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News December 2000/January 2001


Friday January 26th 2001

Tomorrow the Brainwave Festival will take place at the Evertshuis,  Spoorstraat 15, in Bodegraven, The Netherlands. The Evertshuis will open up their gates at 3:30 PM. Entrance fl 30,00. Schedule main-stage: 4-5PM Subatlantic Starfish; 5:25-6:25PM Jacks Of All Trades; 6:50-7:50PM Fire Fly; 8:15-9:15 Dilemma; 9:40-10:40 The Blamed; 11:05-12:05 Walnut Groove. On the Lounge Stage the first band will start at 4:45PM (Troy). Followed by Walnut Groove (6:10PM); Pneumatic (7:30PM); Swirl (9:00PM); Fire Fly (10:25PM). The band Sunday One will not appear due to personal circumstances.

POD and crew will fly to Park City, Utah this Saturday for a headline performance at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. The POD fans world-wide will be able to tune into this exclusive performance via a seven camera live Webcast. Go to: Entertaindom Saturday Night at 9:40PM Pacific Time. The Sundance Live Concert Series will also include performances by Radiohead and Everclear.

Further POD news. Sonny, Marcos, Traa and Wuv begun working on their new record on January 15th. The band entered a private rehearsal studio in San Diego, California, to begin working on their follow up to The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown. Rumor has it that the news POD record will see the light in June 2001.

The sales for Laceration Productions are very poor. They are finding it very difficult to get people purchase their releases from them. All the earned money from sales boils down to getting the funds to press another CD by a new band, and right now it's just not happening. In an attempt to grab the interest of possibly more people, labelhead John McGovern has decided to ask bands to submit songs to be on a Sampler CD-R, to be given away free with a purchase of a Laceration Productions release. It will not cost the bands a
dime, just simply a song in donation to the cause. This will help them out, and also will get each band exposure. The label is looking to get about twenty bands. If you are a Christian death, black, doom, grind, speed, thrash, industrial or Goth metal band, please contact McGovern as soon as possible via cclas@hotmail.com .

The Bob Fest organization pleased to announce the latest addition to the Bobfest 2001 bandlist. For the first time in Bobfest history, an American band will enter the stage. The Bobfest team is honored to introduce Disciple from
the US to the Scandinavian scene. Bobfest will take place in Ryttargårdskyrkan, Linköping, Sweden, from 23-25 March 2001. Two concerts will be held at Skylten, the local rock club, with Extol, Disciple, Veni Domine, Hallowed,  Pantokrator, Vaakevandring, Tekla Knös and another band not yet announced. There might even be some surprises as well. The BobFest is cooperating with the Solid Rock Festival which takes place a week after the Bobfest.

The Peacedog Festival is moving to a new location. This year's edition will take place at Cultura. This is a to-be-build cultural center in Ede, Holland. It's very close to the station.

David Benson will no longer do the vocals for Tempest. Mick Rowe:    "David is a great singer and I hope this short time with Tempest has modified his name in the Christian Metal community."

Canadian punkers The Undecided are finally heading into the studio to record
their Tooth & Nail Records effort.  It is being produced by Neill King in Winnipeg and Vancouver.

Zao is one of the most talked about bands on Solid State Records. Contrary to what you may have heard, the band is alive and well and are playing
shows around the North East.  Some of you may have noticed a new singer for the band. Here's what Jesse Smith, Zao's drummer had to say about that: "As of  December 2000, Dan Weyandt has been released from the band.  This is for no other reason than life has been and is taking him to other places.  As a band, Scott, Rob and myself desired to take Zao to a different level. After many months of  discussion and finally a decision we have decided to let Dan go.  Dan has been replaced by a friend of the band, Cory Darst.  There is absolutely no hard feelings and this is a spirit of love.  We just all needed to do what we did.  I am positive that to many of you this may be a surprise and a bummer.  I apologize.  As a band we felt like this is our show and the show is not yet over.  We thank everyone for their support and we will see you this summer." The band has also launched an official website. You can sign up for their mailing-list.

Stretch Arm Strong is entering the studio in a matter of weeks to record their follow up to Rituals of Life.  The album will be produced by Jay Matheson and mixed by Ryan Green.  Look forward to an early summer release
date and to seeing the band on the road in a matter of months.

Hailing from Little Rock Arkansas comes the death metal unit consisting of Rocky Gray, Lance Garvin and Chad Moore - also known as Soul Embraced. After nearly a year of talk and constant communication Soul Embraced and Solid State Records came to an agreement and the band will be recording their Solid State Records debut This Is My Blood this Spring. Some of    you might recognize Rocky and Lance's names. They are guitarist and drummer for Living Sacrifice too.

