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News June/July 2001


Friday July 27th 2001

Ded Poetic will be on two upcoming compilation CD's.  One is from Radio
Eat Radio Records. The other compilation is from Extreme Elite Booking called East Coast Intensity Volume 2. This one should be released late summer or early fall.

The Juliana Theory are more busy than ever. They will have three new records coming out. First of all a six song EP. Most of this has been recorded but there's no title yet. The EP will contain six unreleased tracks including This Is The End Of Your Life, a song the band played on their last US tours. Expect this album through Tooth & Nail Records in late fall, early winter 2001. Second, The Juliana Theory will record a live record on Tooth & Nail Records. The records should contain a good cross section of songs from both their full length albums Understand This Is A Dream and Emotion Is Dead. The band will announce the dates and locations that they will be tracking this. Expect this release some time later in the year 2002. Third, the band is currently writing and demo-ing songs for their third full length record. And this one will be released by their future label home: Epic Records. The band signed a deal with Epic/Sony Records. The band wants to make clear that everything is still positive between them and all the people at Tooth & Nail Records. They are still at good terms with Tooth & Nail. About their new label they have this to say: "We feel very comfortable with our decision and are happy about our new home.  Everyone at the label seems to have a good grasp on our music and our vision as a band.  It was very important for us to find a label that would not want to mold us or change us at all.   We know that Epic understands what we are and what we hope to be, and we know that they will only try and help us achieve those goals." 

For those who don't know, Intense Radio has been off the air since April 29th. At that  time Gene Savage (Program Director and General Manager) moved both his family and  radio station equipment to a new city. Since then, there was a plethora of roadblocks  stopping them from getting back on the air. They will have an entirely new set up now and it will take them some time before they are restored to the full time live deejaying situation.

Last week you could read in this column of the recent departure from Antestor of drummer Armoth. Here's further news from Antestor: No one has replaced Armoth on drums. They have tried a couple but nothing is sure yet. The plans are to record some of the latest songs this fall. Armoth's new bands are The Mourning After and The Crest. The last one will be going to Marseille next week to record an album for Season Of Mist Records.

Zao has been recording at the brand new studio Tooth & Nail Records build on their compound in Seattle. The studio was recently finished and Aaron Sprinkle (of Poor Old Lu/Roseblossom Punch fame) is the in-house engineer/producer.  You can see a list of gear and pictures of the Zao recording at Compound Recording. Upcoming projects
include Stavesacre, Squad Five-O and Poor Old Lu.  The studio is open to all for recording. If you are interested please see the website for info on how to contact Aaron for rates and other information.  Gear is listed on the main page.


Friday July 20th 2001

POD are making their first single of the new album available to download from the internet. The single, Alive, will be send to radio stations across the USA and the band hopes for your support with phone requests! Here you can download Alive!

News from Royal Anguish. The band mixed the first tracks for their upcoming CD, entitled Mysterion. The first song completed is One Last Time. Plans have it that it should be made available to the public via the band's MP3 page with the next few weeks. The second single, Atmosphere, will be uploaded then too. Both songs show two different sides of the band. One Last Time is their heaviest song, build on sheer aggression, while Atmosphere is very subdued and atmospheric, using pianos, violins and acoustic guitars. Other news: Corey Steger, guitarist for the band, suffered a multiple break of his left leg in a skateboarding accident on July 5th. Corey, who was skateboarding on a half pipe, said that he realized that his descent back onto the ramp was not going as intended so he tried to kick his board out from underneath him. This action made him land awkwardly snapping his left leg twice, once half way up his shin and once at his ankle.

The Gate is the new album from Christian metal band Goliath. It features Keri Kelli from Slash's Snakepit on the track Demons and Tim Bushong from Lovewar/Channel Surfers on Dear Aleister. If you want to win a guitar from the band, go to the Goliath MP3 page, listen to some music and then tag the band's guestbook to let them know what you think. The band will be taking a name from the guestbook. You can download a free copy of Land Of Nod now and check out tracks from the upcoming CD The Gate that will be released on September 11th through The Music Cartel.

