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Ede's rockband Swirl rose from the ashes of grungeband The Flight. The Flight played with rockband The Scene and did several festivals but ended up disbanding in 1996. Three members of The Flight are part of Swirl and in this new band they played as a supportact with the famous American rockband Guardian. Their first demo-CD is called In My Mind. Because of their upcoming live-in-studio concert on the 24th of September, I thought it would be a great idea to interview them a week before. Well, here's the interview.


Interview with singer and guitarplayer Berry de Snoo

Date: September 17th 1999

Where: Leersum, in studio of Radio 90FM during the Art For The Ears Show

Other bandmembers: Jona Verburg, vocalist and guitarist; Daniel Verburg, bass; Ruben van de Kooij, drums

Band's hometown: Ede, Netherlands

Discography: In My Mind (1999; Demo-CD)

Contact Address: desnoo@wxs.nl  and check out the Links section

Interview by MPO


The song I just played is called "Zeef". That's a Dutch title but you sing it in English. Why?

Yeah, the guy where we recorded that -his studio- had at a given moment made his own playlist and he used to write it as "Zeef" instead of  "Safe". So, we held on to that, the Dutch title.

I see. Because you have also songs in Dutch. Is there some kind of philosophy behind it? That you do both songs in Dutch as in English?

No, not really. It comes the way a song is made. Sometimes we write a song in Dutch, sometimes in English. It depends on the moment, the feeling we've got with the song. Sometimes it's better to write it down in Dutch and sometimes it's more to the point in English

Yeah. Like I said in the introduction you came forth out of The Flight. Why exactly did The Flight end?

We played together for a while and the vocalist of The Flight wanted to do something else and the drummer didn't want to go on either. We all we're through with The Flight. We played the songs for quite a while. And we did the same concerts for a while. We were just through with it. We wanted to do something else.

So Swirl was started in 1998. Early 1998 you already played as a supportact with Guardian. How did you manage that?

Well, that happened by the way of others. They actually wanted The Flight I guess but we were already Swirl. Yeah and so we ended up as supportact.

Great. That was awesome, I guess

Yeah, that was fun. Though, you don't have much to do with Guardian. We saw them. You hear from the beginning what you are allowed to do and what not and that's it. For the rest we had little to do with them.

Right. This spring you did Youthbox in Driebergen (in the Netherlands). Tell us first for the people who have never heard of Youthbox what Youthbox is.

Youthbox is a festival for Christian bands. Especially for new bands to give them some stage-experience. We were there once with The Flight and because it was a good experience we wanted to do it again. It's just a great weekend with several bands. There are seminars and several gigs. It's just fun to be part of that with other bands.

When I hear the feedback from Youthbox to Swirl, it sounds promising. Youthbox is often seen as a steppingstone for bands to go to the Flevo Festival but Swirl didn't play there. How come?

Right, I have no idea. Hopefully next year. I don't know why we weren't invited. But, in fact, it doesn't matter because we're busy enough at the moment. Perhaps next year?

But you have contacts with the organization?

Yeah, we keep contacts with them.

Okay. Something else now. You made a demo-CD entitled In My Mind. How are the reactions to it till now?

Till now very good. From the moment when we started sending the CD around till now it's good. We're getting busy now. Yes and we get good feedback. So, you just have to make a demo as a band to get gigs and that goal is reached.

Do you have plans then to record a more serious CD and release it through a label?

Of course! (laughs)

Tell me!

Well, we have enough songs to do that but then you got to have the opportunity to do it. Because you can release a demo independently but a real CD is just too expensive if you do it independently. When we are going to do a full CD I want it to be high quality and not demo-quality.

Yeah. Though this demo-CD sounds good for a demo. But hey, that's my opinion. Okay, next week you're going to play in the Sky High Radioshow. What can my listeners expect from Swirl?

Just a good concert, of course. I don't know exactly how we're gonna do it but I would listen if I was you because it will be fun!