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News October/November 2002


Friday November 29th 2002

On January 3rd Extol will return to the studio to record their third full length album. There's no title as of now. The band will be going to tour America in late Spring 2003. On December 29th Extol will be performing in Norway at the Christmas Festival Romjulsrock in Oslo.

The debut album from Celldweller will be out on January 28th 2003.

Kekal has recorded Dance Macabre. This is a cover song from Cradle Of Filth as Kekal's been asked to join a tribute album. Kekal: "We do this not because we are influenced by their music, but more because it's an honor for us to take a part of the Tribute to the one of today's most popular extreme metal acts."


Friday November 22nd 2002

The Spirit That Guides Us released its new EP 24 Winters. This CD contains four studio tracks and two songs recorded live at Studio Brussel. The band is about to embark on a tour to support this new release.

Bad news comes from Element 101. After three albums through Tooth & Nail Records the New Jersey band has called it quits.

Brain:FAQ has released their new album Nutze Die Zeit. This album contains fourteen songs.

Tourniquet has finished recording and mixing their new album. More details will be released in the weeks to come. You may expect this album to be out in the spring of 2003 through Metal Blade Records. The band is also considering releasing a live concert on DVD. However, this is still unsure. What's certain as of now is that Ted Kirkpatrick plans to record a drumming instructional video (or DVD). This might be out in mid or late summer 2003.

SotD Records releases A Brutal Christmas. This is a Christmas compilation with traditional seasonal classics performed by various metal bands. The compilation includes Mary Did You Know from Royal Anguish.


Friday November 15th 2002

Last week Blindside and crew flew to Los Angeles for a special performance of their single Pitiful. They were asked to perform this song for the closing scene of the Warner Brothers film Grind. Grind is a movie centered around the skateboard culture and will hit theaters in the Summer of 2003.

Hubertus Liljegren has decided to leave Sanctifica. After a time of indecision, he chose to leave the band that he founded and have been a main figure of for the past six years. Some weeks ago you could read in this column that he joined Crimson Moonlight as their new bass player. Yet he won't abandon guitar playing as there are other things coming up yet unrevealed. As singer Hubertus was already replaced by David. Sanctifica won't be looking for a new guitarist.

The Dutch band Nomen will soon work on a video for the song Alone. The band's also working on new songs which will be recorded early next year.

Love, the new album from The Juliana Theory will be in stores on February 4th 2003. The band recently put the finishing touches on a couple of songs left over from the album sessions. They're also editing live concert footage shot at a secret Street Team show in September. Those bonus tracks and videos will be included on the official Love release. The Juliana Theory will also be on tour in the United Kingdom this month starting with a show in Brighton on November 25th.

Sacred Life finished their new CD The Evil And Insane Asbest Man. They spent five full days to record, mix and master the CD at the Mailmen Studio in Utrecht, Holland. The EP will be available today on their release show in Zwolle. The EP can also be ordered in all CD stores in the Benelux.

The handwritten lyrics of Youth Of The Nation, the hit song from POD, are going up in the Lyric Room at the Rock 'n Roll Hall Of Fame. This illustrious Lyric Room features original lyrics from legendary artists such as Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Paul Simon.

2002 was a successful year for the guys in POD, as you may have noticed. Their album Satellite has sold over four million copies world wide so far.

Newest release is their full length DVD, Still Payin' Dues. This DVD features footage from recording their first independent CD's, early concerts and all seven POD videos (including the Selah video). Furthermore, the Still Payin' Dues contains over 300 photos from the band's personal collection and behind the scenes footage shot by POD's road crew.

Speaking of DVD, Facedown Records will release a DVD spring 2003. They've been filming shows all over Southern California over the past five months. The DVD will include footage from the final shows of No Innocent Victim and Point Of Recognition as well as live and interview footage from other Facedown bands.


Here's news from the Brazilian scene, gathered by Flávio de Souza, editor of Metal Mission:

Recently Metal Mission released its Brazilian Collection, volume II. This compilation contains thirteen Brazilian metal bands: Kratos (heavy metal), Mortify (thrash/death), Clamatorius (black/doom), Zurisadai (black metal), Devastation (90's thrash metal), Enigma (heavy metal), Sebaoth (deathcore), Seven Angels (melodic power metal), Themplo (melodic power metal), Holy Throne (symphonic black metal), Vulgata (progressive metal), Bless (hard rock/heavy metal) and Destra (progressive metal). The CD costs 10 US dollars (including shipping and handling) and is available at Metal Mission: E-Mail: mmag@sercomtel.com.br

Clemency will release its final CD in December. The band no longer exists since Luis Carlos, guitarist and vocalist, left the band. Their upcoming album is Divine Legions Of War.