Saviour Machine released a limited edition of Legend Part III:I. This exclusive first pressing was released at the Cornerstone Festival on July 5th. There were exactly 2001 copies manufactured and each of them were individually numbered for authenticity. This is the complete version of the album, it consists of 18 tracks, more than 78 minutes, and is packaged with entirely different artwork than the "Black Box" Edition which will be available in stores in late August. Of the 2001 only few copies remain to be ordered through the band.

Here's a reminder for the Jacobs Dream fans. You can meet the band this Saturday in the chatbox of the official Jacobs Dream fansite. This chat event will start at 3PM EST (9PM CET).

It is already known, but now made official: Inner Decay is no more. The band hasn't jammed since March. Guitarist Brian moved to Atlanta and this came as a surprise. The band had material ready for the new album. Drummer Dave Campbell: "Rikki (Pukket, former vocalist for Obliteration) and I were very excited since all the music was done and we were looking at getting the vocal lines in place. Brian then announced to us that he was
moving. Here in Oklahoma there isn't a whole lot of band members to go out to find, so, since that has all taking place, I haven't jammed with a band since." The Inner Decay site will be modified into a personal Drummer For Hire type of site.

THT Productions released its first compilation album on CD. Title is Self Krusher. The artists presented on the disc are the ones that have released one or more releases through THT Productions. Through this compilation the company wants to thank them for working together with the label during 1996-2001. THT Productions: " Thankfully enough we survived through these 5 years and we are eager to look ahead for another 5 years, until even 50 years and 500 years in the future, to keep supporting the artists and their own philosophies in making music, whether it's accepted or not accepted by the mainstream extreme music media." Some of the artists on this disc are: Kekal, Getsemani, Armageddon Holocaust, Inner Warfare and Excision.


Friday July 13th 2001

Some time ago Art For The Ears reported that bassist Gard had left the band Antestor as he moved to another city in Norway. Now the news reached us that drummer Armoth has left the band too. According to Armoth he joined two other bands, one in the dark rock direction and the other alternative rock a la My Bloody Valentine. "Things didn't go right. The style didn't motivate me, and it was always kind of boring playing in the end. I had to develop and that's why I joined these two other bands. Even though it is not metal, it's the right style for me. I'm not that much into metal as I used to be anyway." What this means for the future of Antestor is not yet revealed.

Josh Ashworth has decided to leave Society's Finest: "I have decided to end my duties with Society's Finest due to a situation that happened after Cornerstone... It saddens me
that it had to end this way, but it is for the best...I'm going to focus on my family right now, and focus on goals that I have been setting for myself...I feel that this is Gods will for me to end it...I want to apologize to the kids at Cornerstone for acting the way I did...I was very sick and I was dealing with things that I should have dealt with before I left for the tour..."

Fire Fly has finished its first full length album. Title is Beauty For Ashes. Some of the songs on it are: Shrapnel, See Sharp Minor, Trying To Be Cool, Frail and Seek Ye First. Total running time is over 68 minutes. The album also features the drumming of new drummer Ben Griffiths. Album pre-releases will be available from their site soon, for a limited time, and at this years Cross Rhythms Festival.

The Brazilian band Kennereth is still working on its first full length album.

Bride is writing a book. Chapters are being posted on the Bride web site
every couple of weeks.

Celldweller: Klayton recently spent a week in Los Angeles mixing one of the songs from
the new album with Scott Humphrey.  Scott is currently producing the new Rob Zombie and Methods of Mayhem albums and took some time off to work with Celldweller.  He has also worked with artists such as Powerman 5000, BT, Nine Inch Nails and Crystal Method.

