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News April/May 2007


Friday May 25th 2007

Immortal Souls moved to a new label. The Finnish metal band released a few albums through the Dutch label Fear Dark. Now they've signed with Dark Balance, also from the Netherlands. Dark Balance is a new label and Immortal Soul's Wintereich will be their second release. The album will be out on June 1st. The track list of the album: Nightfrost, Fearreaper, Frozen Inside, Icon Of Ice, Color Of My Sky, Constant, Idlestate, Heart Of Cold, Winter Of My Discontent, Black Water, Wintereich.

As I Lay Dying announced the title for their next album: An Ocean Between Us. This record will be the follow-up to the successful Shadows Are Security. An Ocean Between Us was recorded at the home studio of vocalist Tim Lambesis. Some of the songs on the album are: Separation, Nothing Left, Within Destruction and the title track An Ocean Between Us.

Sympathy will start recording at the Touchwood Studios in July. The band will record ten songs that clock in around 45 minutes. The album will be called Iscariot Aspect and it should be finished by August.

Ulterium Records from Sweden have inked a deal with Nightmare Records for the North American release of Carved In Stone. This album was recorded by the Norwegian metal band Grand Lux. Nightmare Records will bring it out on June 6th.

The Danish metalcore band Barricades released their debut full-length Blood Combines.

The Dutch rock/ska/punk/metal band Fort Knox Amsterdam have a new vocalist and a drummer. The new drummer is named Chrisis. He took over the sticks from Bam Bam. The new singer is Roger D, who will be sharing the vocal duties with G-Doc. Also a new bassist is expected to replace Peeh. His name is I-Vo.

The Brazilian metal band Sabbatariam released a new EP. This EP contains two covers, one from Tourniquet, and the other from Trouble. The EP also contains a tribute to Sentido Oposto. You can download this material from the band's website.


Friday May 18th 2007

First of all, Art For The Ears has opened a myspace page! Right now you can listen to an old interview with Shamgar (Slechtvalk), but this is in the Dutch language only! Art For The Ears is also looking for friends, so come up with your requests!! :)

Circus Dawn played their final show on April 20th. After the decision of Ricky to leave the band to pursue a career in teaching in November, Circus Dawn slowly fell apart. Chris decided to focus on building up his recording studio, while Tyler joined the band Made Avail. This left only Colin and Mark in the band. They choose to end Circus Dawn.

Random Eyes seems to have almost finished their new record. This disc is called Invisible and is the follow-up to Eyes Ablaze. Now Random Eyes also has a new line-up, without female singer Katya. You can download new material from the band's myspace page.

Soundscape opened their website. Soundscape is a progressive rock/metal band featuring Jason De Ron, Kenny Cheong and Jayson Sherlock. The band is working on their debut album.

Hardcore band Seventh Star is back in the Godcity Studios to record The Undisputed Truth. Expect this CD out in June. Facedown Records will release it with a bonus DVD.

Sacrificium is one of the bands who is recording a song for an upcoming Johnny Cash tribute compilation. Open Grave Records will release this CD.

Sacrificium singer Claudio also has a new project called Thy Bleeding Skies, featuring J-J of Deuteronomium.

Kekal released their new album The Habit Of Fire. You can now stream the entire album on the Open Grave Records website (only for a short period of time). Open Grave Records released The Habit Of Fire for the American market. Whirlwind Records released it for the European market.

The Australian black metal band Synnove will enter the studio in July. They will record their first full-length album.

The progressive rock and metal band Picture Of The Moon have a new lead guitarist. His name is Alex Rosenhof.   The release date of their new EP Ageless Day is set for June 1st and it will be released by Dark Balance.

The Brazilian label Silent Music will re-release Purification from Crimson Thorn. The re-release will contain five bonus tracks (three live tracks plus two songs from their Plagued demo).

Last week you could read here about two new Dutch bands. Metal freaks should also check out Chris. He's a solo artist who recorded some black/doomish metal. Another promising band plays rock music with Living Colour influences: Zenith Of Abolition. This band has quite a few concerts coming up, and they're working on a demo.


Friday May 11th 2007

Great news: Art For The Ears is improved! The design may look the same, but the site went through a cleaning up. What has changed?

1 There's a new domain name: www.artfortheears.nl , so update your bookmarks!

2 The frontpage now also has the news, instead of a seperate news page.

3 On the frontpage you can see the latest reviews as well.

4 All interviews done by Art For The Ears, are now on the same server, rather than on four different servers!

5 All links pages were revised. All links were checked and dead links removed. Also some new links were added. It may be worth your while to check out the mp3-links page. You'll find a lot of music to listen to (often myspace and purevolume pages).