Desertor is a hardcore band in the vein of 80's bands as The Crucified and D.R.I.. Their debut CD is called Aborto Não! All songs are sung in Portuguese.

Anillo Del Fuego is the title for the new CD from Antidemon. It will be available this weekend. The new album was recorded in Mexico where Antidemon toured during the last months.

Stauros will release an EP with five new songs next month. This disc features the new line-up with the return of singer Celso de Freyn.

Seven Angels will release their new album through Megahard Records. Title for this effort is The Second Floor and some of the nine songs are: Deceiving Time, The Wisdom Of Majesty and Mask Of Sadness.

Rest is the name of a new band. Interestingly this band wears make-up like Saviour Machine and plays gothic metal.

The new album from Belica is ready to be released in December. This disc is entitled For All.

Symphonic black metal band Promessa Divina will release their new CD early 2003.

Death metal band Skymetal recorded a new album called Sepultura. This disc will be available next month through Salmus Productions.


Friday November 8th 2002

From today, November 8th through Wednesday November 13th, you can be part of the Slechtvalk message-board interview on our Interview Message-Board. Various members of the Dutch black metal band are present to answer your questions. Make sure you don't miss this event!

The classic eighties metal band Leviticus is reuniting. This Swedish band from guitarist Björn Stigsson debuted in 1982 with a maxi single called Stå Och Titta På. Later on the band started singing English lyrics. After four studio albums the band quit. Stigsson then continued his career as guitarist in XT with singer Sonny Larsson. In recent years he's known as producer & studio technician called "Bear" who has worked with successful Swedish bands such as A-Teens, Charlotte and E-Type. Now Leviticus is reforming for a much anticipated live show at Bobfest 2003. This festival takes place in Linköping, Sweden, from March 14th-16th 2003.

The first names of bands playing at the Bob Fest in March 2003, are made known: Leviticus, Slechtvalk, Ganglion, Crimson Moonlight, Narnia, Pantokrator.

Random Eyes from Finland have finished recording a new album. You can download three new songs here.

Seventh Avenue have released their new album Between The Worlds. This German power metal band delivered its fifth album.

The solo band from Doctor D is disbanding due to personal reasons. Doctor D himself will be concentrating more on the reunited Armegeddon Holocaust as he has hooked up with Dark Thriller once more. The second album from their band will be out sometime next year.

Kekal is currently recording 1000 Thoughts Of Violence. This will be their fourth album. It's described to contain the most extreme, most violent, and yet the most technical and progressive material the band has done so far. Some song titles are: Vox Diaboli, Violent Society & In Continuum.

Excision is about to release the new album Default. This is a solo project from Jeff (Kekal). It will be released as a limited edition of 500 units.

The Dutch band My Evil Twin has finished working on their demo CD. It will contain three songs: Ignoring The Volcano, Skull Shaped Sky and Clean. The demo will be available later this year through Burning Thornbush Records.

Singer Jonatan is leaving the Belgian black metal band Natan. His final show with the band will be on November 23rd in Hasselt, Belgium.

Two new songs from Further Seems Forever are doing great on MP3.com. You can download The Sound and Pride War. These songs are doing well on the Punk Chart, the Alternative Chart and the MP3 Top 40.


Friday November 1st 2002

Sacrificium is currently on tour to promote their new album Cold Black Piece Of Flesh. Interestingly, the CD is released through the new company Whirlwind Records.

Disciple is still looking for a new record deal. They have a new album ready to be released.

Nordic Mission is organizing the Nordic Fest on November 16th. Bands that will appear on this festival are: Veni Domine, Ganglion, Pantokrator, Grøde, Drottnar & Grand Lux. Location: Sub Church, Oslo, Norway.

A release date has now been set for the Celldweller debut. The album will be available on January 28th, 2003.

Beloved will be entering the studio in December to record their debut record for Solid State Records. Producer is Garth Richardson.

Curtis Shamlin, formerly of Gryp, is looking to start a rock band or join a band with professional musicians from the Fresno area in California, USA. His goal is to produce a CD that will be aired on radio and distributed worldwide. With his old band he sold nearly 25,000 CD's and played with POD, MxPx, Project 86 and others. If you are interested and are excellent on the drums, guitar, or bass, email Curtis at curtisshamlin@aol.com.


