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Jacobs Dream


Since the release of Theater of War in 2001, it has been quiet for a while in the Jacobs Dream camp. Internal struggles in finding new members made it impossible for the band to tour and record a new album. However, the band is ready to return with a new vocalist, Chaz Bond, also known for his work with Biogenesis. And there's word about a new album called Drama Of The Ages.

The article below is the result of a message-board interview with singer Chaz Bond and guitarist John Berry


Discography: Demo-CD (1996), Self-titled (2000), Theater Of War (2001), Drama Of The Ages (2004). Available through: Metal Blade Records. Official website: Jacobs Dream. Interview by: xRTx,  RexorcisT, mpomusic, Daffie K. Date: April 23rd-28th 2004.


xRTx: how did you meet the vocalist of Biogenesis who now joins Jacob's Dream?

John Berry: Jacobs Dream and Chaz's band Biogenesis, teamed up for a mini tour in 2001 and we really enjoyed the time we spent together. Initially we met through a mutual friend and record company executive named Kathy Zappin.

RexorcisT: Chaz, how have you adjusted the old songs to fit for your vocal technique vs. the old singer's style? Any major changes?

Chaz: I didn't really have to adjust too much really. I realize that Biogenesis fans are gonna wonder about that because the tuning on the first Bio album was so low that my natural range really wasn't heard at all. The only thing I do differently than David Taylor is sing the same part but in a different key. The only major change is that David is the old Queensryche type and I am a little more like Bruce Dickonson as far as range goes.

RexorcisT: Chaz have your responsibilities for Jacobs Dream compromised Biogenesis at all?

Chaz: Actually, no, nothing has been compromised at all. I absolutely love being in both bands and although many will think I'm nuts for being in two established bands I've never been happier.

xRTx: I really appreciate your music and got both albums. Lately you have had problems with finding a new vocalist. Why did the old one leave the band?

John Berry: Dave was feeling like he should focus more on his growing family and couldn't keep up with the demands of Jacobs Dream. So he left. We all support him in his decision as he also supports Chaz taking over the vocals in JD. But don't think that you have heard the last of David. He is still full of creative energy and someday when circumstances permit he will again pursue his musical calling.

mpomusic: What can we expect for the new album? Do you have information about the musical direction, song titles, producer, whatever?

Chaz: The new album will be called Drama Of The Ages. The direction is pretty much the same. It's Jacobs Dream with a new vocalist. Song titles? Well there's a bunch of those. She Walks, Keeper Of The Crown, Forever Winter and the list of options goes on. Basically Jacobs dream is producing this album with the help of a local engineer. What you can expect is a solid melodic metal album filled with passion and intelligence. That's the best way I can describe it.

Daffie K: Can you describe the style? Has there been a change since Chaz has joined the band?

John Berry: I think the CD will be very much in the vein of what fans have come to expect from us, but tightened up a notch musically and song writing wise. We have had the benefit of more time to write because of the personnel changes around the end of 2001. It seemed like a setback not having a drummer or singer at the time, but in the end it was really cool for us to take our time and open the floodgates of creativity and work out the rough ideas that normally might have gotten dismissed because they were a little too outside the comfort zone musically. I think the next CD will be a big change though, because we have Chaz who, as you know, is an awesome writer but also a respectable guitarist. He has given us one song for the CD that is his baby from start to finish. He played it for us one day on my guitar and we were all blown away. So I think the next CD will have a lot more of the Chaz edge to it. So, you ask, what is the Chaz edge? You'll just have to wait and see. The song is called Spinning Leaf.

RexorcisT: What will the lyrical content be like on the new album?

Chaz: The lyrical content overall isn't much different than the first two albums. John Berry really puts some intelligent thought into his lyrics which is a huge plus. I guess the main difference from my perspective would be that a few songs are a little more up front about our spiritual beliefs, but besides that it's very much like the first two.

xRTx: When can we expect a new album?

John Bery: We are laying down tracks every week. We officially got our studio up and running last week and began laying drum tracks. Since we are recording in our own studio and not so pressed for time as in the past, we will take a little longer to achieve complete satisfaction with our work. We hope to have the final mixdown submitted to the label by June.

RexorcisT: Do you guys think this will spark major label interest in BioGenesis as a result of Chaz being the new singer for JD? Especially interest from Metal Blade?

Chaz: As for labels I really don't know, but I would like to see something positive come out of it. I don't see why it wouldn't help to some degree.

xRTx: How many albums may you release through Metal Blade? Is there a number mentioned in the deal you guys have with them?

John Berry: That's a good question. I can't really say that we will release any more than the current project with Metal Blade. It may work out that we do, but at this point we are exploring several options.

xRTx: Is there any chance you tour Europe after the new album is released? Are sales good enough to do a tour in Europe? And with what band do you like to tour in that case...?

John Berry: In the past our sale have financed and justified touring. I have no reason to believe that another is impossible. We would very much like to return to Europe. It would be nice to tour with another power metal band, someone in the same vein, but most importantly, we would rather tour with secular rather than Christian acts, as that is who we are called to reach.