smolski from Rage tries to find a deal for us and then we make the mix in his studio (VPS).

Master M: On your coming album Between The Worlds what does it sound like most? Iron Maiden or Stratovarius or maybe like some other bands?

Herbie: First it sounds like Seventh Avenue! But I think sometimes it sounds like classic Maiden style and sometimes more like modern Stratovarius or Gamma Ray.

Trashcanman5: Herbie, what is going to be the difference on the new Seventh Avenue album? I really liked Southgate...but what would you like to see improved?

Herbie: The new album's name is Between The Worlds and it's the best we've ever made. You will hear it this summer. I think the new album is more melodic, sometimes harder, faster. More big choirs, better guitars and of course a very much better sound. I think it will be, of course, the very best album from Seventh Avenue. I hope the fans will think the same.