Friday October 25th 2002

King's X is in the studio working on the new album. Ten tracks have already been recorded. The plan is to record all the basic tracks (drums, bass, one guitar) before their tour with Ronnie James Dio and then rework the stuff after the tour.

Pantokrator is working on their first full length album. They are also looking for financial support to make the disc happen.

Troy and Dale Thompson are working on music and lyrics for the next Bride CD. This will be a self produced, self financed CD that will be released in 2003.

The new album from The Juliana Theory, Love, will be in stores early next year.

Transfigural Form has added a few more songs from their forthcoming album Refusal on MP3.com. Now you can find these songs: Refusal, Spiritual Bisection, Devourer/Deliverer, Burden Of The World & Under Deaths Spell.

Tooth & Nail Records have signed the band Watashi Wa. This Californian band is just finishing up the recordings of their album The Love Of Life with producer Garth Richardson.

This year Dogwood won the Best Punk Album at the San Diego Music Awards. Congratulations! However, the band had bad luck when their trailer was stolen last week. All of their merchandise, back line equipment, cabinets, drum set, etc. were all in the trailer. If anyone would like to help the band out with costs or just offer a friendly letter of support, they can send it to the following address: Dogwood, P.O. Box 7825, Los Angeles, CA. 90007, USA. Checks can be made payable to: "Dogwood". Dogwood appreciates the support and encouragement of all of their fans out there.


Friday October 18th 2002

News from the Zao camp. Each of the band members are working on side projects. In February 2003 Solid State Records will release a re-recorded version of All Else Failed with Dan Weyandt on vocals. Guitarist Russ and Scott have formed a band called Jade Meridian and are in need of a vocalist. As the band says: "Vocal talents wanted for Jade Meridian, a new hard rock project featuring Scott and Russ Cogdell from Zao. Qualifications include the listening appreciation of the artists as follows: Cave In, Foo Fighters and FAR. If you are a serious applicant and are able to relocate email questions Jademeridian@hotmail.com."

The DVD from POD will be out on November 12th. Title: Still Paying Dues.

You can support Blindside getting their Pitiful video on Total Request Live from MTV USA. You can vote for this video here. Write in Blindside's Pitiful near the bottom of that page.

Blinside will be on a European tour with Disturbed in November.

Demon Hunter is organizing a contest. This 'I Am' contest is as follows: Send a photo of yourself holding a sign that says 'I am demon hunter' with band paraphernalia behind you, on you, or anywhere in the photo. The most creative and prolific photo will receive a Solid State hooded sweatshirt and an autographed Demon Hunter poster and CD. Contest ends on December 1st 2002. Send your 72 dpi RGB 275 x 350 pixel jpeg photos to contest@demonhunter.net along with your name and city you live in.

Dead Poetic have added an extra guitarist to their line-up. His name is Todd Osborn.

The Dutch heavy rock band Swirl have released their new EP called Trans Illuminated. This disc contains five tracks and was recorded in the E-Sound studios in Weesp, The Netherlands. This studio has been used by bands like The Gathering and Motorpsycho before. Swirl also has a new bassist to replace Daniël Verburg who left the band in May. The newcomer is Hielke. Currently the band is preparing to return to the studio for a promotional CD.

Jason Moody, formerly the vocalist for No Innocent Victim, has a new band called The Regal Line. However, this is not hardcore but music in the vein of Johnny Cash. Want to get an idea of how it sounds like? Go to their MP3.com page.

Kathy Zappin from Resonation Frequency is moving from Ohio to California. Therefore she wants to sell all her Rowe Productions merchandise as much as possible before moving. Also, while supplies last, anyone who purchases $36.00 or more of
merchandise (before adding shipping) will receive a Rowe logo T-shirt. If you do purchase $36.00 or more, please e-mail Kathy at: mail@resonationfrequency.com and mention your size and color preference.

The Dutch rapcore band Dr. Bigfoot is looking for sponsors to enable them to record an EP in the Creative Sounds studio in Hilversum, The Netherlands. Anyone interested in supporting this band financially, can get in touch with Fred Berghuis: Dr.Bigfoot


Friday October 11th 2002

MxPx are back in the studio. This time they will record their 11th record of their career. Dave Jerden will produce it. There's no working title yet while the band is screening some 46 songs. The release is expected to be out in the first three months of 2003.

