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News August/September 2000


Friday September 29th 2000

Producer for Gryp's upcoming EP release is Stoker. He has worked with artists such as Sting, Ice Cube and The Prodigy. There is currently no release date.

Society's Finest are in the process of writing new songs and start
recording for a split full length on Goodfellow Records as part of "he Difference Between Us series.

Chris from Born Blind has left the band to pursue other things. The band is currently auditioning a new bass player and adding a second guitar player.

The guys in Lengsel are currently working on new material as well as completing their line up.


Friday September 22nd 2000

Farmclub.com, an American Internet show has a contest where bands can be voted in to played and maybe appear on their show. One of the bands participating is Cough. If you want to vote for them, go here!

Michael Sweet and Restless Records have decided to delay the release of Truth. Explanation given for this extra delay is that the original release date of October 10th was an unhappy one as there are over 350 other mainstream releases that month. To avoid that the record gets lost in the shuffle the release will be later. Good news from the Michael Sweet camp is that there are some shows being confirmed for November/December and there will be a tour next year.

Rob Rock, one of the most distinct voices of the rock scene is releasing his solo debut Rage Of Creation via Massacre Records on October 20th, on which the former Impellitteri and M.A.R.S. frontman is presenting himself in top form and is serving eleven songs of high class melodic powermetal.

The New Bride CD, Fist Full Of Bees is coming. It is important for Absolute Records, Bride, and their producer Plinky Giglio, to produce and release the very best Bride CD of all times. Bride is actually still working on the project:
"We realize this has been a long time coming but we know this extended work
will make the CD well worth the wait." The actual release date has been moved to January 2001.

Selfmindead is currently writing new material for their third record. There will be a European tour this Fall and Winter.

Disciple's By God is ready containing 22 songs and 78 minutes of heaviness. By God is the follow-up to This Might Sting A Little, which earned two
nominations each from the Inspiration Life 2000 and the Dove Awards.

Here's a bit of old news: Rowe Productions announced the signing of Biogenesis. According to the record label you will hear musical influences from Tourniquet, Deliverance and even Saviour Machine as well as a healthy dose of growling death metal. Look for their full length album in the spring. A five song EP will soon be available through Rowe Productions.


Friday September 15th 2000

Gnashing Of Teeth has been spending some time on some new material for the next album.  They hope to have some of the new material ready for their upcoming shows.

Antithesis will be headed into the studio October 16-25 to lay tracks
for (and hopefully finish) their new CD.The album, Dying For Life, will not be ready for release until after February 2001. Antithesis is also planning on releasing a full-length (approximately 120 minutes) video with clips and live performances from the past 2 years. If all goes well, they will also have a professionally done video for Netherworld included on the tape.


Friday September 8th 2000

Mortification is staying busy with working on their new album. They have finished up the tracking and are now mixing and mastering. The title of the early 2001 release is The Silver Cord Is Severed. Steve Rowe: "The Silver Cord Is Severed is again a reinvention of our combination of extreme metal sounds.Our new drummer, Adam Zaffarese, joined the band when he was just 15 years old, which makes him 20 years younger than me. He has been playing drums for 10 years.    Kate and I used to look after him and his little brothers when he was my son's age. He was playing drums back then.  He is the eldest son of Rosanna's Raiders drummer Johno Zaffarese.  Rosanna's Raiders was signed to Refuge/Pure Metal at the same time my old band Lightforce was in the late 80's. I started playing Christian metal when Adam was born."  In June, July and August of next year the bands hopes to tour the world, going from Australia to South Africa, Europe, USA and South America. It will be ten weeks on tour doing fifty shows.

There are some releases coming up from Rowe Productions. Look out for reissues of Mortification's Break the Curse 1990, Lightforce 1986 To1989, Biogenesis debut album The Mark Bleeds Through, Ubiquitous debut album and Southern Extremities, the Brazilian Metal Compilation!

The European release date for Rob Rock's solo album Rage Of Creation is November 13th 2000. The record is taken up by Massacre Records.

The rumors are indeed not true. Zao is still together. In a matter of weeks the band will enter to studio to record their follow up of Liberate Te Ex Inferis. They also plan a small tour in October.

Kris McCaddon, one of Embodyment's guitar players, recently left the band to pursue a graphic design job in Los Angeles, USA.

MP3.com and Metal Blade Records USA have joined forces to launch Metal Search 2000, the first-of-its-kind online talent search that will award one hard-working MP3.com metal artist a chance to join the roster of Metal Blade.    Artists will enter by submitting their artist page to be judged by the Metal Blade A&R staff in four categories: Creativity, Originality, Presentation and Marketing. Detailed descriptions of these categories can be found in the Official Rules. The categories of Creativity and Originality are as straight forward as they sound. Your Presentation will be judged on the grounds of
creative use and design of your Artist page. The category of Marketing, or
self-promotion skills, will be gauged by polls, charts and message board
activity.We will be posting two finalists each week on the Metal Search 2000
Contest page, where fans and the MP3.com metal community can vote on their
current favorite. So, if indeed you think you have what it takes (and more
importantly you can get others to agree with you), this is the golden opportunity
you've been looking for. To be eligible to win, you must have at least one song
listed in a metal subgenre and all members of the band must be over 18 and live in the United States or Canada, excluding Quebec.

