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When the above mentioned bandname is not familiar to you, let me say that two of it's members were once part of Stryper. Many of you will now that Stryper was a white-metal band that managed to sell more than six million copies of their albums. Two Stryperenians are now joined by guitarist Bobby MacNeil and drummer John Bocanegra. Read here what bassplayer Timothy Gaines has to say anno domini 1998.


Interview with: Tim Gaines

Date: May 18th 1998

Where: An interview through correspondence. The date mentioned above is the date on the stamp of the first letter.

Other bandmembers: Oz Fox (vocalist, guitarist), Bobby MacNeil (guitarist) and John Bocanegra (drummer)

Band's Hometown: Fullerton, USA

Discography: He's Not Dead (1998)

Contact Address: See Links section

Interview by MPO. This article was published previously in the Belgian magazine Solar System.


SinDizzy just released their first album and the band has done some gigs. How do you experience it to be doing music again?

Well, from the time Stryper disbanded in 1993 until now I have kept busy playing and recording with several different artists and bands. But to play with SinDizzy it is different because it is like starting over again. We have had to build a whole new following of listeners. Most of our audience are former Stryper fans but at the same time we are gaining newer and younger fans that were not even born when Stryper was playing. It is hard to go out and play to smaller audiences when just 10 years ago we were selling out arenas. It is hard to start over from the bottom when you have experienced the good life at the top. We do not have any roadies so we set up our gear before the show and then after we tear down. It is humbling but not that bad.

How would you describe SinDizzy?

SinDizzy sounds totally original. We have songs that are progressive, some that are heavy metal, some are in that 80's hard rock vein, some are funky. If I would cross SinDizzy's sound with other bands I would say it is a mixture of Stryper, Stone Temple Pilots, Metallica, SoundGarden, Chili Peppers, and Rush.

SinDizzy's "He's Not Dead" is released as only a limited edition of a 1000 units. Are there plans to distribute it mainstream?

At this time you can only get "He's Not Dead" from our web site. We are speaking with several distributors and hope to have something inked by the end of 1998

You're mostly known for your past in Stryper. How do you feel about it and what do you think of people (like me) always asking you about it?

I am proud of my past with Stryper. I will always consider myself a member of Stryper before any other band. Stryper was my life for 10 years so when people ask me about Stryper I am only too happy to tell them about it.

People ask former Stryper members always about the possibility of a reunion. What are your ideas about a Stryper reunion while you are investing in SinDizzy?

At this time while Oz and myself are in SinDizzy, it would be very hard to do a reunion with Stryper. We have been talking about it for years but can't seem to ever get together and just talk with all four of us in the same room. I would suspect that a Stryper reunion will take place but when? That is the big question. Maybe in the next 2-3 years.

In HM I read that you played with SinDizzy the Stryper classic "The Way" at a concert. What's the feedback of the public?

When SinDizzy plays "The Way" the audience gets a little louder than the rest of the show. It depends if we have a real hard core Stryper audience or not. We played a show tonight and the audience didn't react any different that for the rest of the songs.

You played with Tourniquet several gigs, both with SinDizzy (on February 7th in Southern California) as with Oz Fox and Robert Sweet (at the 5th anniversary of the Ground Floor radioshow at the Golgotha Music Shop). You also played bass on the "Crawl To China" album (in the song Claustrospelunker) of Tourniquet. How was that?

I like the Tourniquet guys. They are good friends. Playing bass on "Claustrospelunker" was one of the best sessions I have done. It was a great experience. Ted had given me a tape of the song but the intro had no music - it was drums only. I have more jazz influence in my playing style than rock, so it was just natural for me to come up with the bass lines and solo. I think we got the whole thing in three takes and I made it all up on the spot.

What may we expect from your new band in the future?

SinDizzy will probably support the new CD for the next year of so. We are writing new songs and want to head back in to the studio and start the next CD.

Any last comment?

Support SinDizzy....Tell a friend. Tell your friends to tell their friends. We will create a buzz and take the world by storm!!