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Many will know that there are more and more bands coming from Latin America that play heavy metal. One of these bands is Kennereth, a young and ambitious trio that plays progressive/power metal. To be honest, this is my first interview with a band from Latin America so I'm a little proud to present you this. So, here's an introduction to Kennereth


Interview with: Alex Oliva

Date: January 14th 2000

Where: This is an E-mail interview. Date refers to date first E-mail answer.

Other Bandmembers: Isaac Morry (bass) & Stony Teirron (vocals)

Band's Geographical Home: Brasilia, Brazil

Discography: Eyes Of Fire (1999)

Available Through: kennereth@yahoo.com

Official Website: not available yet. Unofficial: http://kennereth.8m.com

Contact Address: kennereth@yahoo.com

Interview By: mpo


You released your first demo-CD Eyes Of Fire. How is it to have your own music captured on a disc?

The demo-CD Eyes Of Fire was elaborated with much effort   and a lot of dedication from us. We worked hard for this release and therefore waited for this great opportunity. With this courage we did enter into the studio. We have been receiving some criticisms and a good acceptance from the public, and this is really beyond our expectations, thanks to God. However, we could not have a musical production as we would like, due to some factors, financially too. For this reason, we are expecting that our next release, the full album that are we are already working on for some time, has a good production, that it shows the potential and the tendencies of our instruments as well as a vocal delivery that's more aggressive, heavier guitars, the bass well defined and the drums well distinct. And, at last, a production of first quality. We are working on a
distribution outline, or some contracts with recording studios with international recognition. At the moment, we are popularizing our demo-CD Eyes of Fire and we are trusting  in God that we can accomplish our dream by releasing the full album soon.

So, you're not fully satisfied with the EP. When do you hope to release a full-length?

We are working on the songs for the full album, and we still don't have a date fixed for the release. We hope it will not be delayed.

I'm not familiar with the situation in Brazil, the provisions for bands like studios. You already said you're looking for a good studio. How is it to record a CD in Brazil?

There are good studios in Brazil, particularly here in Brasília, the capital city of our country. The most important thing is a good production, that transmits with fidelity the heavy sound, with a good quality, that meets our expectations. Obviously it would be good if we get the record out of Brazil, where there is a great demand for metal. And we don't want to discard this possibility.

What surprises me about Eyes Of Fire is that all lyrics are in English. Your native-tongue is Portuguese. Why did you choose to do only English or is there a Portuguese version too?

We love our motherland, as we love our language too. The option for English comes from the fact that we love to reach the world market. We don't discard the possibility to have music in Portuguese. 

How is the feedback of the Brazilian public to the English lyrics?

The public's acceptance has been very good. This surpasses even our expectations. There are some that criticize, but we have very concrete objectives, and the reality of the metal is in the exterior. There are examples for instant, like Sepultura, that reached world recognition.

Like I said I'm not familiar with the scene over in Brazil. I know there are lots of bands like in the São Paulo area and elsewhere too. Are you in touch with other bands and how about opportunities to play live? Try to describe the scene and the possibilities for a metal-band.

There is a will on the part of many bangers of uniting the metalbands.
There is a will but there are many barriers, as the obvious desire to get higher up, selfishness, and the fear of sharing  space with others. It would be a hypocrisy from our part to say that there is a union, or an alliance. But there's a development of metal bands, and there are increases in zines series too. Magazines and leaderships that have the same desire for this union are also appearing even through the use of internet. We are sure to improve the degree of relationship  among the bands and to contribute for the growth of the metal through this medium. We already participated in several events that also had the objective of uniting the bands and, in a certain way, we believe that we are productive.