Blissed, the new band of Robert Sweet, have completed their debut album. This CD contains twelve songs and will be out soon. A four song sampler is already available, in a limited quantity of 444 copies though. This limited edition four song EP is numbered and autographed.

The Spirit That Guides Us are finishing up their new EP. It will be entitled 24 Winters. Two of the four songs have been played live before. The sound will be heavier and different guys will do vocals. Expect this EP to be out right before their tour in November.

Selfmindead is working hard on new songs. They are working with new elements of electronics and guest artists. Musically the heavier part will be heavier, the mellow parts more mellow.

Next year the Cornerstone Festival will celebrate its twentieth edition with a full week long festival. Though the main stage won't open until Wednesday, there will be many things going on before that. The gates open Sunday morning June 29th 2003.

However, there will be more Cornerstone events across the USA. First there will be Cornerstone Floriday in Orlando on May 9th and 10th. And on August 8th & 9th there will be a Cornerstone Festival NC in North Carolina. Both events will include around fifty bands.

Comeback Kid will record their debut album for Facedown Records in November. Title is Turn It Around and it should be out in March 2003.

Another band from Facedown Records that will record their debut, is Seventh Star. In December they will head for the studio.

And the band Sinai Beach is recording their debut right now. The title for this disc is When Breath Escapes. Expect it to be out in March 2003.

The melodic metal band Test Of Faith is still working on their new demo. They have to complete the vocals and guitars with producer Rex Carroll. A three song demo should be done before the year's over.


Friday October 4th 2002

Atomic Opera is working on a new album. Title for this CD will be Mystery Of Hope. Frank Hart is also recording a solo album called Human Liturgy featuring acoustic singer/songwriter focused work.

The release of The War That Plagues The Land, from Slechtvalk, is expect to be around October 15th.

This month the Live In Deutschland 2002 double DVD from Saviour Machine will be released. This double disc will feature five hours. DVD one contains a 130 minutes long live recording of their show at the Owener Rock Night on March 23rd of this year. Disc two contains Live In Deutschland 1995, the 75 minute long live recording from their show at the Owener Rock Night on March 25th 1995. Disc two also features a documentary, a photo gallery, a never before released video of Love Never Dies and more.

Some time ago you could read in this column that Rick Mythiasin left Steel Prophet. Now it seems he joined New Eden, the band of former Steel Prophet guitarist Horacio Colmenares. He has already recorded the vocals for the next New Eden album Stagnant Progression.

The guitar and bass tracks are currently in the recording process for the new Rob Rock album. Drums tracks have been completed with Reynold Butch Carlson. The album is filled with high energy melodic metal songs.

The Deal recorded three new songs. These songs will appear on a split EP with One 21. The EP will be made available in November. Both bands will have new albums out in the Summer of 2003 through Facedown Records.

Figure Four has two new songs on MP3.com.

Tooth & Nail Records bands have been happy lately as they are picked up by mainstream bands for touring. Slick Shoes for example, will be on tour with No Use For A Name and The Might Might Bosstones. The last band sold well over two million albums collectively.

Further Seems Forever is picked up by New Found Glory whose new album Sticks & Stones is quickly approaching the Gold status selling more than 15,000 copies a week. Further Seems Forever sold nearly 50,000 copies of their debut The Moon Is Down so far.

Further Seems Forever also had two new songs on MP3.com: The Sound & Pride War. Both songs debuted in the MP3.com Top 40 chart. The Sound debuted at #29 and Pride War at #36. The two songs have had 123,063 total plays in just six days.

The OC Supertones will release their new album Hi-Fi Revival on October 22nd. This is their sixth full length. So far they've been selling a million records collectively. On Saturday October 5th it's your change to go to the first Warehouse Sale that Tooth & Nail Records is organizing in Seattle. From 10AM to 3PM at 3522 W. Government Way you can get incredible deals. Like CD's and videos as low as a dollar, tapes for a quarter.

Stretch Arm Strong are currently in the process of writing new material for their third Solid State Records release. The band will be entering the studio in the spring of 2003 for a summer release.

Laudamus has finished the master for their next album. They hope to release the new album soon.

Clenched Fist Records hopes to release the new Perpetual Flame album on October 8th. This disc, Subculture Process, contains music in the vein of Dark Tranquility, Extol and In Flames.

Another Clenched Fist Records band is Indwelling. Their upcoming album And My Eye Shall Weep will be out soon.