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Mastedon - 3, Frontiers Records


Mastedon - 3 (Frontiers Records)


Mastedon, not to be confused with heavy metal band Mastodon, was a solo project of former Kansas singer and producer John Elefante with his brother Dino. They released two albums twenty years ago: It's A Jungle Out There (1989) and LofcAudio (1990). On these records they combined the Kansas adult oriented rock with metal. Noteworthy were their collaborations with other artists, including X-Sinner vocalist Dave Robbins who sang the title track of the first album. An unforgettable metal song. Now, twenty years later, John Elefante breathed new life in good old Mastedon. 3 is the third album and it contains eleven songs, including a remake of the Kansas classic Dust In The Wind. And a lot of other artist worked on this album, including Dave Amato (REO Speedwagon), Anthony Sallee (Whiteheart), Dino Elefante and Kerry Livgren (Kansas). When listening to 3, I hear the familiar Kansas influenced Mastedon sound. It's melodic rock with big melodic vocals and an important role for keyboards. Think of older Petra and Whiteheart stuff that was so popular in the late eighties. The metal element however is less prominent. But if that's not a problem to you, you can get professional song writing and high quality melodic rock that could fill arenas. Kerry Livgren fans should check out One Day Down By The Lake, a ten minutes long epic symphonic rock song. It's nothing like Mastedon did in the past. But it's a track that makes the whole album worth getting.

Listen to Mastedon and John Elefante on John Elefante's page on myspace.com. The only Mastedon song currently on the player, is Run To The Water from the LofcAudio album.