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Some will know that Betrayal was started by former members of thrash metal band Martyr in the late eighties. In the early nineties they released two CD's. One of their original members was Marcus Colon and he's now back with Betrayal. It seems this is still a project by him alone so read here what he has to say about Betrayal as we knew it, what it is now and what we might expect from him in the near future.


Interview with: Marcus N. Colon

Date: February 29th 2000

Where: This is an E-mail interview. Date refers to date first mail.

Other bandmembers: yet unknown. See one of the answers below.

Band's Geographical Home: California, USA

Discography: Renaissance By Death (199?), The Passing (1993), Leaving Nevermore (1999)

Available Through: Betrayal

Official Website: Betrayal

Interview by: mpo


This is my first Betrayal interview so I hope you don't mind that I ask some questions regarding the early days. First I want to ask you a question about something I've always wondered about. On Betrayal's debut-album, there are two songs written by you that seem to deal with Satanism. Tell me how this type of lyrics originate.

I have had various experiences in earlier years with Satanism, before coming to know the grace of God. Some were first hand, while others were through acquaintances and stories passed through certain circles of people practicing magic. All of which had a certain sense of validity to pass on creative stories and warnings, through songs, to offer the truth and delivering power of God!

This sounds too vague to me. You said you had various experiences yourself. What kind of experiences are you referring to?

You know, I don’t honestly feel an importance to go into depth about that. If someone can be led away from involvement or curiosity in the occult from my testimony, then great, but sometimes sharing past sins even though there under the blood, can be a dangerous thing! The Bible is clear, "resist the Devil and He will flee" (James 4:7) as well as "avoid every kind of evil" (1Thess. 5:22). The Bible is the definitive instruction manual and anything I would say would only confirm that choosing a way of death, hate and lusts for evil things is only the beginning of pain, depression and an open door to your worst fears! The important fact is simple; it was finished on the cross. That means the way of deliverance from all binding and controlling influences have been broken and the opportunity to know love, peace and joy (which is impossible without God) has been made available to all through the blood that was shed on Calvary.

I can understand that you don't want to go into depth about what you call past sins. Still, you did that in early Betrayal. In recent years I saw an increased interest in Satanism and occultism due to the upcoming of black metal and gothic, I think. So, what do you feel about that and you're place in all this?

Betrayal’s re-appearance is no mistake or cheap attempt at a reunion. Betrayal is not back to fulfill anyone’s wishes of how we should sound, but to complete a task God has given. I believe the vision will continue to grow as additional members will join and seek God together. Most of that vision is place, but I don’t presume to know the mind of Christ. I believe that we will find ourselves in the thick of those who glorify Satan. "B" has always been a band attacking spiritual ignorance, not a political type of message. Even though "Leaving Nevermore" is more of a statement (geared towards believers, on a whole), the re-definition of what were saying to a dying world and those so called Satanic bands will be evident on the next release, which is under works with a title being held for now. God chooses our battles, those for which we were called to win in His name. God often uses that from which He has brought us from, therefore, what needs to be said at that point will be said, in Christ’s name and authority!

As I understand it, Betrayal disbanded in 1993 partially due to a car-accident and a forthcoming death lawsuit. That doesn't sound very nice to me. Can you explain what really happened, what made you decide to quit the band and how the legal procedure ended?

Well, that is a great part of what really happened, but the short of it was a case of genuine burnout by most of the band. There were a ton of responsibilities mounting in the lives of us all and we were not going to be doing anybody good when priorities at home were being neglected. It didn’t end poorly, just sadly. It seemed then, more could have been accomplished, but God was and is on the throne, and it was finished for that time. As for the lawsuit, it was dropped, by God’s grace.

Yes, but why was it a death law-suite at all?

Since the tire of our trailer (carrying our equipment) fell off while driving to the gig, the lawyers said it was that which caused the truck to go off the road. Therefore a suit was filed. They later found the people were speeding excessively and were not wearing seat belts as well.

After the split-up of the band, what did you do musically?

I continued to rediscover music and all the great things that were starting to appear in the music industry. Such as sounds, techniques and different ways to approach songwriting. I had some interaction with other players and projects, as well as a small tour with Deliverance.

But you didn't bring anything out on CD?

The years between releases, is a mixture of rediscovering vision & music. It was a time of writing and recording music in other projects (which might be made available at some point), as well as being a part of the band Deliverance (for the second time). That involved some touring and making an appearance on their last release. Primarily, I think it was a season of waiting on God, as well as getting married and establishing goals.

You were part of Deliverance in the late eighties, prior to joining Martyr, the band that preceded Betrayal. And you were part of the last Deliverance album, Camelot In Smithereens. I'm told there are plans about the reuniting of Deliverance too. What do you know about that and about plans to record a Weapons Of Our Warfare Part II?