Now to the rest of the news:

Late-minute news from the Fear Dark festivals. Immortal Souls had to cancel their appearances due to medical reasons. For the three festivals in The Netherlands, the band is replaced by none other than Drottnar, Norwegian black metal extraordinaire! For the German and the Swiss Fear Dark festivals, Immortal Souls is replaced by World To Ashes, German death metal. For the Swiss Fear Dark festival the line-up changed even more. Eluveitie had to cancel. They're replaced by Ever Since!

Die-hard Stryper fans have a new CD to look out for. Fifty Three Five Records will release the original demo recordings of Stryper when they were known under the moniker of Roxx Regime. This CD will include: From Wrong To Right, My Love I'll Always Show (original rock version), Loud 'n Clear, You Know What To Do, You Won't Be Lonely, Co'mon Rock, Tank (Robert Sweet drum solo) and Honestly (original demo version). Roxx Regime recorded these songs in 1983.

The long wait is almost over. The new Torman Maxt album is almost ready. The Problem Of Pain should be ready by the end of the month!

Soapbox have finished new material. On their Myspace website you can listen to Sanity Is Nowhere To Be Found. 

Deuteronomium is back! They hope to release a live DVD in the summer. Expect their good ole death 'n roll!

Melodic metal band Stairway will play the Rock Of Ages Fest in Tamworth, UK, in September. Other bands appearing on this festival are Girlschool, Dante Fox, Blaze Bayley, Sacred Heart and others. This festival will raise money for cancer research!

If you wonder about Antestor... that's exactly what the band is doing at the moment as well. Antestor now only consists of Vrede and Vemod. They have enough material for another album, but are uncertain as to the future.

Global Warning is the pre-production stage for a new album.

Monty Colvin (formerly of the Galactic Cowboys) has almost finished his new Crunchy album. According to him this will be a return to the heavier sound of the past.

The German hardcore band Today Forever is writing songs for their next full-length record. They hope to enter the studio late summer.

Hard rock fans may have wondered about Tower. This band released their debut some years ago and nothing was heard from them since. Now the band of former Joshua singer Jerry Gabriel will return with a new CD.

Bombworks Records will release the demos from the Indonesian black metal band Bealiah on CD. Expect this album out on September 11th!

MxPx's new album Secret Weapon will appear on July 17th. You can now listen to the title track on their myspace website.

There are two promising bands emerging from the Dutch scene. First of all Organic Matter. This band combines death metal with black. You can download one of their songs from myspace. The other band is Docile, a death metal band with black metal vocals from the Zwolle area. On their myspace page you can listen to four songs. They come from their demo Babylon Ablaze. You can also see Docile live, on May 19th. They'll appear on the Mystage Fest, in Iduna, Drachten, Holland. Entrance is four euro.


Friday May 4th 2007

The Brazilian gothic metal band Amos is working on a new album. There are also plans for a tour in Japan. Interestingly, you can now download the Lost Essence EP for free! This EP contains three songs: Lost Essence, Strange Loves and Waiting For The Night. You can also download the artwork as a zip file.

Sad news for the fans of Slechtvalk. Bassist Nath has decided to leave the band.

Open Grave Records released their Sounds From The Grave Volume II sampler for free. You can download this as a zip file. The sampler includes a song from the new Kekal album, as well as Feast Eternal and the German death metal formation A.W.A.S. The last band just released their record Hope on Open Grave Records.

Metalcore band Aletheian has signed to Ironclad Recordings. This is a sub-label of Metal Blade Records.

Blissed has returned to the studio to work on a new CD. In the meanwhile the band is still promoting the Corrosive album.

Spitfire is writing songs for their next record. This will be the follow-up to Self Help (2006). The actual recording will start in July with Eric Rachel at the Trax East studio.

The rock band Braquet from the Faroer Islands hopes to work on a new album. Unfortunately, their American tour left them with some debts. At the moment they are looking for a label to have some proper back-up. Keep fingers crossed for these talented guys!

The new 12 Stones album will be called Anthem For The Underdog. It comes out this summer. You can listen to a sneak peek of the first single Lie To Me on myspace.com.


Friday April 27th 2007

As you may know, Selfmindead broke up in 2003. Now you have a unique chance to see them live again. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Subscene in Oslo, Norway, the boys will reunite for one last concert. This event will take place on June 9th. Selfmindead fans should also check out the DVD that Sally Forth Records will release. This DVD is called Ten and will have some unreleased Selfmindead footage, recorded in Norway and The Netherlands. This DVD includes a song that has never been released before!

The Spirit That Guides Us will release their new DVD, We Are Under Reconstruction, Part II. To support the release, the band will tour The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in May and June.

