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On June 18th 2000 Embodyment will release their follow-up to the Embrace The Eternal album. This new album entitled The Narrow Scope Of Things will take the band to new musical areas. Prior to the release I did this interview with drummer Mark about Embodyment and their new effort.


Interview With: Mark Garza (drums)

Date: May 9th 2000

Where: This was an E-mail interview. Date refers to date first E-mail answer

Other Band-members: Sean Corbray (vocals), Andrew Godwin (guitar), Jason Lindquist (bass), Derrick Wadsworth (guitar)

Band's Geographical Home: Arlington, Texas, USA

Discography: Embrace The Eternal (1998), The Narrow Scope Of Things (2000).

Available Through: Solid State Records

Official Website: Embodyment

Interview By: mpo


Can you tell first something about the history of the band? As far as I
know Embodyment once started as a grindcore band. What's the real story?

Embodyment has been together for 8+ years. Yes we began as a grindcore band but we started when we were 12-17 years of age and now we are 18-24 years of age so therefore our music has grown with us. We started as friends that thought it would be cool to start a band but soon it turned into something we knew that we wanted to do full time.  We were in junior high and high school and we just hung out together and we all liked heavy music so that is the kind of music we wrote.

Recently I received the new CD The Narrow Scope Of Things. To my idea
this CD is two-faced. On one hand there are the heavy guitarrock/emorock
songs. On the other hand there are songs which are more like the band's songs as featured on the Solid State debut Embrace The Eternal. How do you feel about the new effort?

The new effort is closer to the music we have wanted to play for a while. We feel that strong songwriting is just as intense as the old stuff. We enjoy testing the waters. We wanted something new and different but we still like heavy stuff as well so we just wrote stuff that we thought was good and I guess that means the CD is "two faced".

It can be intense too, I'm sure. At the same time there's not the same extremity like in vocal style. A couple of songs have the old style. The majority not. It's plain singing. What did you decide in incorporating the "old-style" songs?

Because we wanted to keep some of the heaviness that we had before, but we
wanted the CD to appeal to all kinds of people, ones  that like heavy stuff
and others that like singing.

Why this obvious change to the sound of the band? Is it because of a
new singer or is it just a natural development?

The change in the sound is because of member changes and natural
development. We had been playing death -grind- metal, whatever you want to
call it, for seven years so we wanted something new. We wanted to open our music to more people.

I understand that and I think you will have success in doing so. What would the band like to express through the title The Narrow Scope Of Things. And for what reason did you print all those symbols on the booklet?

The title, The Narrow Scope Of Things, was thought up by Sean, our singer. As a lot of album titles, there is no real underlying meaning to them, its just something that works. The symbols also are purely aesthetically, a style of layout design that the guy that did our layout likes to do. We saw it and loved it, again no real hidden meaning.

What kind of bands do you listen to nowadays?

Radiohead, Filter, Deftones, Dave Matthew's Band and lots more

What kind of public do you hope to reach with The Narrow?

We hope that this new CD will reach everyone, not just a particular group.

Uh, you're kidding! You never gonna be the grandmothers-love-us-too band! So, can you be more precise?

Actually I am not kidding, grandmothers may not like it but we already have
mothers that do, but to be more precise we want a lot more than the hardcore
scene to be into Embodyment. We think that the new CD will appeal to a lot
more people than Embrace the Eternal.

On a personal level, what is the most appealing aspect to you about being part of Embodyment?

The people we meet and the people that we play with.

Okay, tell us something about your touring experiences! What is the best thing you remember from past touring?

The time that we get to spend together as a band and the places we get to see.

Can you be more precise? Give us one story of something happening on one of the recent tours.

We just have a great time when we are together, there has been wrestling
matches in the van while driving to a show, food wars with other bands that
we have toured with, just playing tricks on each other and other bands. I
don't have any specific stories.

And is there something about touring that you dislike or something once happened that you think back with horror? Show something of the hard side
of it.

From the van breaking down in the middle of nowhere to driving through the
desert with no air conditioning. Wwe have had some really bad experiences.
It is hard to go to towns where you don't know what to expect. There is no one experience that sticks out any more than the rest.

Talking about touring, what can people expect from Embodyment in support of the new album?

We are playing Tooth & Nail Day, Furnace Fest, Solid State East, and touring a week in July and a week in August. All the shows we have booked are on our website. The kids can get all the info from there.