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There are always new bands emerging. Blissed seems to be another one of these. However, one better look at them will make you realize this is Robert Sweet's new band. Robert Sweet? Yes, the drummer for Stryper, a band that sold millions of albums throughout the eighties. The same Sweet that released Love Trash in 2000, his first solo album. Blissed seems to be a different kind of band. But, who are they really?


Discography: Limited Edition EP (2002). Available through: Blissed. Official website: Blissed.   Interview by: Mark Alexander & mpo. Date: October 3rd & December 13th 2002.


Mark Alexander: First lets have all the guys introduce themselves.

Robert Sweet: Hello Mark, I’m Robert Sweet and I play drums .

David Pearson: David Pearson, lead vocals and a little guitar playing.

Trevor Barr: Hey Mark, I’m Trevor Barr guitar and vocals.

Jeff Miller: My name is Jeff Miller and I play bass and sing vocals as well.

mpo: How did you guys actually come together?

David Pearson: It was a nice smooth natural progression. It started out as 'let's work together on these couple songs', which turned into few songs which grew into a full recording then naturally into 'lets do this'.

Robert Sweet: And God said 'let there be Blissed'.

Mark Alexander: All right then, this is the first time that Robert Sweet has been included in a band as a true member, why Blissed, why these guys?

Robert Sweet: Yes, you are right. I’ve been involved with many projects and reasons for this being ‘the one’ are because number one, I really enjoyed the songwriting process and that we all meshed musically very easy and I have to admit that I love these guys, they are very easy to get along with and believe it or not that is a hard thing to find.

David Pearson: For me a band has always needed to be a friendship thing too, it works well when you have creative differences to care about the other person too.

mpo: The band has recorded a debut CD which will be out soon. What is to be  expected both musically as lyrically?

Robert Sweet: This music is something we are very happy with, I love these songs. It is two parts feeling, one part heaviness, shaken not stirred.

David Pearson: It is quite edgy and aggressive at times, in a way that some people have been surprised by but we have not sacrificed attention to melody for the heaviness. Besides there are also great catchy rock songs and even some cool vibey laid back songs.

Jeff Miller: It is a great mix, a full picture of who Blissed is.

David Pearson: A couple of the songs, I’m sure will cause a little controversy, but the lyrics that I wrote are real to me, I was being honest. And so we didn’t water down a song like I Hate You or Shut Up.

Mark Alexander: OK, lets touch on that now.

Robert Sweet: First the song I Hate You, I know that song sounds real negative but it isn’t. It is not about us hating anyone, we don’t hate anyone, and we don’t live our lives hating people, just the opposite. The song is about the author of all that is evil, it is kind of a To Hell With The Devil for today.

Mark Alexander: Ah, I see.

David Pearson: I was watching the news and seeing all the terrible crimes and injustices and in my frustration placed the blame correctly where it belongs.

Mark Alexander: And the song Shut Up?

Jeff Miller: When Dave first showed me those lyrics I laughed, it is so simple and straight forward. Basically Shut Up is, if you’re not living right or if you're not living real then you don’t have a right to open up your mouth. It’s a practice what you preach song. And it’s got an edge musically that is heavy and thick and it’s nasty in a way that is just right.

Trevor Barr: We played those songs for the first time at a concert in Anaheim in the summer and it was powerful, it was an eye opener.

mpo: Indeed, a bunch of songs were launched to the audience at the Extreme Mardis Gras festival. How was that live experience and what kinda feedback do you get from the audience?

David Pearson: That was a very challenging evening due to some scheduling problems at the event but we were determined to go on.

Trevor Barr: And we did, at about 1:30 AM! We woke each other up and went up and blasted out a bunch of heavy songs.

David Pearson: Yeah, as for reaction. Well there were a lot of people just wide eyed with there mouths hanging open, because we did the heavy stuff and it was the first time people saw Robert in that situation and a little because everybody's sets were being cut down and I never had a chance to really say anything to set up a song so we would just hit them with a
song like I Hate You or Shut Up and without any lead in it was funny because it was so abrasive and the people had no idea what was coming next. It was very funny.

Robert Sweet: We heard back from so many people who traveled from all over to see the band play and they loved it; They were the reason that we were so determined to play no matter what.

Mark Alexander: How do you feel about some people comparing this very edgy music to the very pop based songs of Stryper?

Robert Sweet: I don’t mind really, in a way it’s a compliment if some people draw comparisons. After all Stryper sold millions of records and is great part of my past, but I would have to say that Blissed sounds very little like Stryper.

Jeff Miller: I would say that Stryper was who they were and they were fantastic, but they haven’t been making music for over ten years and Blissed is today, Blissed is current.

mpo: Stryper's been known for a strong visual presence on stage with stage props and clothing. What does Blissed do to entertain the fans?

Robert Sweet: Well everyone will have to come out and see just what we do. They won't be disappointed.

David Pearson: When ever we start to tour the release, it will be visual.

mpo: I'm not sure how far away the members of Blissed live from each other, but what are the possibilities to tour? Will you do a national tour or only occasional shows at festivals?

Jeff Miller: The distance can be a challenge, but not a problem though.

David Pearson: We will tour, we want to get out there, everywhere! Right now we are going out and doing a few dates, it is not a tour yet but we want to play so we set up a few dates in California and Texas.

Robert Sweet: You can find all the details at our web site www.blissed.biz.

Mark Alexander: What do you see the next year holding for Blissed?

Robert Sweet: Well I don’t know the future, but of coarse I hope and pray it’s something big, it better be.

David Pearson: I am believing for big things, I think Blissed will be leaving smiles on a lot of faces.

Mark Alexander: Any last words as we wrap it up?

Robert Sweet: To all of you who are fans, I think of you as friends and I love you. I can’t wait to be playing drums for you all. Take care and see ya soon.

Jeff Miller: Look out of Blissed, this is the very start of chapter one, so hold on tight.

Trevor Barr: Expect the unexpected with us.

David Pearson: All of you that I have met so far at concerts or radio stations or interviews, thanks for being so awesome. And to all of you that I haven’t met yet, I hope you like what you hear, and I can’t wait get out there and hang out with you.