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News February/March 2003


Friday March 28th 2003

Dogwood has completed its line-up after the departure of bassist Jason Harper. He is replaced by Rob Hann. Drummer Russell Castillo has been accepted to join the San Diego Fire Departement. This means he isn't playing with Dogwood. For the current tour he's replaced by Andrew Montoya who is the younger brother of guitarist Danny Montoya.

The Death Campaign are going into the studio this weekend to record their Solid State debut. After finishing recording the band will join Living Sacrifice on their west coast tour and then go out with Metal Blade artists As I Lay Dying.

Perpetual Flame have inked a deal with Recital for the release of their debut album Subculture Process in September. This record was previously supposed to be released by the US label Clenchedfist Records but the sudden disappearance of the label manager led the band to search for a new one. The album will have two extra tracks.

Some weeks ago you could read in this column that there was a chance to get Slechtvalk on the Lowlands Festival by voting for them. However, this needs to be rectified. You can still vote for Slechtvalk to get them up in the Lowlands Top 25 chart of the Dutch magazine Fret. However, being in this chart doesn't have any implications for the Lowlands Festival as previously suggested.

The Brazilian band Shaphal is delaying the release of the first EP. Instead of releasing it this month, they've decided to wait some time longer due to financial problems. An official release date isn't set yet.


Friday March 21st 2003

Despite rumors about a Mortification world tour, the band will be concentrating on the local Australian heavy metal scene this year. In February they played two shows. One with Pegazus and the other with Incypt. Steve Rowe: "Due to the war situation we will not be touring overseas this year, however in 2004 we plan to visit Switzerland, Germany, Holland, USA, Mexico and Brazil as the opportunities become available. In the meantime I am writing some killer new songs with guitarist Mick Jelinic."

Endtime Productions will release The Defeat Of Satan by Antestor. This is a limit CD re-release of the 1991 & 1993 recordings. Only a thousand copies will be available. Official release date is April 18th.

The Swedish progressive metal band Veni Domine are in the midst of rehearsing to put their new live show together. The date of the release of their next album is still uncertain though.

The new band of former Angelica guitarist Dennis Cameron is Cynical Limit. The band also features former Angelica bassist Robert Pallen. With several songs completed, the band has already begun to shop to labels both here in Canada and abroad. The album they've recorded should be completed and mixed by the end of March and will be available locally and through the site by mid May.

The  melodic metal band Crystavox will release a live DVD from December 31st 1991.

Facedown Records will release And My Eye Shall Weep from Indwelling. This band was formed after the demise of Overcome.

Another release from Facedown Records is the Blood Feud 7". This 7" contains four brand new songs from xDisciplex AD. This should be out by the end of April.


Test Of Faith will be in the Girder Mode Recording Studio this weekend to complete their three song demo with Rex Carroll. They hope to have the final product available by the end of April as well.

Due to the war in Iraq Elektra Records has cancelled all international touring plans. This includes the Blindside tour of the UK and Germany planned for March 27th through April 6th.

Yes, the rumors are true this time. Extol has been invited to play on the Flevo Totaal Festival this year! Other metal bands that will be on this festival in The Netherlands are Slechtvalk and Seventh Avenue.

Morphia singer Jasper Pieterson has become father on March 4th. Congratulations!

You can help Sacred Life in their attempt to win a band contest through the 3FM radio show Buzz in The Netherlands. On Sunday March 23rd you can hear an interview with the band and then it will be clear if they've won from the other band they're competing with. If so, they will continue for the 3FM BuzzAward.


Friday March 14th 2003

Calibretto 13 announced the release date of Dead By Dawn. This EP will be out on April 22nd. The first 150 people who pre-order the EP over the internet will receive a 7" called Don't Go In The Woods as well.

Paramęcium is still working on the new album. Next month they will start recording the drums. There's also a new CD available featuring three Paramęcium remixes. On their website you can hear samples.

Natan, the Belgian black metal band, released their first EP. Title is Akeldama. They also have shirts available. Both items can be ordered from Fear Dark.