After six years, three records, fifteen tours, Puller has called it quits. The band will be playing it's last few dates on it's current tour of America. Geoff will be playing in his new band Samo. Mike will have a new solo record out this fall and he plans to do a side project with Bruce from Living Sacrifice. Kyle will be playing with his new band No Where Fast. And Ron has no project plans at this point.

Title for the new King's X album will be Manic Moonlight. It's their ninth studio release and the release date is set of October 1st.

Silence The Foe planned to record some new material this summer. They are thinking of putting some of them on their upcoming seven-inch split with How Cars Crash In Stores. Nothing is decided yet.

Slechtvalk will appear on a compilation album of Ablaze Magazine from Germany. Every issue of the magazine has a sampler with songs from various bands around the world. The song In Hell I Burn from the Falconry album will be on the sampler that comes along the August/September edition. Slechtvalk now has T-shirts and longsleeves too that you can get through their label Fear Dark.

The guys from the Peacedog Festival added a new band to their festival's line-up: Unwed Sailor. This American post-rock band is a project of Jonathan Ford (formerly of Roadside Monument). Other bands that will appear on the Peacedog Festival are: Morphia, Luti-Kriss, The Spirit That Guides Us, Crestfall, Brandtson, Soul Junk, One Truth, This Beautiful Mess, The Prednisons, Screen, Dayflower and more. The Festival takes place on the 25th of this month at De Kei, Ede, Holland.


Friday July 6th 2001

Atlantic Records have moved the release date for the new POD album to September 11th. Title will be Satellite. H.R. from the band Bad Brains performed on a track and there are also guest appearances from reggae star Eekamouse and Christian from Blindside. Some of the tracks are Youth Of The Nation, Satellite, Ghetto and Without Jah, Nothing. First single will be Alive. Other news: There are rumors saying that drummer Wuv will leave POD to join Korn as some seem to think that drummer David Silveria will leave Korn. Korn singer Jonathan Davis was recently seen cruising around Los Angeles in his Bentley with Wuv. This gave rise to the rumors. However, the rumor of Wuv joining Korn is not true.

Threshold are planning to re-release the 1994 album Psychedelicatessen through Inside Out in September to coincide with the second leg of their European tour. The new
version will be completely remixed, remastered and repackaged for the new release. Karl Groom and Richard West are currently at Thin Ice studio completing the new mixes. The album will include the Japanese bonus tracks Lost and Intervention, as well as a bonus CD containing the 1995 live album Livedelica and a multimedia section. Threshold will also be re-releasing the 1993 album Wounded Land in September. The new package is expected to include the original 1992 recording of Intervention, as well as a multimedia section including rare early demos of Days Of Dearth, Paradox and a previously unreleased song Conceal The Face from when Jon Jeary was Threshold's lead singer.

This Beautiful Mess has won the Buzz competition in May. Buzz is a radioshow on the national pop station in The Netherlands. As the band won the May competition of bands they will participate in the Band Of The Year battle on Buzz.

Glorybox will be returning to the studio in the fall to record a follow up to their debut Vacuum.

Selfmindead has been back in the studio. This time they have recorded 3 new songs for the split EP with The Spirit That Guides Us, and a cover song for the upcoming Sally Forth Records eighties compilation. The EP, called The Oslo Compact will be released at the DP Festival in Norway. Selfmindead have traded hardcore into metalcore. It's more aggressive and dangerous than ever before.

THT Productions announced the release of Doctor Dark by Doctor D. Doctor D is the mastermind behind two underground projects: Bealiah and Armegeddon Holocaust. Doctor Dark contains most of his recordings from 1998 to 2001 plus three new tracks. The music is emotional, dark and extreme with influences from bands like Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Darkthrone among others. The album will be released on July 23rd. 

On the 21st of July at 9:00PM CET there will be a chat with the whole band of Jacobs Dream on the Jacobs Dream site.

Deliverance will play at the Alto Poder festival in San Juan, Puerto Rico on October 27th. The entrance is free. Other bands attending the festival are Quejidos Del Seol, Pacto De Sangre, Skaterrestres, Aprobado and Frail.

