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News February/March 2005


Friday March 25th 2005

Last month it was made known that the founding members Rex Carroll and Scott Wenzel of hard rock band Whitecross have re-united. Whitecross was a metal/hard rock band that was started in 1986. The next year their self-titled debut came out through Pure Metal. Now there are plans to re-record the debut with a few bonus tracks and release it in early Summer 2005. There's also discussion about the recording of a new album. Rex Carroll and Scott Wenzel did their last Whitecross album together in 1992 (High Gear).

Alice Cooper and band are in the studio right now to work on their new album. The working title is Dirty Diamonds. The Alice Cooper band will be touring around the globe from July through October.

Fear Dark announced the signing of Taketh. This Swedish death metal band recorded their debut album Freakshow containing thirteen songs. From this album you can download the song Ignore.

Nomen is almost done with their new album. Title of the record will be Deranged and it will contain 12 songs. The album should be out before the summer.

The Polish band Illuminandi is recording new material. The instrumental part is already done. This new material will be released on tape as well as on CD. Expect the release in the Autumn.

You can download an unmastered track from Life In Your Way from PureVolume.com. The track is called Threads Of Sincerity and it's one of the songs from the upcoming album Ignite And Rebuild. Indianola Records will bring this record out on June 7th 2005.


Friday March 18th 2005

Stryper is officially signed to Big 3 Records. The band has been in the studio recording a new album that will be released on Big 3 Records this summer. Stryper will also be touring nationally and internationally following the release of their new album. The first official tour date is in Europe! On Saturday June 18th, Stryper will play at the Lorca Rock Festival in Recinto Ferial Huerto de la Rueda in Lorca, Spain. Other bands playing this festival are Iron Maiden & Dream Theater.

A couple of weeks ago Fort Knox Amsterdam won the semi finals of the Winston Pop Prize. Tomorrow the finals will be held in De Melkweg in Amsterdam, Holland. The finals start at 20.00.

Stairway played the tracks Under The Gun and Red Alert at the US Label Showcase, in front of representatives from RCA, Columbia & Island/Defjam Records on February 27th. The band received excellent comments from the representatives, and valuable feedback on our overall presentation and production.

Stairway also signed an exclusive licence deal with Retroactive Records USA in the last quarter of 2004, to re-release the No Rest : No Mercy debut album. The disc will feature all the tracks off the original album, with bonus extras. This is a limited edition release, so it will sell out very quickly. Scheduled release is Summer 2005.


Friday March 11th 2005

MxPx is currently working on the recording of their next album at The Clubhouse studio. They are working with producer Gavin MacKillop who has worked with Sugarcult and The GooGoo Dolls. If all goes as planned, the album comes out sometime in late May or early June.

The next album from Disciple will be released on June 7th through INO Records. This label is starting a rock division and they want Disciple to be the flagship artist. The album INO Records will bring out is self-titled. The first radio single is The Wait Is Over.

On August 27th and 28th the Beyond The Mountain Music Festival will be held in San Bernadino in California, USA. The line-up for this festival includes Ultimatum, Recon, Saint, Once Dead, Neon Cross and Sacred Warrior.

You can download Anberlin's A Day Late from Purevolume.com. This is a song from the new album, Never Take Friendship Personal.

The Juliana Theory put a new song on their Purevolume website. The MP3 is called 10,000 Questions and its one of the tracks on the upcoming album.


Friday March 4th 2005

Project 86 will record their fifth album with producer Garth Richardson. The band will be entering the studio on April 18th. According to singer Andrew Schwab, the new material is very heavy, very powerful and... very new. Tomorrow the band will be shooting live footage during their performance at the Chain Reaction. Some of the material will be used for a DVD the band plans on releasing at the end of the year.

Rivera/Bomma have delayed the release of their new CD. The El EP with four tracks will be out in April and a full length will follow in late spring or summer.

Blissed is working on a new album. Two of the songs that will appear on it, are Monster and Superhero.

The new Jet Circus album Look At Death Now will be released on March 31st. It will be a mix of pop, metal, rap and melodic vocals.

And Rex Carroll and Scott Wenzel have teamed up once again to record a new Whitecross album.

CL Productions will release the new Undish album this month. The Gift Of Flying will be their third album. You can download one song from the CL Productions website.