On the Bombworks Records website you can download Lake Of Fire, Wake Of Souls. This is one of the tracks on the upcoming Common Yet Forbidden album The Struggle. Expect deathy thrash metal. The Struggle will be out on June 26th.

Another band on the Bombworks Records roster, is Azmaveth. Their album Strong As Death will come out on August 7th. Azmaveth mixes black, death, thrash with their Hispanic roots.

The legendary melodic metal band Mass will re-release New Birth. This was their second record that originally came out in 1985. The re-release will include a previously unreleased track. Mass will also release a new album, called Crack Of Dawn. This disc will be out on June 25th. Crack Of Dawn was produced by Martin Kronlund and features the following songs: 1. It's You 2. Crack Of Dawn 3. Someday 4. Empty Soul 5. Hello 6. Magic Train 7. Monkey Brain 8. Sweet Lady Jane 9. Seven Days (Bonus Track) 10. Leaving You 11. Castle 12. Who Am I.

Stavesacre is working on their new record. This time they are working again with Jeff Bellew who rejoined the band. Stavesacre hopes to start recording in the summer.

This Beautiful Mess is also heading back to the studio. The Dutch rock band will record new songs in May and June.

The Hot Stewards presented their debut album on Friday 13th. This record is called Cover Up and is filled with eleven covers with dirty rock 'n roll. Listen to the band on their myspace.com page.


Friday April 20th 2007

Rival Factions is the title for the new Project 86 album. This disc comes out on June 19th. The band already aired the track Evil (A Chorus Of Resistance) on their myspace website.

As I Lay Dying will play the Wacken Open Air festival this year. You can see them at the Hellfest Stage on August 2nd.

MxPx will release their new album Secret Weapon on July 17th.

On the Bombworks Records website you can download three tracks from three different, upcoming albums. First of all you can download The Dying Things We´re Living For, from the new My Silent Wake album Anatomy Of Melancholy. The second song is Cutthroat from the band Hope Has Failed Us. This comes from their debut album Epitaphs And Eulogies. Expect the album out on June 4th. The third track is Well Tried Faith, from Holy Blood´s new record The Patriot.


Friday April 13th 2007

The guys from the German hardcore band Opposition Of One are about to release a new album. The record is called Screaming Without Lungs and will appear through Guideline Records. On their myspace website you can listen to a track from the new album. Screaming Without Lungs will be out on May 8th.

Saphena is writing new music and hopes to record the material late 2007. Expect the follow-up to Das Leben Wird Zu Glas in 2008!

Silence The Foe will release their debut full length on May 8th as well. This is the record called Shaking Hallelujah. You can find the German version of the video for the song I Killed The Last Punk on myspace.

Crimson Moonlight released their new EP In Depths Of Dreams Unconscious. Expect furious black metal.

Another black metal band has a new record out: Frosthardr. Their new disc is also an EP, called Varg. It's released by Momentum Scandinavia. This disc is limited to 850 copies, so be quick for this thrashing black metal release.

Rock band 12 Stones are working hard on a new album. The group hopes to have it out this year.


Friday April 6th 2007

The UK band Fire Fly has come to an end. According to the band members they've done what they had set out to do and now it's time to move on. However, Fire Fly will do one final gig next month. Ben, Scott, Mark and Simon will also launch a new project called Exoria. This may be interesting if you liked the more progressive, intense and experimental elements of Fire Fly.

As I Lay Dying has started recording their new album.

Kekal released their new album The Habit Of Fire. You can download the song Isolated I. Read more details here.

Some weeks ago you could read in this column that Picture Of The Moon will release a new EP called Ageless Day. This disc will be released by a new label: Dark Balance. Release date of the EP is set on the 1st of June. On April 14th Picture Of The Moon will present their EP in Atak, Enschede. You can listen to the title track on the band's website and on MySpace.

This summer Jacobs Dream will finally release their new album called Dominion Of Darkness. They are working hard every weekend to finish the record. This is the track listing: Demon World, Embraced By Sorrow, Cant Break The Fall, Don't Talk To Me About Love, J.L.K, Dark Alliance, Angry Day, Awaken The Man, Violent Kingdom, End Of Days, Curse Of Antikithera and Mercy Killing.

22 years ago Mass released their album New Birth. This record is released on CD now. The album also contains a previously unreleased song called Endless Thoughts. New Birth is released by Retrospect Records.

Theocracy announced the title for their next album: Skeletor Goes To Mars. Expect a record with twelve songs. It will appear in the summer.

Also Rob Rock is working hard on his next solo album. The disc is entitled Garden Of Chaos and it will be released by AFM Records worldwide and JVC/Victor Entertainment for the Asian market later this year.


You can find older news in the Archives