Failure On is the Solid State Records debut of Beloved. The release date is tentatively scheduled for June. Failure On is a mix of melodic and aggressive hardcore.

Those who like to download MP3's, have a new song to get: Take It Back. This is a song from the upcoming Seventh Star album Dead End. You can get it from the Facedown Records MP3.com page.

Veehr, the alternative rockband featuring members of Eternal Decision, needs your help. They've entered into a local band contest in Oklahoma called March Bandness. You can go to 947buzz.com , click on the March Bandness link and vote for them there. Veehr is the very last band on the right. The band who won last year just signed a record deal with Dreamworks.


Friday March 7th 2003

Threshold will be recording a live DVD and double album in Holland on June 6th. The concert will take place at De Boerderij in Zoetermeer. The release is expected to be called Critical Energy and will feature songs from every Threshold album as well as an acoustic slot.

Kekal released its new album 1000 Thoughts Of Violence through the Indonesian label Undying Music. The album will be released in Europe by Fear Dark in April. Kekal also terminated their license deal with Clenched Fist Records.

Life In Your Way is going to record a full length album in April. This will be the last album with the current line-up as Todd decided to leave the band.

Release date for the new Extol album Synergy is probably June 24th. It will be co-released by Solid State Records as well as Century Media.

The South African hardcore band Neshamah has signed a deal with Blood And Ink Records. They are going to do a split CD with Rapture Of The Meek that'll be out this summer.

This week Blindside records a live video for Sleepwalking, their current single.

There's a chance that Slechtvalk appears on the Lowlands Festival in The Netherlands this summer. But they need your help in achieving this. Send an e-mail to gert@npi.nl with this message: "Ik wil een stem uitbrengen op Slechtvalk met hun album The War That Plagues The Land." The e-mail address is of a Dutch magazine (Fret) who publishes the Lowlands Top 25 each year according to these votes.

American residents who want to see Further Seems Forever on MTV2, can vote for their video The Sound! Click here to vote.


Friday February 28th 2003

Narnia has finished their new album The Great Fall. April 14th is the release date. Other news about the band is that keyboard player Martin Claesson has left Narnia. He's replaced by Linus Kåse whom you might see live on the Owener Rock Nacht in Germany where the band was added to the line-up instead of Disciple.

Talking of keyboard players: Sorgier has decided to leave black metal band Slechtvalk. The band is already talking with a new keyboard player to replace him. It's important to know that all concerts will go on as planned.

The track listing of 7 - The Very Best Of Stryper was released this week: 1. Something (new track) 2. For You (new track) 3. Shining Star 4. Lady 5. All For One 6. In God We Trust 7. Always There For You 8. To Hell With The Devil 9. Calling On You 10. Free 11. Honestly 12. The Way 13. Soldiers Under Command 14. Makes Me Wanna Sing 15. Reach Out 16. From Wrong To Right 17. Loving You 18. Believe. The release date for the CD is March 25, 2003. It will be released on Hollywood Records, and distributed by Universal Distribution.

Sympathy is still working in the Tech Center Studios to complete the next album. The new songs are said to be more technical and faster, yet remaining the atmosphere of Invocation. Some titles that may appear on it are: Adept Arcana, The Shining Ones, Adorned in Apostasy, The Red League, Lord of All Terrors and Bearing the Plague.

Morphia guitarist Roger Koedoot became father for the second time in his life. Name of the baby: Fleur Estelle. Congratulations Roger and family!! Morphia had also another addition in the form of a part time violist called Esther. She will play in a few new songs.

Solid State Records signed the band Figure Four. This Canadian hardcore band is currently finishing up their new album Suffering The Loss.

Unfortunately, the Pilou Festival in Switzerland is cancelled.


Friday February 21st 2003

Here's news from POD. Sonny: "It saddens me to say that Marcos is no longer with POD. As some of you may have already heard, Marcos has chosen to pursue his own vision apart from POD. Never have we imagined POD without him, but we now know this vision is bigger than the four of us. As for POD we will continue with the amazing privilege that has been put before us. Only because of God's grace and goodness can we look toward tomorrow... Currently we are writing the lead single for The Matrix Reloaded.   We will soon begin writing our third full length record for Atlantic Records. Coming along side of us is a long time friend and talented musician and songwriter, Jason Truby (former guitarist of Living Sacrifice, mpo). He brings an excitement and a fire to the table that will take POD to the next level."

Last weekend POD was in Berlin, Germany, at the 2003 Echo Awards. There the band picked up their first major music award: 2003 International Group Of The Year. Congratulations! The other nominees in this category were Korn, Linkin Park, Puddle Of Mudd and Coldplay. Coming up are the Grammy Awards and POD is nominated in two categories!

The new album from singer Rob Rock will be released under the moniker Rob Rock's Rage Of Creation and will be entitled Eyes Of Eternity. The release of the album produced by Roy Z is set for May 26th. Besides Rob and Roy Z (who played some guitar and bass parts), the songs have been recorded with Butch Carlson on drums, Rick Renstrom on guitar as well as Mistheria on keyboards and Ray Burke on bass. Besides them some top class guitar players can be heard on a twelve minute epic song.

Congratulations to Further Seems Forever!    Their new CD How To Start A Fire debuted at #1 on the Billboard Heatseakers chart!

The Blamed are heading in the studio in April to record their follow-up to Give Us Barabbas.  This new record will be out sometime in the fall. As lead singer Matt Switaj is no longer in the band, lots of changes are expected.

Dead Poetic has their video for August Winterman added to MTV2. They need your help in the form of requests and you can do that here.

The Juliana Theory saw their Love album debut on #71 on the Billboard Top 100 Album chart.

Extol has decided to change the title to their next album. Instead of Idiosyncratic Synergy, it will be called Synergy. The album will feature guest appearances from Maria Solheim, Samuel Durling of Mental Destruction and guitarist Tore Moren. Some of the song titles are: Metamorphosis, Psychopath, Blood Red Cover and Thrash Synergy.

DOT Music have several artists available to book for the spring/summer period of 2003. Rock band Kite costs approximately € 600 plus travel, lodging, food and production costs. Metal band Narnia is also available for booking. DOT Music also opened a website for Scandinavian music scene (Christian) called Musikguiden.


Friday February 14th 2003

The release date for the new Ken Tamplin album is delayed to April 22nd. Wake The Nations features guest appearances of Marty Friedman, Doug Aldridge, Kee Marcello, Jeff Scott Soto, Scott Van Zen, Reb Beach, Glen Sobel and many more.

Jamie Rowe formed a new band called London Calling. You can download material from their website. Jamie Rowe also signed a solo agreement with Vida Music to record a Spanish language CD.

Spiritfall added a new song from their EP to their MP3.com site. The track is called Without Words.

The Sound, one of the tracks on the new Further Seems Forever album, made it to #1 on the MP3.com download charts.

Speaking of MP3.com, Sorrowstorm saw their song Cursed Fires Of Gehenna climb the black metal charts. This song is part of a three song EP this band from Panama will release in the spring time. The CD is entitled Funeral Oath.

Blindside is doing well. Their latest record Silence was released in August last year and before the year was over, more than 100,000 units were sold. Tours with The Juliana Theory, Project 86, Hoobastank and Disturbed were added to their successes. The guys are currently on tour with Papa Roach.

The Dutch punk rock band Sacred Life will have a song on the Planet Heartbreak compilation. This disc will contain about 25 emo/pop/punk tunes from bands as Cassidy, Five Years Later, DNA, Jynx, NIRC and many others. Planet Heartbreak will be released in December 2003 through Stuck In A Day Records.

Bushbaby will release a new single called Tinsel Town. This will be packaged along with two B-sides including their previous single Skinny.


Friday February 7th 2003

Jacks Of All Trades is still working on a new album. In case you didn't know, their singer J-Blast left the band last year to finish his study and give more time to his family. There's no news as to his replacement.

