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News April/May 2006


Friday May 26th 2006

Define The Great Line is the new album from Underoath. It'll come out on June 20th. On Monday, however, the first song will air on PureVolume.com, starting at 11.59 PM EST/8.59 PM PST (Tuesday , 5.59 AM CET).

Magnitude 9 are writing their new CD. The band hopes to record it this year. According to keyboardist Joe Glean, the album might get done by the end of this year. But it's more likely to be a 2007 release.

Saint released their new album The Mark!

Threshold are currently working on material for a new studio album. They hope to start recording this summer.

Anberlin will be recording their next record within a couple of weeks.


Friday May 19th 2006

Balance Of Power is working on a new album. Tentative title for this new effort is Whispers In The Hurricane. Some of the songs that will appear on the record are: Beware The Children, The Last Riots and Chaotica.

You can listen to a song from the next Kekal album. The song is called Isolated and you can stream it from Myspace.com. The track is only available until July 2006.

The new album Space Between from Crushead will appear on June 30th.

In Finland the new Callisto album is out. The disc is called Noir and it contains eight tracks, including: Wormwood, Latterday Saint, Pathos and Woven Hands. You can listen to two of the songs on MySpace.com. News about the international release of Noir will follow.

On the website of Seventh Avenue you can now watch their video for Future Tale (56.43 MB).


Friday May 12th 2006

The South African band The Awakening has inked a deal with Massacre Records. Through this German company they will release their new album Razor Burn. Expect this record to be out in September!

Fort Knox Amsterdam will release an EP this summer. The disc will probably contain eight songs. Title of the EP is Wake Up.

The new Pillar album will see the light of day in October.

Bombworks Records released tracks from the three new bands on their roster. You can download songs from Adiastasia, Azmaveth and Tortured Conscience on the downloads page. Also a track from The Souls Unrest was recently added.


Friday May 5th 2006

The new release from Blissed titled Corrosive is now available online and will be available in stores May 20th. Interestingly, the band filmed a music video for their first single Superhero, but also five more music videos! The filming schedule took the band through 19 locations in 5 cities!  A second filming schedule will take care of the remaining songs. In other words, every track on the CD Corrosive will have a music video! There are also plans to tour relentlessly in support of the new album.

Bombworks Records announced the signing of three bands. The first band is Adiastasia from Brazil. This band plays power metal in the vein of bands like Helloween and Gamma Ray. Their debut album will be entitled Life War and will contain eleven tracks. Another Latin American band that joined the Bombworks Records roster, is Azmaveth from Puerto Rico. They play a combination of death, black, and thrash metal with their Hispanic roots. Their debut album is Strong As Death and it contains thirteen tracks. And the third band is the Californian death metal band Tortured Conscience. This formation released several demos over the years. Now they will be releasing their first full length album Every Knee Shall Bow. One of the tracks on this disc is a cover version of Crucify, originally from Bloodgood.

The Norwegian band Drottnar released Welterwerk, their debut full-length album.

Transfigural Form released all their songs on the internet. They are free to download!


MeWithoutYou have just finished recording their new album.

On MetalBlade.de you can see the videoclip for the song The Darkest Nights from As I Lay Dying.


Friday April 28th 2006

The new album from Evanescence will be entitled The Open Door. This record will be released on October 3rd. The Open Door was recorded in Los Angeles at The Record Plant with producer Dave Fortman. Singer Amy Lee: "The making of this record has been really intense, but I've come out feeling purified. I've grown so much since Fallen, and Terry (Balsamo, guitarist) is the perfect writing partner -- I feel like I've been lifted up to a whole new level of inspiration and possibilities. After all the things we've seen over the past couple of years, beautiful and tragic, in the end I'm really grateful. It has made us create music I could not be more in love with."


Friday April 21st 2006

Blissed is about to release their new album. Title of the disc is Corrosive and it will see the light of day next month! Blissed will also shoot two videos.

Michael Sweet will release a new solo album. This record is called Him and it will be out on August 1st.

