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News February/March 2011


Friday March 25th 2011

The Letter Black were in the Lakeside studios with producer Travis Wyrick. They've recorded three songs. Throughout 2011 the band will release three EP's filled with singles, remixes, music videos and some songs that were never released before. The first EP is out now. The CD is called Hanging On By A Thread Sessions, Volume 1. You can get this EP through iTunes and from the band at their shows.

The French metal band Betraying The Martyrs signed a deal with Listenable Records for the release of their debut album Breathe In Life. This label is also home to Gojira, The Red Shore, Aborted and more. Breathe In Life comes out at the end of May.

Here's a trailer to get an idea what this band is like:

Rammas Atas will release their debut album 'Til Life Do Us Part on April 27th. This album comes out through Bullroser Records and contains eleven songs of industrial/techno metal.

Becoming The Archetype put the second video blog on youtube, filmed during their recording sessions with producer Matt Goldman:

The band also published their third blog:

And Eowyn made a video blog:

Another new Believer track called Mindsteps is now up on the Metal Blade Records' website.


Friday March 18th 2011

It appears several videos on this page weren't working properly the last few months. Due to Youtube changing their embedded codes, these videos didn't work. Now the problem should be solved. Check out the ones you've missed last time.

The British metal band Threshold is working on a new album, to follow up Dead Reckoning. Expect the album out through Nuclear Blast Records later this year.

Threshold keyboardist Richard West has formed a new melodic rock band with his wife Farrah West as vocalist, Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation) as guitarist, Mark Zonder (Fates Warning) as drummer and Jerry Meehan (Robbie Williams) as bassist. The band is called League Of Lights and their debut album comes out on April 11th. According to League Of Lights the forthcoming album is laden with strong emotive hooks, soaring choruses and inspiring lyrics saturated in faith, hope and love. Listen to this video to hear some samples:

The Brazilian melodic power metal band Scelerata put a demotrack on their myspace profile. The song is called Rising Sun and it will appear on their third album.

Metalcore formation Onward To Olympas released their album The War Within Us. On myspace you can listen to a few songs.

Becoming The Archetype put another new song on myspace. It's called Internal Illumination and it comes from Celestial Completion (out on March 29th).


Friday March 11th 2011

Believer released the first single from their new album Transhuman. The single is called G.U.T. and here is it, enwrapped in a video:

The Weakening is recording some old and new songs for an upcoming album. According to the band, the songs will be extremely aggressive and brutal.

Project 86 is working on a DVD to celebrate their 15th anniversary. For this project they want your Project 86 memorabilia, such as concert tickets, flyers, posters, pictures and videos. The material the band chooses to use, will be credited on the final DVD.

Becoming The Archetype made a trailer to promote their new album Celestial Completion.

Rock band Emery is about to release their new album We Do What We Want (on March 29th). On myspace you can hear the new songs The Curse Of Perfect Days and The Cheval Glass.


Friday March 4th 2011

The new Believer album Transhuman will be released on April 8th/12th through Metal Blade Records. For the artwork the band worked with Michael Rosner and the Eye Level Studio, who did the Gabriel album. On the Metal Blade website there's a video showing how the cover art for the album was made. The track list for Transhuman is: Lie Awake, G.U.T., Multiverse, End Of Infinity, Transfection, Clean Room, Currents, Traveler, Ego Machine, Being No One, Entanglement and Mindsteps.

Stairway has around thirty songs ready for their next album. They will decide which ones will make it to the album and develop them further. If all goes well, the record will come out in late 2011 or early 2012. Dennis Ward will master the album.

Thy Bleeding Skies has left Dark Balance. Now they're signed to Whirlwind Records. This label will release Autumn Souls in April 2011.

My Silent Wake is writing new songs. Ian and Kate from the band are hoping to record soms acoustic songs and a full album later in the year. A compilation of live and rare material is planned for release on Dark Meadow in the summer.

With Shivering Hearts We Wait is the new campaign the Swedish band Blindside has launched. This appears to be the title for the new release which comes out on May 6th (underground release), and June 7th (worldwide release). Check out this video:

Intohimo is writing new material for their next album.

And Gideon released their debut album Costs.

Becoming The Archetype is publishing video blogs about the recording of their new album Celestial Completion with producer Matt Goldman. The first blog is about the recording of the drums and contains some dry humour.

Hope For The Dying have posted a new song titled Transcend on their facebook page from their upcoming album Dissimulation. This disc comes out on April 26th.