Jimmy Brown II from Deliverance made a guest appearance on the new single Hope Lies Beyond off the Dark Days And Afternoon Sleeps release by label mates Sombrance. In a rare move, Jimmy plays the bass guitar on the track. In addition to playing bass on this track he co-produced the song as well.

Here's news from Flavio, editor of the Metal Mission Magazine in Brazil:

Dynasty has released its demo CD called Following The Sign with three tracks. Musically it's heavy metal/power metal.

Völlig Heilig, the band that's on the Brazilian Metal Compilation Rowe Productions released, has changed its name. The band is now called Belica.

Speaking of Brazilian compilation CD's. There's another compilation that was brought out recently. It's the Brazilian Collection that Metal Mission released. The album has 13 bands from the Christian underground scene in Brazil. Many of the songs were recorded specially for the compilation. Here are the bands that you can here on it: Trino, The Joke, Dynasty, Resistance, Arcanjo, Empty Grave, Clemency, Skymetal, Moshab, Sacramento, Halleluyah, War Blade, Edson Boleti. Total time is over 55 minutes. Prices are 5 dollars per CD plus two dollars for shipping and handling. For further information contact Metal Mission at: metalmission@yahoo.com.br

Clemency has a new line-up. Vocalist/bassist Aramis has left the band and the guitarist Luis Carlos has assumed the vocals. New bassist is Lucio who played his first show with the band on April 1st.


Friday June 29th 2001

Nobody’s perfect, that’s something the gothic avantgardists of Virgin Black had to realize, when they held the promo CD of their debut album in their hands. This album called Sombre Romantic was released on June 26th through Massacre Records. The band was quite surprised, that the tracks Walk Without Limbs as well as Drink The Midnight Hymn, which should have been original tracks on the album, had been degraded due to a mistake during the mastering process just to an "appendix" to the successor songs. Both songs have to be understood as separate tracks, that’s what the band asked us to let you know.

After the successful last record Ten More Tales and the enthusiastic fan reactions on the tour with Axxis and Pink Cream 69, the British melodic progrockers from Balance Of Power are standing on their marks with a new album entitled Perfect Balance. The release is scheduled for July 23 via Massacre Records. The nine tracks were produced by Lionel Hicks.  

News from Todd Pope. His new solo album might be released by Purple Sky Records in Canada. Musically it will be more along the lines of game soundtrack material with some leftovers that didn't make it onto the Transfigural Form album State Of Decay. Pope isn't yet sure about the title for the solo album or when it will be released. His band Transfigural Form has found a new bassist in former Eden In Ruins bassist Michoel Dovid. He co wrote several songs for Eden In Ruins like Heavy Against Me and Corridors Of Deception. Transfigural Form will be appearing on the upcoming Laceration Productions compilation Screams Of Abaddon II. Release date for this CD is set for sometime later this year.

For you vinyl freaks out there who like Living Sacrifice, here's some news: The Hammering Process is finally seeing the light of day on a new label called The Record Collection.  

Saviour Machine's Legend part III will come out in August through Massacre Records. No exact date given. And the same month the Antithesis album Dying For Life comes out. This album will be released by Massacre Records on the 20th of that month.