Eden In Ruins and Transfigural Form have new internet pages up, with all songs and everything you ever wanted! Check it all out here.

On May 3rd Pillar will be playing a show in Knoxville, Tennessee. This show will be recorded and will be released in some form later on this year.

Whitecross has started writing music for a new album. Word has it that it's relatively heavy. Whitecross is now also on Purevolume. You can listen to the re-recorded songs Enough Is Enough and Signs Of The End.

You can also listen to material from Underoath. This formation will release their new album Define The Great Line on June 20th. On Purevolume you can get a taste of what you can expect from Underoath.


Friday April 14th 2006

Bombworks Records will release the new Angel 7 album Black And White. Angel 7 is a Ukranian band, also known as 7th Angel (not to be messed up with Seventh Angel, the former British band). Angel 7 plays a mix of speedy technical power metal and death metal. Expect Black And White in summer 2006.

Anberlin has sold over 100,000 albums of their latest album Never Take Friendship Personal!

The Swedish hardcore punk band Soapbox have a new album out. The record is called This Fragile Journey.

Pillar is still busy working on their new album. Singer Rob recorded vocals for enough songs to release a record, but the band will do some more. Currently Pillar is getting ready for the Warriors II tour with POD, The Chariot and Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster. The band will play two of their new songs on this tour.


Friday April 7th 2006

Crushead is currently recording their new album for Gerth Media. There will be twelve songs on the record, including a cover version of a song from Bride and the video to their song Yes! The album is recorded in Stuttgart at the Tin Roof Studio by Tobias Kurrle who also worked on the previous album. The mix will be done by Klaus Scharff and Ralph Quick (H-Blockx, Subway To Sally). Expect the record out on June 30th.

Stairway is currently talking with a few labels for the release of their new album. The CD will be called The Other Side Of Midnight and they hope to have it out as soon as possible!

Guideline Records is planning to release a DVD, but are in need of live footage. If you have videotaped any liveshow of a Guideline band in the past couple of month, get in touch with the label, at office@guideline-records.com.

The Norwegian black metal band Drottnar will finally release their new CD on Endtime Production. Expect this disc out in late April/early May.

Also the Norwegian black metallers of Frosthardr are up to something! They will enter the studio this year for possibly a full-length!

Tourniquet is waking up from a long hibernation period. They are in the final editing phase of the Live At Bobfest DVD. Drummer Ted Kirkpatrick finished up writing songs for the next album as well. Tourniquet also announced a new live date. And more will follow.

40% is done of the next Rick Ray album. Expect another progressive rock highlight.

The Finnish metal band Venia is working hard on new songs. They hope to release a full-length album in 2007.

The guys in Sacrificium are busier than ever. As a band they are working on collecting ideas and riffs for some new songs.  The members in the band are also participating with other bands. Singer Claudio joined Massacre Records band My Darkest Hate as their new vocalist. Guitarist Oliver started playing in a band called Sorted, who plays hardcore/alternative stuff. And bassist Samuel is in a formation called Karsten In Flames (grunge/rock/punk/alternative).

Jan Wisselink, formerly of Crestfall and Melisend, is working on a death metal project. For this project he's looking for someone who is able to deliver vocals and is willing to write lyrics. Musically the project is late eighties/early nineties styled death metal. You can download some material at Soundclick. Are you interested? Mail Jan at: jwisselink@hotmail.com.

Some news about the Silent Planet Fest. This American prog festival only has a capacity of 500 attendees! So, be quick with buying your tickets for this event. For every advance ticket sold, you will get a free Silent Planet CD Sampler as well.

The Silent Planet Fest will be held on Saturday June 10th, at Hughesville Camp, 199 Race Street, Hughesville, Pennsylvania, USA. The bands on the roster are: Jacob's Dream, Blissed, Rivera/Bomma, Orphan Project, Revelation Project and Trinity FSG. There will also be appearances from Phoenix and Madmen & Dreamers. Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the gate. 

Today Forever announced they will be touring Europe with Alove For Enemies in August. If you want to book a show, contact Avocado Booking.