Friday February 25th 2005

Metal Blade Records will release the new Jacobs Dream album on May 2nd. The record is called Drama Of The Ages and besides the new singer Chaz Bond, the band is back to its original members. Jacobs Dream will also play the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio, USA, the site were Dimebag Darrel (formerly of Pantera) was killed. This show will be a benefit for the victims of that night.

Daryn Hinton Management has asked the members of Holy Soldier to perform a reunion benefit show for the people who organized the fateful Revolution Fest in Mexico City. When this show will take place, isn't yet sure, but it will feature all original members from the band's debut album.

The Juliana Theory have almost completed their new album. The disc will be entitled City Of Champions.


Rotting Records is releasing the Underground Rot Compilation 2. This edition is limited to 1,000 copies. The album contains extreme metal from mostly Latin American countries. Bands included are: Divine Symphony, Poems Of Shadow, Nocturnal Faith, Mercy, and others.

The rock band Liberty n' Justice is working on a new all-star CD called Soundtrack Of A Soul. Already Jamie Rowe, Dale Thompson, Scott Wenzel, Ted Poley, Leif Garrett and Russell Arcara have been announced as singers for this album.

And some other news, Brian Welch has left Korn, the band he was a founding member of. According to MTV, Welch has rededicated his life to Christianity and will be dedicating his musical pursuits to that end.


Friday February 18th 2005

Stryper almost finished their new studio album. The final mix of the album will be done in the second week of March. The record will probably contain eleven tracks. According to the band, the music is a perfect cross between heavy, edgy and melodic. There are solos, lots and lots of guitars, heavy drums, excellent bass and lots of vocals! It's supposed to be the best Stryper release to date.

Stryper singer Michael Sweet has a small role in a film that David Wall is directing. Wall also did the movie called Joe And Joe. Michael's wife Kyle has been hired as the make-up artist for the film that will be shot on Cape Cod, USA. She used to do make-up for a number of films, including Terminator, Teen Wolf and Night Of The Creeps.

Three days ago, Random Eyes released their debut album Eyes Ablaze in Japan. The Japanese version also includes a never before released track called Love Me Tonight.

Victory Records signed Sinai Beach. A sampler containing two new songs will be out on April 19th.

The UK hard rock act Stairway won the first round of the Metal Faction Radio Vote. There will be an update posted on the band's website when the next round will be. Rumors say that Stairway will also play a label showcase this month...!

The new Symphony In Peril album The Whores Trophy is available at stores now. The Whores Trophy was recorded at Trax East Studios in New Jersey (Hatebreed, God Forbid, A Perfect Murder, Everytime I Die). There's also a two song E-card available.

Bloodlined Calligraphy finished their debut album They Want You Silent. The record will be released on April 26th.

Nodes Of Ranvier are back in the studio to record their third album. It will be called The Years To Come. Expect this record to be out in June.

Death metal band Renascent will enter The Panic room studio outside Skara in Sweden on March 14th. They will record their first full-length.

Next week Comeback Kid will release their new album. The disc is called Wake The Dead and it will contain eleven songs. You can listen to the title track on PureVolume.


Friday February 11th 2005


Extol will release The Blueprint Dives this month. The release party will be at the SubScene in Oslo on February 17th. It will also be the start of a European tour with Mastodon and Dozer, including dates in Holland, Germany and Belgium. Check the concerts page for details.

Rob Rock will release his third album on April 4th. The album is called Holy Hell and it will be released by AFM Records. Rob Rock and his band will be on a European tour in March/April.

Pillar is writing new songs. They hope to record the album next winter though. However, the band will also release a DVD this spring.

Fear Dark will release the new Kekal album Acidity this month. Other releases are the new Slechtvalk album (At The Dawn Of War) and the Slechtvalk DVD (Upon The Fields Of Battle). Slechtvalk also found a new session guitarist, named Seraph. He'll be with the band during the At The Dawn Of War tour.

And Fear Dark band Immortal Souls is working on new songs for their next album. Expect this record late 2005. However, right before the summer Fear Dark will release Once Upon A Time In The North. This disc features some of the older work of Immortal Souls, plus two new songs.

Death metal band Doulos from Equador is looking for a new drummer. If you are interested, contact them via: doulos_deathbrutal@hotmail.com.

On February 26th Stavesacre will have the release show for the Live From Dallas DVD. The release show will take place in ... Dallas.

Life In Your Way is recording a new CD for Indianola Records. They put a demo MP3 of the song Evident on their media page.

Blindside is finishing their first DVD. And there are talks of a new tour and some other developments...