Further Seems Forever is in the studio with James Wisner putting their Tooth & Nail debut to tape. Look for that album in the first quarter of 2001.

Blenderhead is recording their 3rd album Figureheads On The Forefront Of Pop Culture starting September 30th with Kip Beelman (Damien Jurado, Unwound) at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle. That record will hit stores on December 5th 2000.

Other upcoming Tooth & Nail releases are: Element 101 - Stereo Girl; The Dingees - Work For The Crucial Conspiracy; Craig's Brother - Glory; The Deluxtone Rockets - Green Room Blues; Puller - What's Mine At Twilight. The internet only release of Ninety Pound Wuss' Hierarchy Of Snakes live album will probably be before year's end.

The Dutch atmospheric doom metal band Morphia is still look for a singer. If you have a nice grunt, contact them.

Stavesacre has been confirmed to perform at the industry party for Action Sports Retailing's trade show in Atlantic City, USA on September
20th. The industry party will feature roughly 500 of the most prominent
product manufacturers and retailers in the business. The event will take place at
the Rock Bar at 6:00 PM, and is being sponsored by Volcom Entertainment in
conjunction with the ASR Trade Expo.  More information can be found at ASR Biz


Friday September 1st 2000

Finally, the long-awaited CD version of Kekal's latest album Embrace The Dead is out now. As they only have few copies of this CD, they won't be placed in their merchandise list page on their web site. If you want to order a copy or more just drop them an e-mail and they will let you know more about it.The band is also been busy preparing the tracks that will be taken to their next CD project, the collection of their non-album tracks including their out-of-print 95/96 demo Contra Spiritualia Nequitiae, previously unreleased tracks, demo/rehearsal tracks, remixes, some newly recorded songs, and a cover song (probably from Trouble). The CD is planned to be released by the end of 2000 or early next year. The interesting part is that it will have industrial remixes (altered versions) of the three tracks from Embrace The Dead album, done by a well-respected Indonesian industrial/electronic rock band Koil. Kekal's guitarist Jeff is still working the production for his side band's (Excision) debut full-length album. The musical direction of his new material is nothing similar to Kekal. It's more mood-oriented rock/metal.

Born Blind have been throwing around the idea of getting a second guitar
player. If you're interested, contact the band.

Spoken will have a new record out in the stores on October 3rd 2000 entitled Echoes Of The Spirit Still Dwell. According to the band, this new record will bring Spoken to an all new level songwriting and a more developed sound.   Furthermore, they will be touring this fall with their new lablemates, Travail.   And also Travail will launch a new record. This album is titled Beautiful Loneliness and it will hit the stores on September 19th 2000.

US power metal upstarts Jacob's Dream have completed the writing process for their new record. The new album will be entitled Third Way. Tracks include Theater Of War, Critical Mass, Third Way, Sanctuary, Traces Of Grace, Magic Garden and Runda Pigs. Recording will begin after their tour of Europe with labelmates Armored Saint.

POD and crew flew to Los Angeles to start recording the lead track for Adam Sandler's new movie, Little Nicky. POD will record with ground-breaking producer Rick Rubin, known  for his work with Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Public Enemy, and Slayer. During the recording session, Adam Sandler is scheduled to come by and hang out with the boys.  Sandler is reportedly a huge fan of POD and was instrumental in getting them to record for his movie. Other news from POD. Their TRL campaign continues with a new goal stated as: "How great would it be for the Warrior voice to be
stamped in time in the MTV TRL Hall of Fame?!" A video makes the Hall of Fame by staying on the countdown for 12 weeks.  POD are less than 5 weeks away, but it will require the daily support of the fans to keep this going strong. So, if you want to help POD to keep Rock The Party on MTV's TRL and take POD to the TRL Hall of Fame by voting daily. Vote for Rock The Party through MTV. Click Play My Song and vote for their song. It's easy.

In the new Guitar World there's a twelve pages long article on Christian Rock. The thing is called: "Stryper be damned! POD, Project 86, Tourniquet and Atomic Opera are the new leaders of the Christian rock movement."

Now back in Denmark Glorybox is preparing themselfs to record some new songs.

Following the success of 1998's classic album Clone, Threshold are currently working on their fifth studio album due for release early in 2001. The album is expect to be around 60 minutes long containing nine songs, including The Rravages of Time, Light And Space, Oceanbound, Sheltering Sky, Long way Home, Keep My Head and Narcissus. The band line-up will be the same as on the 1999 European tour, namely Mac (vocals), Karl Groom (guitars), Nick Midson (guitars), Jon Jeary (bass), Richard West (keyboards) and Johanne James (drums). After four studio albums Threshold have now parted company with UK record label GEP Records. The band are currently talking to other labels and are confident of a positive announcement soon. The move away from GEP had been expected for a while, so that the new album could be released by a more prominent label with a stronger stance in the metal music market.