Crash Rickshaw is a new band featuring the rhythm section from Project 86: Steven Dail and Alex Albert. The band also introduces the vocals and guitar playing of Joby Harris. Harris played for several other bands including Rainy Day, The Moodswingers and Phatso. "I've known Steve and Alex for about four years," Joby explains. "I moved to California in late 1996, and the band I was in at the time would open for Project 86 in their early days.  They recorded their first album in Burbank, and stayed with me at my place during those sessions.  We got to know each other pretty well.  It seemed like Steve and I had the same influences, and we talked about collaborating.  Then, during some free time after a recent Project tour, Alex, Steve, and I just decided to put some stuff on tape.  We gave that tape to Brandon (Ebel) at Tooth & Nail Records and got his attention." The album was officially recorded at the famous El Dorado studios in Burbank, with Bryan Jerden at the production helm.  "Bryan is the son of producer Dave Jerden, who is famous for working with Social Distortion and Alice in Chains," Joby says.  Project 86 had done their first album with Brian Carlstrom, who was Dave Jerden's engineer.  "We never met Bryan Jerden until we went in the studio with Crash Rickshaw," Alex says.  "I brought the whole thing together by calling an old friend at Eldorado, Elan Trujillo, who has worked at the studio since before Project 86 recorded there.  Elan told me about Bryan.  If it was not for Elans' love and support for Project 86 this whole thing would have never happened." Crash Rickshaw's self-titled debut comes out on the 28th of August through Tooth & Nail Records. Expect music with influences from Fugazi, Selfmindead, Roadside Monument, Flaming Lips and others.

For the hard music fans the Flevo Totaal Festival in The Netherlands added a new band to its line-up: Selfmindead. Also Tourniquet will be playing.

In mid-May Jacks Of All Trades spent some days in Watercastle studios and recorded three new songs: Child Missing, Tonight and Bear. Samples of those songs can be
streamed from their MP3.com page. The band's trying to get a record deal with those three songs. Jacks Of All Trades also recorded one song at Studio Kaktus for one compilation album which will be released in the beginning of August. This song is called No Secrets. Other news: In Central-Europe the band's first pan-European record will be released. It will have two songs from the R U Ready album, three songs from the Liar EP and the three songs recorded last May. It will be distributed via Nuclear Blast to all European countries. The band is also booking a release tour in October. The band expects to be playing shows in Poland, Czech, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Some time ago you may have read in this column that drummer Roki lost his apartment and his job when they were supposed to go to the USA to tour but didn't. Well,
everything turned out fine when Roki and his wife moved to Helsinki and got an
apartment and a new place to work. This is just a small problem when it comes to rehearsing because Roki has now three and half hour to drive if he wants to play with the rest of the band.


Friday June 22nd 2001

Kekal is about to release its third full-length album called The Painful Experience. According to the band its their finest release so far, with much better production compared to their past albums. The Painful Experience will be released on CD by Clenchedfist Records in July for the North American market. The album contains at least ten tracks and some of them are: The Monsters Within, Militia Christi, The Painful Experience and Behind Closed Doors. In the meantime you can download one track called Mean Attraction on MP3.com.

The reunited band Focused has split up once again. And it seems it's final this time. There's only one chance to see them live and it will be on the Tooth & Nail Day at the   Cornerstone Festival.

The split-CD of Life In Your Way and Solace is ready. It contains nine tracks. Life In Your Way is working on getting one of the songs on their MP3.com page.

Bride released a double-disc of The Matrix Years & Lost Reels 1. Matrix was the band Dale and Troy Thompson played in before they changed the name to Bride. As Matrix they recorded many songs. Twenty songs are now available on a CD with new full color artwork. Disc two is a bonus CD with Lost Reels 1 which is a compilation of songs that were submitted as possible tracks for the Bride albums, but were not used. This double disc is a limited edition.

The new King's X CD is now scheduled for the first of October. Title of the disc is DJ T.

In August Squad Five-O will be recording some demos for the new album at the brand new Tooth & Nail studio in Seattle. Maybe one of the songs will show up on a compilation to give you a taste of the new stuff. One:21, Kris and Adam's other band, will be recording a record next week that will be released on Facedown Records sometime in the near future. It's music in the punk rock vein.

Minus SF will be on a new compilation that will be released in the United States by Restitution Records.

Drummer Jason Vickers left Dredge. Currently the band is looking for a new drummer.

