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Red Fist Revolution - The Fall Of Goliath, YoungSide Records


Red Fist Revolution - The Fall of Goliath


First impressions can be deceptive. When you listen to the first track from this album, you will hear powerful metal with a military touch to it. Militant music. However, don't think the rest of the album is more of the same. Red Fist Revolution (RFR) has much more to offer. RFR is the brain child of Ben Stewart from Conspiracy Of Thought. This solo outing is an eclectic album with a lot of different influences and styles. Heavy rock may be considered to be the main ingredient. Besides metal you can hear electronic, rap, pop and dance elements, and there are acoustic songs. It clearly shows how versatile Stewart is. He wrote the songs, arranged them, produced the album and performed the songs. He got assistance only in minor aspects: background vocals and keyboard/piano playing.

Making an album with these different elements is not an easy task, but the production makes it work. This has partly to do with Ben Stewart himself, as his singing abilities fit the various styles. He sings with raw passion as easily as he does gentler styles. It works also as most songs have certain similarities. Even the heavy, more metal oriented tracks have elements in them from the softer tracks (like the use of piano), and vice versa. So, the styles vary, but the sound is the same. Metal purists should therefore stay away from this album.

Production wise this CD is appealing as well, with catchy choruses and evolving sounds. For example, Drowning Again is filled with lyrical repetition, but the music evolves through the song from simple to more complex, creating a climax near the end. The variety Red Fist Revolution has in store will not please every listener, but an open minded rock, metal and pop enthusiast will find a lot to keep him occupied. Some tracks scream for repeated listening, and would do great on radio.

Watch this video, with a portion of the opening track Down In The Valley: