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News December 2004/January 2005


Friday January 28th 2005

Veni Domine is back in the studio. They're recording their fifth album and hope to release it this year. Veni Domine is also working on songs apart from the new CD.

Also Evanescence is back in the studio working on their new album.

And P.O.D. started the pre-production of their next album with producer Greg Fidelman. He's known for his work with Slipknot, Red Hot Chili Peppers and System Of A Down.

Save The Radio have finished up some demos with producer Skidd Mills at the 747 Studios in Memphis. One of the new songs is Safety Net.

After eleven years the band Consecrator has reformed. Original members Ashley Lawhon (drums), Rob Ojeda (bass) and James Chavez (guitar) have joined to re-release their two demos Consecrator (1990) and Image Of Deception (1992) through Bombworks Records. Even a new album is on its way. Consecrator was formed in 1989 and disbanded in 1993.

The Unknown EP from Eden In Ruins is set to be released on March 5th. It will be available on the Dutch Fear Dark Festivals. The Unknown will be released by Sneeuwstorm Produkties.

On March 4th the Fear Dark Festival in Germany will be held. At the festival Sacrificium will release their new album called Escaping The Stupor.


Friday January 21st 2005

On January 24th Massacre Records will release Heathenology from Balance Of Power. This is a 3-disc set containing a Live-CD, a Live-DVD and a Best-of record. The Live-CD contains 13 tracks, and the Live-DVD is a two hour DVD with a concert registration in Germany plus backstage footage.

Leviticus released their DVD in early December. It's available from the BTS Webshop. The DVD was filmed at Bobfest 2003 and is a complement to the live album released in 2003.

Late February Slechtvalk will release the new album and a Live-DVD. From the band's website you can download the song Thunder Of War from the album At The Dawn Of War.

You can also download a new track from Eden In Ruins from Soundclick.com. The song On The Other Side is one of the four tracks on the upcoming EP The Unknown.

The German power metal band Lightmare is recording a new album. They have completed the pre-production phase. One of the pre-recorded tracks is Sense Of Life that you can listen to on the Lightmare website. The new album will feature Timon Schreiber back on vocals!

Both albums from Ashen Mortality are being remastered to be released as a two CD set in February. There may be a few additional track from other material recorded at the time of Sleepless Remorse, the band's first album. On Coldfusion Music you can find more details on this forthcoming release.

Ian Arkley from Ashen Mortality is also involved with a new project with James Allin of the band Visionaire. This project is called Century Sleeper. Much of the writing is now complete. The recording will take place later this year either in the UK or in the USA.

Fort Knox Amsterdam is doing well in the Winston Popprijs band competition. They're going to play the half finales.

The band Doulos from Equador is working on new songs for their next recording. The songs are Cadaver and Have.

Eirene Records and Cofradia Dikaion from Equador are presenting the demo CD of Phanerosis, an atmospheric black metal band described as reminiscent of Antestor and Vaakevandring. The demo contains five songs, including a cover version of Faader Vaar from Vaakevandring.

The band Doulos, Phanerosis and Golgota from Equador will appear on the extreme metal compilation with bands from Latin America. Other bands involved are Keber (Paragua), Tabernaculo (Colombia), Purification (Colombia), DiesMortem (Bolivia), Imperium And Eternal (Chili), Uzias And Thusiastherion (Argentina), Vacio Tomb (Costa Rica), Azmaveth (Puerto Rico), Ignis Flame. The compilation will be released by Eirene Records and Cofradia Dikaion. The covert art is work of the artist Sean Palomino.

The British hard rock band Stairway are moving ahead with their new album. The recording takes some time as they have to fit it in with some live work as well.

The French nu metal band Space In Your Face will be returning with a new album.

Laudamus has decided to leave Sweden and move to California, USA, for one year to be a part of the music scene over there. That means that there will probably not be any Laudamus shows in Sweden and Europe until spring 2006.

A new band from Norway is Grand Lux. This group plays hard rock and heavy metal and is influenced by Judas Priest, Kiss, Dio, Stryper and Leviticus. Their live shows include pyro techniques. Grand Lux's first album is called Iron Will.

Echo Hollow released a new album called Superficial Intelligence. The band features Gary Lenaire and Guy Ritter, formerly of Tourniquet. The musical direction is hard rock.

The line-up for the final Bob Fest is now complete with the addition of Seventh Avenue. The site list also includes: Crimson Moonlight, Extol, Grace Will Fall, Inevitable End, Renascent, Tourniquet, Veni Domine, Virgin Forest.

Sweden is alive and kicking these days as Rivel Records is getting ready for the Swedish Metal Explosion 2005. The record company started by Christian Rivel from Narnia will release the following albums in the next two months:

Lightmaker by Heartcry. Release date January 26th. Heartcry is a hard rock and heavy metal band in the vein of Judas Priest, Scorpions and Rainbow. The hammond organ on the album is played by none other than Danne Tibell (Jerusalem).

Veil Of Remembrance by Crimson Moonlight. Release date January 26th. The second album from Crimson Moonlight is probably the most anticipated extreme metal album right now. Veil Of Remembrance is said to be harder, faster and more explosive than the critically acclaimed Covenant Progress, the band's first album.

Glory Thy Name by Divinefire. Release date February 23rd. Divinefire is a progressive metal band with lots of hard metal and some symphonic and neo classical elements. The band line-up included Christian Rivel (Narnia) and Jani Stefanovic (Renascent). There are guest appearances from Eric Clayton and many others.

The Calling by Audiovision. Release date February 23rd. Audiovison is a melodic hard rock and heavy metal project from Christian Rivel. The album was produced by Lars Chriss from Lion's Share and it included guest appearances from Mikael Höglund (Great King Rat & Thunder), Thomas Broman (Great King Rat, Glenn Huges & Electric Boys), Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman), Tony Franklin (Blue Murder, Whitesnake & The Firm), Bruce Kulick (Kiss & Grand Funk Railroad), Mic Michaeli (Europe), Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen).

The Azrael Tales by Mirador. Release Date January 26th. Mirador is a new Swedish band that plays epic heavy metal.

And if that's not enough, Rivel Records also signed Vanguard. This melodic metal band will release their debut album in August/September.

However, as Christian Rivel is really busy (as you can imagine!), Rivel Records will no longer be signing bands this year. Mr. Rivel is also working on a new album for Narnia! This album will hopefully be released in the Autumn. And Christian Rivel will also record the second Divinefire album that will be out in September/October in Japan.


Friday January 14th 2005

As I Lay Dying started recording a new album. The pre-production is done and the band is very excited about the new material. As I Lay Dying will also be touring in Japan and Australia in February.

Random Eyes recorded 6 demo songs for their upcoming new album. Four clips are added to the media-section on their website. Mikko Härkin is now an official member of Random Eyes. He used to be keyboardist in Sonata Arctica.

Altera Enigma has added the latest track from their forthcoming album to their site at Audiostreet.net. The track is Through Glass, Darkly, and is available to download for free for now. Altera Enigma is the band of Jeff (Kekal) and Jason DeRon (formerly of Paramæcium).

In the weekend of March 11th-13th the last Bob Fest will be held. Three bands were added to the roster: Crimson Moonlight, Extol and Tourniquet. Previously the following bands were booked: Crimson Moonlight, Veni Domine, Grace Will Fall, Renascent, Inevitable End and Virgin Forest. The festival is in Sweden.

And the organization of the Elements Of Rock Festival in Switzerland has a second headliner besides Barren Cross. Tourniquet will also be at the festival. They will replace Balance Of Power who have cancelled their show due to internal reasons.


Friday January 7th 2005

First of all, I wish you all a very happy, healthy and throughout enjoyable 2005! Hopefully with lots of great new music.

Neshamah was voted the best heaviest act for 2004 in South Africa by Blunt Magazine.

Rowe Productions have licensed Soundmass to re-issue the 1992 Mortification album Scrolls Of The Megilloth. This death metal classic is now available from Soundmass.com. The re-issue contains four bonus tracks: demo versions of album songs.

The DVD from Once Dead is ready for release. It will be out on March 19th. The band of former Vengeance Rising members is also confirmed to play the Cornerstone Festival this year.

Eden In Ruins released a four track CD-r of which two songs were recently reviewed by Art For The Ears. This disc will soon be made available for five dollars (without art work) for shipping and handling in North America, and seven dollars for shipping and handling overseas. When you are interested, contact Eden In Ruins via: theruinededen@yahoo.com


Friday December 31st 2004

Global Warning finished their album Enemy Within. "Good grief, we thought we would never
get it done and mixed. This last year has been many things for the band. It has been a time of excitement and breaking new ground.  Major frustration in finding the right studio and engineer to work with, who understood our vision of the record we wanted to make. The record has gone major over budget! Our goal in 2005 is to get this record licensed to by a strong record label that will take it to the next level of distribution!"

Tourniquet is offering their help for the people in South East Asia who were affected by the tsunami on boxing day. Today Tourniquet will donate 50% of the total merchandise sale to aid in the relief efforts.Go to their online store today!

You can download all Sacred Life CD's from the website of Stuck In A Day Records. Willem: "We always wanted as many people as possible to hear our songs and this is our chance! There will be hundreds of kids who will download the songs and the artwork for free."

Celldweller's Klayton has begun writing new material. He will be selecting tracks from a collection of demos and partially writing songs to begin recording for a future release.

Attention drummers! Sympathy is looking for a full time drummer for both touring and recording. The band's line up will be complete if the appropriate drummer is found. If you are interested in auditioning, please send your biographical information and a recording of your playing to:

Derek James From
170 Islington Ave., Apt #207
Etobicoke, Ontario
M8V 3B6

Waking Ashland is a new band on Tooth & Nail Records. The band is currently in the studio with Lou Giordano (Taking Back Sunday, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Ataris, etc.) working on their debut full-length!


Friday December 24th 2004

It was announced that Stryper is recording a new studio record. This will be the bands first full-length studio record since 1991. The release date and the label in which it will be released will be announced soon. Stryper does also plan to tour in 2005.

A public row has been going on the past seven days, concerning Stryper and the cancellation of their concert at the Revolution Metal Fest in Mexico City, last November. It appears that Stryper was paid over 55,000 dollar to play, but cancelled as the organization didn't fulfil all conditions of the contract. After several attempts were made by the organization and other bands that played the Revolution Metal Fest to contact Stryper, and didn't succeed in getting in direct touch, the whole situation was made public. The organization, Mortification, Narnia and Saviour Machine demanded Stryper publicly to pay back all 56,500 dollar. Public announcements from Stryper indicated the band has spent that money on transportation of gear and other things related to the concert. Contract wise, Stryper was in their right. However, the desperate situation of the people in Mexico City demanded a different approach.

The Revolution Metal Fest was organized by an underground church consisting of people who worked for a year without getting paid, to raise the money for the festival. They even sold possessions and cars to make the trips possible for Stryper and the other bands. Language barriers and naivety on the side of the organization led to a disaster, financially. They got seriously into debt.

Indignant by Stryper's cancellation and their high fee, Mortification, Narnia & Saviour Machine started demanding Stryper to pay back the Mexican organization. After getting no reply from the band, they launched the Stryper Pay-back site.

Fortunately, after a week of public finger pointing, it seems both parties are finally coming to terms. Today both parties released a statement, that you can find on Stryper.com. Both parties encourage everyone to donate money to the people of the underground church in Mexico, to help them pay their debts. Already 5,000 dollar have been transferred to Mexico.

Now some other news. Anberlin put an MP3 on Purevolume.com. This song called Paperthin Hymn comes from the upcoming album Never Take Friendship Personal, that will be out on February 1st.


Friday December 17th 2004

Beloved  is going to be discontinued. The American emocore band has been trying to figure out what the future of Beloved would be for the past four months. Now they've decided to play a last show of which the details are yet to be released. 

The fourth album from Extol will be entitled Blueprint. It will be released February 21st in Europe. A release date for the USA is yet to be confirmed. You can check out one of the songs called Gloriana on the Century Media compilation CD Metal For The Masses Volume 3. Extol is recording a music video for the track Pearl in Trondheim, Norway. To support the new album, Extol is planning their most extensive touring to date.


Friday December 10th 2004

Virgin Black will be entering the studio next week to begin the first part of the recording process for their next album. According to guitarist Samantha Escarbe the writing process was very demanding: "I know Rowan and I have faced our greatest challenge as writers."

The next album will be partly dedicated to Narelle Carr. She was murdered this year at the age of 26.

The Finnish metalcore band Callisto signed a worldwide license contract with Earache Records for the album True Nature Unfolds. The re-release of the record is planned for February 2005.

The Awakening are currently number #10 on the German MRC30 Metal charts. With their album Darker Than Silence the band shares the charts with the latest albums from  Marilyn Manson (20), U2 (22) and Korn (24)!

Evanescence is once again nominated for Grammy Awards. This time they have a nomination in the Best Pop Performance (Duo or Group) category for My Immortal.

Allan Aguirre (of Spy Glass Blue & Scattered Few) and family will be featured on an ABC television series called Wife Swap. The series started on December 8th. The family was paired with a conservative Southern Baptist family from South Carolina. The Aguirre family has been described by ABC as "the Christian Osbournes".


Friday December 3rd 2004

The OC Supertones have decided to split up next year. The band is currently in Europe for the Christmas Rock Night (tonight, in Germany) and Winter Wonder Rock (in The Netherlands).

Strike First Records signed two new bands. First of all Clear Convictions, from Puerto Rico, and Opposition Of One, from Germany. MP3's from both bands can be listened to on the MP3 page of Strike First Records. Clear Convictions are recording their debut full length in their hometown during the first week of December. Tim Mason from No Innocent Victim is flying down to produce the record and it will be released in late January. Opposition Of One's debut album In The Line Of Change will also be out in late January!

Fear Dark will be releasing The Forsaken from Antestor in the Benelux. The official release will be in February 2005. The artwork was done by Necrolord. There's a guest appearance on the album of Hellhammer on drums.

Kekal is preparing to make a video for A Dream For A Moment. This will be there first official video. Their single A Dream For A Moment was downloaded more than 1,100 within a month.

The album Acidity, featuring A Dream For A Moment, will be out in Indonesia in January 2005 (through THT Productions/SystemMortal Productions). Fear Dark will release the record in Europe in the first quarter of 2005. The line-up for Acidity is: Jeff Arwadi (guitars/vocals/programming),  Azharlevi Sianturi (bass), Leo Setiawan (guitars), Newin Atmarumeksa (vocals) and Didi Priyadi (guitars). There are guest appearances of Jason DeRon (guitar) and L. Rion (drums).

Laudamus are finishing up the mixing of the new version of Unlimited Love. The release date is no set yet. Unlimited Love was first released as a independent release that will be referred to as the Unlimited Demo. The re-release will include those songs as well as two songs from their first vinyl single.