Thousand Foot Krutch is back in the studio recording songs for the next album. This disc will be entitled The Art Of Breaking. Expect the album in late June or early July.


Friday February 4th 2005

The Awakening are currently working on a new album. This will be their eighth studio album. Band leader Ashton Nyte describes the future release as the next logical step for The Awakening. The new album is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2005 and is as yet untitled.

You can also download a new and previously unreleased song from The Awakening on their website. The song is called The Sedative. And later this year the band will embark on a European tour.

Thy Majestie won't play the Fear Dark Festivals in March. However, the band will be replaced by Random Eyes from Finland.

For The Day Of Redemption is an intense hardcore band from Belgium/France. They are looking for possibilities for live shows at the moment.

Threshold is going to release a new fan club CD. This album will feature a live set recorded during the Subsurface tour in Europe last year.

The members of P.O.D. were presented a plaque just before Christmas. This plaque represents the sales of over 1.3 million copies of Payable Of Death worldwide.


Here's some Brazilian & South American news, collected by Flávio de Souza and Rosemari de Melo Souza from Metal Mission Magazine:

Fatal Mistake is an album coming up from Shining Star, a project of guitarist Fabio Rocha. It will be out in the first semester of this year through Avantage Records. The record will also contain two unedited songs featuring Lance King (formerly of Balance Of Power) as vocalist. Avantage Records will also bring out the instrumental album of Shining Star drummer Juliano Collombo called Fire.

Delohim is a Brazilian melodic metal band started in 1998. The band now offers to e-mail two songs in MP3 format to anyone interested. One of the songs is Lord's Day, one of their own compositions, the other one is a live rendition of To Hell With The Devil from Stryper. You can e-mail Delohim through: metaldelohim@yahoo.com.br

The black metal band Eternus released their demo CD War Declaration with five songs. The band can be contacted through eternus_vox@hotmail.com

Hardcore band Atonement is back together and will release a new album soon.

Another hardcore band from Brazil is Enciende. Chain Recordings will release the band's first album called Mãos Adestradas Para Guerra.

Alerta Records is a new label in Brazil. The first release is from death metal band Postmorten.

Stratiotes is a new melodic metal band from Brazil.

And Shaphal is working on material for their next CD. They hope to release this disc later this year.

The German power metal band Seventh Avenue is currently on tour in South America. Their Brazilian record company Megahard Records recorded for a live CD and a live DVD in São Paulo.

A new Brazilian band is Necromorf. Thei musical direction is death/thrash metal.

Another new band is Arnion. They play thrash metal. They are recording ten songs for their first CD.

Gothic band Eternal Saviour has a new website.

Metal Mission Magazine released another Brazilian Collection, volume III. The bands on this compilation are: Heaven Cavalry, Sceptrum, Amos, Kerix, Stractum Force, Lux Salutis, Metal Live, Overture, Clean Heart, Juliano Collombo and Slave.

Extreme Records have three new releases coming up: Neversatan (Symphonic doom metal), Berith (black metal) and Moriah (doom metal).

Trino has been working on a new album. The CD will be out in April or May.

Divine Symphony released their debut Reject Darkness. The album contains nine black metal songs.

The Brazilian band Serenade In Darkness is working on material for their next CD.

Sarcross is releasing their album In Hell Compact.

Soul Hunter are recording a new album.

Margorium has released a self titled debut EP. This disc also contains a cover of a song from Horde.

Stauros is on a break.

On March 25th and 26th the Metanoia Festival will be held in Vitoria, Brazil. The bands that will appear at the festival are: (on Friday March 25th) Skatos, Done, Imperfection, Unigênito, Enciende, Renúncia, Zive, Saint Spirit, Postmortem, Skymetal, Harpazo, Baraque's Lord and Divine Symphony. (on Saturday March 26th) Hasta Cuando, Rabboni, Fogo Consumidor, Distarnish, Via Crucis, Trino, Dynasty, Sangue Inocente, Afronta, Sabbatariam, Implement, Death Poems.

Heavenly Host is going to record a new album.

The progressive metal band Lux Salutis now have their website. On it you can listen to songs from the Alea Lacta Est CD.

Thrash metal band Arcanjo is back in the studio. The new album will have twelve songs and it will be released independently.

Black metal band Azbuk released their EP Ancient Secrets Of The Bible.

Manifesta is the title of a five song CD of Levitânea. Musically it's heavy metal.