Friday February 25th 2011

In 66 days the new Eowyn album Beautiful Ashes comes out. On the Eowyn website you can listen to a couple of songs (choose the menu option 'music'), including the title track. Every monday Eowyn will reveal another song. In two weeks the artist will shoot a video for the title track. There's also an album trailer:

Hardcore band Social Suicide from Norway signed with Redfield Records for the release of their debut album Broken Pilgrims. This album comes out in Europe on April 15th. On that day the band will embark on a tour with Comeback Kid, Kvelertak, The Ghost Inside and Grave Maker.

Back Pocket Prophet finished their debut album 1:4. It comes out later this year, but as of now the band is still talking with various labels. Back Pocket Prophet was recently filmed in Switzerland for a documentary called Heavy Metal Disciples which will be aired on UK television later this year. Right now you can listen to the new song Last Supper on myspace.com.

Bassist Juhani left Finnish band Venia. Now the band is looking for a replacement.


Friday February 18th 2011

Last Tuesday Stryper finally released The Covering via Big3 Records. The album contains twelve covers plus a new Stryper song entitled God. This is the track list: Set Me Free (from The Sweet), Blackout (from The Scorpions), Heaven And Hell (from Black Sabbath), Lights Out (from UFO), Carry On Wayward Son (from Kansas), Highway Star (from Deep Purple), Shout It Out Loud (from Kiss) Over The Mountain (from Ozzy Osbourne), The Trooper (from Iron Maiden), Breaking The Law (from Judas Priest), On Fire (from Van Halen), Immigrant Song (from Led Zeppelin), and God.

The Covering also marks the return of original bassist Tim Gaines. Singer Michael Sweet has high hopes for what the future holds for Stryper: 'We're really excited about the future. We feel like the band is in the best spirits and the best place musically, spiritually, and physically speaking than we've ever been.'

To support The Covering Stryper is planning a world tour that begins in March. The first festival dates in Europe are booked for June.

The Chariot and MyChildren MyBride are visiting Europe for a tour in March. Here's a promotional video:

Becoming The Archetype put the new song The Magnetic Sky on facebook and myspace. The song comes from their upcoming album Celestial Completion which comes out on March 29th.

Soundmass signed Terraphobia for the release of their fifth album Evilution. The band was formed in 1985 by current Mortification guitarist Michael Jelinic. Since his joining Mortification, Terraphobia has lain dormant. Now he returns with Evilution with melodic thrash/death metal. On myspace you can hear the song Soldiers Of The New Millennium.

As They Sleep premiered their video for Oracle Of The Dead on Noisecreep. The song comes from their album Dynasty. The video contains violence...

The new Believer album comes out in the first half of April, through Metal Blade Records Europe. The album title and track list are yet to be revealed.


Friday February 11th 2011

Rock band Hawk Nelson has a new music video. It's for the song Crazy Love, which is also the title track from the new album that came out this week.

Enemy, the debut album from the Finnish band Fivestar Prophet, is brought out now  in the USA by Youngside Records.

In early February the German metalcore band Saphena shot a video which they will publish in the near future. Here's a documentary about the making of the video (the guys speak German):

The Letter Black published their video for the song Fire With Fire. The clip was shot in Houston, Texas, last August. They think this is their hottest video so far:

The Famine premiered their music video for Ad Mortem, one of the songs from the album The Architects Of Guilt (out on February 15th).


Friday February 4th 2011

On February 14th August Burns Red will enter the studio to record their fourth studio album. The band will work with Jason Suecof at his Audio Hammer Studios. Suecof also did the Constellations album, selling over 90,000 copies so far. The currently untitled album is set for release in the summer.

Steve Rowe of Mortification underwent eye surgery. It was a success. The day after the surgery he had 30/20 vision in his good eye. The eye is healing well. The success of the surgery means that he should be able to perform live without having to wear glasses.

On March 8th Solid State Records will release Death, A Destination. This is a triple-pack record featuring the first three Demon Hunter albums: Demon Hunter, Summer Of Darkness and The Triptych. For a complete track listing, visit the album page.

Believer has completed the mixing and mastering of their upcoming album. The mixing was done by Kevin Gutierrez from the Assembly Line Studios. Maor Appelbaum from Maor Appelbaum Mastering did the mastering process. The band: 'Sonically we're extremely happy with this album and can't wait for other people to hear it. We feel like this is a really strong and unique album in the Believer catalog and it's something we're definitely proud of.'

The Famine published another video blog:


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