From the internet you can download the new Dogwood video for Building A Better Me. Click here if you want the streaming version. Click here to download the PC Version (zip file with Quicktime required to view the video). And for Mac users there's is this version to download (.sit file with Quicktime required to view the video).

It's going well with the promotion of the Crunchy album All Day Sucker. Monty Colvin spent three days playing live on three commercial radio stations in the US. The single If Only has been played numerous times and the band performed live for over 2000 people in concert and won many new fans.


Friday June 15th 2001

Those who come frequently to the message-boards will have noticed that we are in the process of moving them to ezboards. You can already find the new forums at: http://pub75.ezboard.com/bartfortheearsboards . We have also added two new forums: The Prayer Request Forum and the Crash Test Forum. The old boards will be closed tomorrow. Deletion with follow late June. So: CHANGE YOUR BOOKMARKS! To add to your favorites, click here:

The Deadlines have finished recording their new album. Title of the CD is Out On The Streets and it will probably come out on November 6th. According to the band is has turned out to be quite a fabulous record.

Extol will release a new record. It's a three track EP that will be released as a sequel to Undeceived, just like Mesmerized was to the Burial album. The EP will feature two Extol tracks and a cover. However, it will be a Swedish release only. A few copies will be made available online through Endtime Productions.

Calibretto 13 will have a new EP for sale. It features seven songs that didn't make it to their full-length album. The EP is called From The Secret Files Of The Danger Brigade. It will not be in stores though as the band intends to sell them at their shows and through the Tooth & Nail mail order (starting in July).

Atomic Opera's Frank Hart reported that their house and studio were damaged by a flood that hit their home in Houston, USA. They had a foot of water standing in Hart's house for over fourteen hours. Though they have a flood insurance it doesn't cover all the costs to rebuild everything. If you want to support them financially you can do by sending cash donations to Frank Hart, PO Box 91602, Houston TX 77291, USA.

Antithesis will be playing on this year's Milwaukee Metal Fest.

Lightmare, the German powermetal band, is starting again. They will be doing a show in Slovakia. For this show they are preparing themselves as they didn't play for over a year. They also do new songs. It's not clear though if they can do another CD.

Society's Finest will be recording in August. The new record is going to be called Dead And Buried Outside Of Reno and the band promises it will be the heaviest record of the year. Solid State Records will also be releasing the EP Private Conflicts And Suicides.

The next Dogwood album is entitled Matt Aragon. Expect its release on September 25th 2001 through Tooth & Nail Records.


Friday June 8th 2001

Stretch Arm Strong is about to release its new album. This new CD, A Revolution Transmission, is also the first enhanced CD Solid State Records will release. Besides the music you can find on this disc: Wallpaper, lyric explanations, live European shows and a documentary of the band while on their Summer 2000 European Tour. Further news: Ferret Records will be releasing the vinyl version of A Revolution Transmission this summer. After the release of the new album, Stretch Arm Strong will be on the Heaven And Hell Tour with Brother's Keeper. This tour includes shows at the Krazy Fest and Furnace Fest.

POD has launched its online store with secure credit card ordering. New products include T-shirts, key chains, lunch boxes, stickers, skateboards, jackets and posters.

Rowe Productions has just released three new albums. Biogenesis is one of the new bands on the label. Their album is called The Mark Bleeds Through and features a mix of metal styles. Another new bands is Psychoma with their album ...Of The Mind. Their music has been described as a mix of classic Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Iron Maiden. The third album that came out through Rowe Productions is the Brazilian Compilation. This sampler features music from three bands with four songs each: Völlig Heilig, Stauros and Light Hammer.

With the Mortification world tour coming up, there have been questions about the health of Steve Rowe. The singer and bassist for the band is feeling well, but he is still having problems with motor paralysis in his legs and lower body. The most recent problem Steve had was losing the sight in his right eye. At first the doctors thought it was a broken blood vessel and that it would clear up by itself.  However, this was not the case, and Steve had to go in for a very serious surgery on his eye. This surgery normally requires that the patient be put to sleep.   However, going under a complete anaesthetic could have undone all the progress Steve had made through therapy and could have left him paralysed again.  So the surgery had to be done with a local anaesthetic. Steve said that the recovery from the surgery was very painful. He has regained partial sight in his eye, but it has not been the complete recovery he had hoped for.

