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3rd Root


Interview With: Andres Torres (guitars)

Date: October 5th 2000

Where: This is an E-mail interview. Date refers to date first mail

Other Bandmembers: Chili (vocals), Chris Bumgardener (bass) and Danny Barragan (drums)

Band's Geographical Home: San Diego, USA

Discography: Spirit Of Life EP (1999), A Sign Of Things To Come (2000)

Available Through: 3rd Root & Solid State Records

Official Website: 3rd Root

Interview By: mpo


You have just released A Sign Of Things To Come through Solid State Records. Personally I think it's not easy to describe your music style-wise. How would you like to describe 3rd Root's style?

we like to consider it heavy music with groove, as well as haveing dynamics. We don't try to write a specific way we just work out all the section then put them together in see what happens sometimes it works, then sometimes it dosent' and we rewrite it until it does.

Question 2: In my review of the album I labeled your music as new metal because I hear influences of bands like the Deftones and Korn who are described as new metal by some. Still, that label doesn't satisfy me. I could also label it as new or post hardcore.   Basically I have a hard time to comprehend your music. How do people respond to your music and how do others try to describe it?

Well when we are together the four of us have really different backgrounds as far as musical taste goes, alot of reggie, emo rock, new metal, hardcore, so  we try to blend them all, the response has been positive because its not your typical show were every song is fast or slow we try to mix it up so that we can all have a good time.   People often try to say we are a hardcore band with a soft edge but now im just going with new metal, I don't see the point because we try to be different stylisticly we love the heavyness of a groove
and the cleanness of emotional rock so thats the blend right there.