Friday August 25th 2000

Gryp is in the process of recording a new EP and will be taking the next
several months off of touring to complete it. 

Help Gryp play live on TV. Vote for Gryp on  the Farm Club. Go here and click on the red arrow that says Put This On TV.

You might wonder why it takes so long for Lightmare to release the anticipated follow-up of The Fool. As the band announced a new album last year it seems high time for a new recording to be released. However, vocalist Timon Schreiber has this to report about the current state of the band: "All members of Lightmare have found their interests in other things than the band. It´s a pity to say this but at this time my hope that Lightmare will go on has decreased to a minimum. Whatever, there´s still a little hope left, and if ever Lightmare stands up again it will be another Lightmare."

On 2nd of June Crestfall recorded four songs. The songs will be released on both CD and MP3. Crestfall is a Dutch progressive metal that started out as But Dust. They changed their name recently to Crestfall as some members of the band weren't happy with the old name. On the band's website you can hear some of their upcoming material.

MxPx's Want Ad is on the new Real World soundtrack (Hollywood Records).All the tracks were selected by the New Orleans cast members as songs and artists that had special meaning to them personally. The song was picked by XXXX, who on this last weeks episode mentioned that the first time he saw a low rider bicycle was in their video as he was unpacking his from a box.

At this moment Slechtvalk is still working on the artwork of the debut album Falconry. The release of this Dutch black metal project is expected on September 16th. The artwork was designed by Many Lehtinen of Deuteronomium. Fear Dark will be releasing Falconry. If you want to hear some sounds of the album, go here. Note however that this is a temporary site. A new site will be opened soon.

Midnight Orchestra just released its new album. Title is Digital Saviour. As you may know, Midnight Orchestra is the band of Mick Rowe, brother of Jamie Rowe of Guardian fame. Jamie and Mick were both part of metalband Tempest in the eighties.

As some of you already know, Rob Rock is out of Impellitteri. New singer for the band is Graham Bonnet. Graham sang for Impellitteri on the classic Stand In Line CD.

Sweden's Laudamus are writing new material for the next album. They  have started preproduction and contacted some producers. Three demos are already recorded.

Value Pac has a song on a new Refuge compilation CD. The Refuge is a non-profit organization in South Florida that feeds the homeless and puts on shows.The organization is currently looking for a new building. The compilation is a benefit CD to help out the Refuge and it includes tracks from Slick Shoes, Five Iron Frenzy, Smiley Kids plus others. To get all the info and order your copy go to Rebelbase Records.    Other Value Pac news: Drummer Jason Feltman is now the newest member of the band.  You may recognize Feltman from hitting the skins for other bands such as the Dingees, Fanmail and the Deluxtone Rockets among others. Value Pac's new album Incognito is available through Four Door only.

Nashville based booking agency Flipside Entertainment has begun working with Kaluboné Records artists Oil and Normandy.    The company is currently accepting bookings for both artists and can be contacted at (615) 884-8721 (Jason Fowler) or flipsideent@hotmail.com

Steel Prophet finished the recording of The Book Of The Dead. The band will tour in the weeks to come with Lefay, Stormhammer and Angel Dust in Europe.


Wednesday August 16th 2000

Due to computer problems I couldn't add news the last two weeks. But here's some news after all:

The new Narnia has been delayed due to computer problems too. The band will release their third CD in Japan in December and probably around February next year in Europe. Narnia also recorded their version of Uriah Heep's Sunrise for the Uriah Heep Tribute Album.

The band known as Supershine are ready to unleash their debut on September 12th 2000. In case you have forgotten, it features the vocals of King's X frontman Doug Pinnick and the unmistakable guitar prowess of Trouble’s Bruce Franklin.

Atomic Opera’s Frank Hart will be featured in an upcoming issue of GuitarPlayer on contemporary Christian metal.

Sickened is a new extreme deathmetal band which line-up includes Mitch Reese (guitarist of Oblation), Alan Tregoning (bassist of Oblation and owner of Cross Rhythms Music) and drummer Dave Campbell (drummer of Obliteration/Deathlist). The band  hopes to have a recording done by this summer which will be recorded at Premiere Studio, the place of Kirk Campbell (Eternal Decision).

Due to personal circumstances Manu Lehtinen of Little Rose Productions has been ordered a disability vacation. Since Manu Lehtinen is the only person working for Little Rose it means that future releases will probably be delayed.  If you want to order CD's through Little Rose Productions realize that it might take a little while longer than usual so it's recommended to wait till everything works in due order again. I'll keep you posted.

If you have been wondering how Stairway is doing: According to guitarist/vocalist Graeme Leslie the members are enjoying their vacations: "Upon all of our returns, we shall be getting down to some rehearsing and working on new material for the next Stairway album. Bleeding Heart is still creating interest in new places which is good news for the band and also for Hard Rock in general."


Friday August 4th 2000

The new Disciple CD is coming soon. The album By God will be released on September 20th. The band shot a video for the song Not Rockstars and will do a special 48 Hours On The Road With Disciple this weekend.