Tim Gaines, bassist of Stryper, announced the title for the Stryper best of album. It will be called Seven. This disc will be in celebration of the band's 20th anniversary. At this point they are talking about the possibility of some touring this summer in support of the CD.

Here's an update from Bloodgood. The band released its first DVD December last year. Title is Rock Theatre and it features the previously released videos Alive In America and Shakin' The World. There are also ideas about releasing the Metal Missionaries demo on CD, possibly with other early Bloodgood material. If you think that should happen, you can give voice to your opinion here.

Extol has completed the recording of their next album, Idiosyncratic Synergy. The CD is expected to come out in late May through Century Media. According to the band Idiosyncratic Synergy is their most technical and best sounding album to date.

The Swedish death metal band Pantokrator has finished their debut album Blod. It will be released on the Bob Fest in March, through Rivel Records.

Deep Insight from Finland will be touring in Europe in May to support their next album. This disc will come out on May 2nd through Fullsteam Records. Their music has been described as emotional rock. Currently they are looking for people interested in setting up a show.

Torman Maxt are still in the studio recording their next CD which is a rock opera entitled The Problem Of Pain.

Facedown Records signed a new band: Symphony In Peril. This is the band fronted by Shawn Jonas who sang for Zao. Musically you can expect brutal, metallic hardcore. You can find two MP3's here. They will be appearing on the next Hot Topic sampler CD Facedown will be releasing. The album of Symphony In Peril will be out this fall.

Another band from Facedown Records, Falling Cycle, just recorded two new songs for an upcoming sampler CD.

Nodes Of Ranvier are in the studio recording their next album.

The Juliana Theory finally released their new record called Love. It features fourteen new songs including Do You Believe me, Congratulations and Jewel To Sparkle.

Disciple will be releasing their new CD on February 25th. This disc is called Back Again. The title track is also their first single and you can download this song from the band's MP3.com page. This is what guitarist Brad has to say about the new album: "For the first time since our album, What Was I Thinking, we have an album that we're proud of again. Not to take anything away from My Daddy, Sting and By God, but we didn't have the time to prepare nearly as much for those albums. When we prepared for What Was I Thinking we had two or three years to write the songs. Then we met Travis Wyrick (our producer) and he helped us mature with that album. Now with Back Again, it's the same thing. You can hear maturity in my guitar, Tim's drumming and Kevin's vocals and bass playing."

Threshold secretly gathered at Thin Ice Studios last month to record some acoustic songs. The results of the sessions will be released on a fan club album called Wireless - Acoustic Sessions in a couple of months. The selection of material spans the band's entire back-catalogue, including two previously unreleased songs written before Threshold signed their first recording contract. The album will also include video footage of the band in the studio.

On March 24th Tourniquet will release it's new album Where Moth And Rust Destroy. Here's what drummer Ted Kirkpatrick has to say about it: "In some ways it’d be really easy to just write a bunch of songs that sound like the last album; if they liked it the first time, why wouldn’t they like it again? We just can’t do that. We’ve never been a band that has been content to rehash our past work. We have always consciously tried to move ahead and cover new ground, musically and lyrically. In the process, we have created a body of work that showcases a lot of diversity. Fortunately, we have also developed a fan base that has come to expect nothing less from us."

The new album features guest appearance of Marty Friedman and Bruce Franklin who laid down all the lead guitar tracks.

Tourniquet will also release their first DVD this month. This DVD contains over 75 minutes from two concerts (Flevo Festival, August 17th 2001 & Live at the Kit Carson Amphitheater, Escondido, CA, June 29th 1991) plus the Ark Of Suffering video. The DVD is entitled Ocular Digital.

The Dutch rock band Beam has parted ways with record label NWR. The band is currently working on new plans including setting up their own label. Late February Beam hopes to enter the studio to record five new songs.

On February 10th Sally Forth Records will release the debut of The Lionheart Brothers called White Angel Black Apple.

Flįvio de Souza from the Metal Mission magazine sent the following news: The Brazilian band Trino is recording their new CD. It will be called Oposiēao. Expect the disc with eleven new tracks in April.