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Late 1999 the Dutch symphonic rockband Sinical Glance brought out it's first CD entitled Truth Or Delusion. Recently the band changed it's name to Troy after the departure of vocalist Frank Tuk (who's replaced by Marrieke). Here's an interview I did with keyboardist Bastiaan Los about their CD, the name-change and their recent involvement in Fear Dark, a Dutch metal-distributor.


Interview With: Bastiaan Los

Date: Friday March 3rd 2000

Where: This was an interview over the phone in the Sky High radioshow

Other Band-members: Marrieke van Veelen (vocals), Michel van Geel (guitars), Wim van Veelen (guitars), Arjan Pijning (bass), Randy Dubois (drums)

Band's Geographical Home: Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Discography: Truth Or Delusion (1999)

Available Through: Fear Dark

Official Website: None available.

Interview By: mpo


You brought out the CD Truth Or Delusion. But this CD didn't come down entirely unexpectedly so tell us something about the history of the band first .

Well, their ain't much to tell about that. It started four or four-and-a-half years ago. At that time I wasn't part of the band. And we recorded a demo in 1997 and then we wanted more. So we began saving money and doing several gigs and so Truth Or Delusion came forth.

And Truth Or Delusion is a rock-opera, like you call it. The theme is depicting the life, suffering and dying of Jesus Christ. Why did you choose to do a concept-album?

Just for the challenge. Yeah, the idea to put a story on CD we had in mind for quite some time because that would challenge us in combining songs. And the challenge of trying to get the atmosphere and the story across. That's what we've tried.

And if you look at the theme, it's something more bands have done. So, why this theme specifically?

Well, because it's the most important story of the Bible. This is all Christianity is about.

And therefore it was a challenge to try this, I understand.


After releasing the CD the band went through some changes. Like vocalist Frank Tuk leaving the band. Why did he leave the band?

Private reasons! Too busy, I'm afraid. Having a family, children.

Don't you think the moment to leave was a bit unfortunate as you were bringing out a record?

Yeah, but we had worked on it for one-and-a-half year so we just wanted to put it on CD. And during the recordings we knew that he was going to stop. But we wanted to go on with it. So, it's for us to have it on a CD.

And how did you handle this situation? I guess you did some concerts to support the CD?

Yeah, we did so. A few times we performed the CD live with Frank as singer.


But that's over now. Right now we have a female singer.

And that's Marrieke van Veelen. The band changed it's name in Troy too, because you had a change of musical direction.

Yeah, that's right.

How does the band sound like now, compared to the CD?

The change of direction is that we continue with what we were doing -symphonic rock- but a little bit heavier.

And what should I imagine with that? Heavier?

Personally I see it go in the direction of The Gathering. A cross between The Gathering and Iona.

And as you speak about The Gathering you mean their latest material?


Okay. Why then a change of name? There are other bands that went through style-changes but kept their old names. So, why a change of name?

Well, there wasn't much behind that name, Sinical Glance. There were all kinds of stories about why that name was chosen. We just thought this to be the right moment to change the name. We never liked the name. And so we thought, with a female vocalist being added to the band, this was the right opportunity to go for a new name.

Ha! So, what's behind the name Troy?

Troy? Well, we all liked that name. But there ain't much behind it either. If you check out the dictionary you'll see that it's a certain weight for gold and silver. But we just thought this is a beautiful name.

Interestingly Fear Dark is distributing this CD now. Fear Dark is known for the heavy metal-records they do. How did you get involved with them and what do you think of it?

Well, it all started spontaneously. I sent them the CD and they were enthusiastic about it as they were about our story about the new material we're working on which is heavier. And they thought this is interesting. That's why we started this cooperation. And they indeed have a lot of contacts within the metal-scene but they have other contacts as well on which they will be working.

So, you feel that the band is at the right place?


Finally I have one question left: What can we expect of Troy in the coming time?

Like I said we're working hard on new material and we hope to have a new CD around August.