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Luti-Kriss is one of those young promising bands on Solid State Records. Their latest album Throwing Myself was recorded at the Wherehouse Studio in Vancouver by producer Andre Wahl. Result: A great metalcore debut on Solid State Records. In an attempt to get to know this band a little further we had Daniel Davison, drummer for Luti-Kriss, as guest on the Interview Message-Board. Some parts of this online meeting are published here.


Discography: Throwing Myself (2001). Available through: Solid State Records. Official website: Luti-Kriss.  Interview by: mpomusic, DaPHNe_K, EurohXceurO, PhilPark, Greg333. Article work-out: mpo. Date: April 20th through 25th 2001.


mpomusic: To start, could you first give an introduction to the band: The history, the members, the music?

Daniel: Well, we have been together for about 3 1/2 years. We started out as just a band, for fun I guess, then like about a month after we started, we all ended up getting saved, and started to attend church. After that, we decided that we were going to devote all of our music, and everything that we do to glorify God. We have gone through a few member changes through the years, but nothing really major. As of now, there are five of us in the band. The lineup is: Daniel, drums; Scottie, guitar; Doolittle, bass; Josh, vocals; Derr, guitar. I think that this is the final lineup of the band. Our CD just came out, and we are really excited about what God is doing right now, and what He is going to do in the future. You can hear us at MP3.com

mpomusic: Normally I don't ask about band names and album titles but I have been scratching the back of my head about the band name. I'm from the Netherlands and I couldn't find any information about the words Luti-Kriss in the dictionary so I haven't got the faintest idea what it is. Does it have to do with the fish on the cover of the CD?

Daniel: Our name means crazy....We just thought that it was a cool word, so we used it. There is no cool meaning or anything.

mpomusic: I'm also wondering about the album title. I couldn't find a phrase in the lyrics with those words: Throwing Myself. What's sort of the meaning you have in mind?

Daniel: The title of the record comes from somewhere in the old testament of the Bible, where it is talking about throwing yourself at the Lord's altar. I hope that clears up some stuff for you.

DaPHNe_K: I read in your reply to mpomusic's question that you guys ended up all being saved after being together as Luti-Kriss for one month. What's the story behind that? How did you guys get saved all of a sudden?

Daniel: It is a pretty long story, but here it all is. At the time when we started the band, none of us were Christians, or had grown up in Christian homes. Since then, Doolittle joined the band to play bass and he has been a Christian most of his life. But when we started, none of us were saved. We were just a band. Then after we had been a band for about a month or so, me and Scottie (one of our guitarists) got invited to church. We went one Wednesday night to a youth service at a local church in our town. On the way we were hoping that it wouldn’t be just some boring thing like TV portrays it. We had no idea what God had in store for us. I don’t even remember what the pastor talked about, all I remember is that both Scottie and I were up at the altar at the end of the service, just totally giving our lives to God. It (the church) was just totally real, and the people were real, and I really felt God moving in my life. Both Scottie and I ended up dedicating our lives to Christ that night. It was really amazing. A few days later we went to the other guys in the band and told them what had happened with us, and about the church, and God and all. We told them how awesome it was, and asked them to come with us the next week. They both came with us, and the same thing happened with them. They totally gave their lives to the Lord too. It was really crazy. And after that, we just slowly learned about God, and kept going to church and reading the Bible. A little while later, we decided that since we were all now Christians, we should probably be a Christian band. So we decided to completely dedicate all of our music and talent to God. So our music, as well as our lives are completely just worship unto God. Ever since then, we have been dedicated to being people who are passionate about serving God and telling others what He has done in our lives

EurohXceurO: How do non-christian hardcore kids react on your very outspoken lyrics, interviews and attitude as a band? Do you get very negative reactions sometimes?

Daniel: We have had a pretty good response from the kids who aren't Christians. They realize that we aren't here to tell them that they are wrong. We are here to just let them know what God has done in our lives, and that He can do the same for them too. So far, the kids have been very respectful.

PhilPark: What is the #1 band that influences you guys and what do you think of all the bands that are hugely influenced by Zao?

Daniel: I think the band that has probably influenced me most at least is Zao. So I guess I think that it's cool that a lot of bands are influenced by them.

EurohXceurO: From message-boards and people in the USA I heard a lot of very positive news about your live-shows. Most people say you're even better live than on CD. What is a Luti-Kriss show like then, I'm wondering? What can I expect when I see you at Cornerstone and at our Peacedog-festival this summer?

Daniel: Our shows are lots of fun, and can get pretty crazy. We have set stuff on fire at our shows, our singer jumps off stuff into the crowd, he also tackles the other members of the band all over the stage, and usually the kids go crazy too. The Cornerstone show should be a lot of fun. I can't wait for that. We are really looking foward to Europe too!

Greg333: Do you guys in a few years still see yourselves making music? And are you guys gonna do a street team sort of thing at all?

Daniel: I am pretty sure that we will be playing music for many years to come. And I am sure that we will have some sort of street team. We already do through Tooth & Nail though.