Transfigural Form's new album State Of Decay is now available at Root Cellar Records.

Threshold are planning to re-release their first two albums Wounded Land and
Psychedelicatessen in September. The re-released versions are expected to have
extra features including bonus tracks and multimedia sections. Two complete songs from Threshold's new album Hypothetical are now available from their website. The songs are Light And Space and Long Way Home. There's also a sample available from the album's closing epic Narcissus.

Metro One will be putting out a Spoken Greatest Hits Project on August 14th. And you can help by sending Metro One your three favorite Spoken songs. The songs that will receive the most votes will be on the album. Everyone who sends in songs will be entered to win an autographed copy of the greatest hits project, two tickets to a Spoken concert near you and a T-shirt. You can send your entries to SpokenHits@metro1music.com

The debut album The Sand, The Barrier of The Spirit That Guides Us will be released officially in September. However, it is available in limited quantities during their current European tour. The album is a blend of indie, emo and hardcore.

Jeremiah's Grotto is doing great! The American emo band has just released a new album through Vindicated Records. Title is Through It All. The band is now touring full-time all over the United States.


Friday June 1st 2001

Know You, the current single of the Dutch rock band Beam is on #8 in the Tros Cyber Top 50. This Dutch pop music chart is compiled by votes from the public. If you want to support Beam to get them to the top of this chart, go to: Cyber Top 50 and vote for their song Know You. If all goes according to plan, their album Full Dimensional Stereo will be released in August. The next single will be S.T.E. It's a punky song that will be the second track on the album. It's expected to be released in July. At the moment Beam is looking for a director who will shoot the video for S.T.E. The band also got an endorsement deal with Peavey. They use the latest models, both amps and drum kits, of the Peavey collection.

Here is the list of bands that will play on the Peacedog Festival in Ede, Holland on July 25th 2001. Mainstage: Luti-Kriss, Brandtson, Soul-Junk, The Spirit That Guides Us, This Beautiful Mess, Bigg Muff. Side Stage: The Prednisons, Dayflower, Screen, Face Tomorrow, Morphia, One Truth, Deluge, Crestfall, Kingpin.

Title for the next POD album will be Satellite. According to the band they will come back harder than ever. Satellite is their heaviest and most emotional record so far. Randy Staub (who did Metallica's Black album) is engineering and mixing and the album is co produced with Howard Benson. Releasedate: August 28th.

Embodyment has finished recording their third full length record, Hold Your Breath, the follow up to their latest record The Narrow Scope of Things. If you enjoyed the melodic material on the last album you will be extremely happy about this album, according to Solid State Records. There isn't a release date set yet but expect it this fall.

Jamie Rowe has decided to take the band name Kung Pao Fugitives for his music. He's currently talking with Forefront Records about working with them. Rowe says that this material is going to showcase his rock roots more than his pop solo stuff did. As you may know, Jamie Rowe was the lead singer of hard rock band Guardian. The band will be together once again for a show on the Cornerstone Festival this month.

The band Grace Like Winter is playing shows again with their original line-up. They are also getting ready to record an EP they hope to get out this summer.

The Huntingtons have recorded a new album. You can hear a track from the upcoming CD at Tooth & Nail Radio. Title of the album is Songs In The Key Of You.

Here's an update from the guys in Squad Five-O: "We're planning to go back into the
studio late this summer to record our second full-length for Tooth & Nail Records. We're still locking down a producer." The band will play some select dates this summer including the Cornerstone Festival and the Purple Door Festival.

The Undecided recently finished a new CD. More To See is the title and it will hit the stores on July 31st.