I have no idea! I haven’t spoken to Jimmy in a while. If he’s got plans to do that I wouldn’t have a clue. The last I knew he said he’d never do Deliverance again, but as we know things change.

Now you're back with Betrayal. Musically this new album is different compared to the old albums. There are still some heavy guitars used but there are many mellow moments as well. What kind of audience do you hope to attract through Leaving Nevermore?

As of now, pin-point marketing is blown out of the water! I can only pray, that it finds the way to the people God has for me to say something too. I believe it has a home in the Gothic / Industrial movements, where it’s picked up recognition. The sound is from the heart and moved by the Spirit of God, so I believe in time it will accomplish it’s purpose and grow from there.

Leaving Nevermore was supposed to be released through Worldhate Media but the copy I have is a Black & White Records release. As I understand it this is your wife's initiative. I visited the Worldhate Media site some time ago and there I saw the biography of Betrayal as if you're on their label. However, today I revisited it  but I saw nothing about Betrayal. So, what's the story of this?

Being where God wants you is the most important thing in a believer’s life (I think you would agree). Therefore, it was clear in the developments of the release that "B" should be on our own label. We simply wanted to see things handled the way "B" needed to be and to ensure that, Black & White Records was formed. This way waiting on any other label to do what we felt was of importance wouldn’t be an issue

Do you mean you ended working with Worldhate?

What you don’t understand is nothing got started! It’s a dead issue and the parties who run Worldhate Media are friends of mine and always have been. We now support each other in various ways. That’s all!

On this album I hear all kinds of influences and styles. The new biography states it's modern rock/industrial. Personally I don't think that does justice to the sound and feel of the album. How would you describe the music?

Man, I don’t know! Just about the time others or I put their finger on it, A new adjective or comparison is made. Overall, it’s dark, beautiful and driving!

Leaving Nevermore is basically a Marcus N. Colon product, not only because you wrote all the music but you played most instruments too. At what point did you decide to do it under the moniker Betrayal?

Truly, when God told me too! I was not intending to do that, but the Lord very much prompted me. That came about a third of the way in to the recording process. (Who knew?)

How did this become clear to you?

As for how it became clear, like all things in the Lord, through prayer, fasting and the reading of His word, He makes His will known to us! God doesn’t have you do something and not reveal Himself to you. The key is obedience! Walk in faith and He will make His ways known. In His timing!!!

This might be a very personal question but how did He reveal it to you? Was it just a thought that was coming back to you or did He speak to you somehow, or how else?

You’re right, it is personal. I will say this, I do know when God impresses something in my spirit and it cannot be confused with self will or the enemy! It’s peaceful, direct and doesn’t contradict His word!

The lyrics in the early days were, to my idea, statement-like lyrics. Compared to these songs the new tracks are more vague. Is there some kind of lyrical agenda for this new album? Something you want to get across?

Yeah, and good question! It’s more to the body of Christ, to those who have strayed and become weary of the things of God. Most assuredly, there are songs addressing the crucial need of choosing Christ as savior, but with great numbers of people who have seemingly walked away from their faith, the burden was towards them and they will know what’s being said on "Leaving Nevermore" when they hear it.

Is that one of the reasons why you believe God wanted you to do this under the moniker Betrayal?

I like that! To be honest I’m not sure. It kind of goes with the previous answer. I did often think (while recording), if one friend who has strayed from the Lord rededicated their life in result of "L.N.", it would all be worthwhile! I don’t believe "B’ purpose is for only one thing or another, but to do the whole will of God. However, that question could be valid for the initial reappearing of Betrayal.

Betrayal in the early nineties

Though this album isn't a band product you're starting a band. Tell more how that's developing right now. 

That is the goal, which is in God’s hand! Ultimately, I don’t believe I’m going to move forward with the music and most importantly the ministry aspects of "B" alone.

What do you mean by that? What are you planning to do?

I feel like "B" will redevelop into a music ministry much like before. I don’t feel like "B" will lead from behind, but be on the front lines against the enemy. Rallying bands and individuals to do warfare has always been a burden. That’s why Pastor Bob & Sanctuary are sorely missed here in California. Moving as one on the streets and in prayer is powerful. That’s where I see Betrayal in the future!

That brings back memories of those Pastor Bob approved CD's! Uh, to go back to my initial question, what about forming a band? Several months have passed since the release of Leaving Nevermore. Have you formed a band?

I do have a drummer (Brian Poindexter) who used to play with Mortal and I’m now in talks with another guitarist. So, it might be several years or several days, but the new line-up will come together and need I say …….In God’s time!

And what's going to happen musically? What musical territories are you going to explore more, the electronic areas or the heavy side?

Another good question. The answer is both! You will be hearing a greater return of the guitar crunch, but complimented with the dark brooding gothic keys. I can assure you the sound will be better than ever!