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Illuminandi - Illumina Tenebras Meas, Independent


Illuminandi - Illumina Tenebras Meas


I'm not sure if I got the official release or that this is a promotional copy as it looks demo-ish: The piece of paper that goes for a booklet is a black and white copy (looks very poor in fact), and the disc is a burned one. But, of course, it's the music that counts. And although the sound quality isn't top notch, it's worth listening. Illuminandi plays classically influenced metal with gothic and extreme metal tendencies. What makes this band special is that they have a violin player and a cello player in their midst. The EP proves that Illuminandi is getting better. Just listen to the first track, The Ryder, which is a good opening for this five song EP. The third song, Hymn Of All Creation, has the catchiest elements. Unfortunately this song is quite long and has a few weaker passages. It would be great if the band would make a radio edit of this song as it has more potential. It could be a real tasty track. Overall this is a nice EP from a talented band that we'll hopefully hear more from. It would be great if they honoured my part of the world with a few concerts.