It's officially confirmed: Spitfire has left Solid State Records.  Right now the member of Spitfire focus on the band and are regrouping.

Also confirmed: Born Blind have called it quits. The guys in the band are pursuing other musical adventures or work. 


Friday January 19th 2001

Stavesacre is done with their deal with Tooth & Nail Records and is moving on.  Plans Tooth & Nail is working on is some type of Best Of CD, which will feature some rarities, covers and acoustic versions of Stavesacre favorites. In the interim, Stavesacre are recording a split EP with the Florida quartet Denison Marrs, set to be released on the Velvet Blue Music imprint. They will contribute three new songs to the project, two of which are nearing completion. Recording is tentatively planned for late January or early
February. Look for a summer time release.

The Brainwave Festival that will be held on January 27th in Bodegraven, The Netherlands, added two bands to their line-up. New to the line-up of The Blamed, Jacks Of All Trades, Fire Fly, Dilemma, Subatlantic Starfish, Sunday One, Pneumatic and Walnut Groove are: Swirl and Troy.

Michael Sweet will be headlining the first night of the Stryper Expo on May 18th, 2001.

This week the Cornerstone Festival published many of the names of bands that will play at their festival. In the hard music category bands playing the main stage are: Stryper, Project 86, POD, Squad Five-O, The O.C. Supertones, Ballydowse, Five Iron Frenzy, Saviour Machine. At the Encore I: Stavesacre, Living Sacrifice, MxPx, Saviour Machine. At the Encore II: Sanctum, Zao. At the Underground Stage: Few Left Standing, The  Blamed, Stretch Arm Strong, NIV, The Discarded, Thee Pirates, Gunwale Under, Headnoise, The Colemans, SS Bounty Hunter, Jal Agnish, Officer Negative, Officer Down, Underoath, Anguish Unsaid. At the Indoor Stage: Tragedy Ann, Dirt, Neshamah, Dogwood, Israelites, LA Symphony, Pax 217, Michael Sweet, Soul Junk, Ace Troubleshooter. At the HM Magazine Stage: Lengsel, Lament, These 5 Down, Deliverance, Point of Recognition, Figure Four, xDisciplex AD, Facedown, Further Seems Forever, Ancient of Days, 238,  Brandston, Pillar, Thousand Foot Krutch, East West, EDL, Midnight Bonfire, Seeds.

The long anticipated debut-EP from melodic heavy metal/power metal act Hallowed will finally be released next week! The EP titled End Of The Age contains 5 songs and cool artwork. There's been troubles with getting the
EP out, most of which have been the kinds of things their label, Little Rose Productions, couldn't help. The label compares Hallowed's music to Primal Fear, Gamma Ray and Stratovarius.

The full-length album from Immortal Souls is scheduled to be out on February 17th. The first 500 copies of the album will go out as a special limited edition version, packed in a cool carton box also including an album cover sticker!

The Finnish Metal Compilation 2, titled The Metal Rose Collection, is also on its way. The release date is planned to be in late March. Expect a strong package of hot metal from both new and already familiar names!

Bad news from Little Rose Productions is that their distributor in Scandinavia, House Of Kicks, dropped them. House Of Kicks made a decision to drop the 50 smallest labels out from their distribution, and Little Rose was in that number too.

On January 13th Little Rose Productions signed the Finnish band Oratorio. Currently the plan is to start the recordings for their debut album in fall 2001, and the album should be out some time during the first half of the year 2002. No exact schedules have been made yet. According to Little Rose, Oratorio is very hot heavy metal.

The website for the band Saviour Machine presents a special offer to all members of the Saviour Machine Legion only. If you are a member of the Legion, you can order the demo recordings of three songs from their upcoming Legend Part III, Disc One. The songs are Abomination Of Desolation; The Locusts; The End Of The Age. What you can purchase are not the final versions that will appear on the album and should therefore be considered as rare collectibles. The first 500 members of The Legion who order it, will also receive for free three selections from Disc Two that will be available later this year. For people from the US, Canada and South America this costs $ 10. For people from Europe, South Africa and Australia this costs twenty German Mark. Every member of The Legion who has paid, will be provided with a password and the location to download these demo recordings in MP3 format.

Tooth & Nail Records announced the signing of a new punk rock band. The band is called Side Walk Slam.


Friday January 12th 2001

Mortification's new album is out through Rowe Productions as you may know. Nuclear Blast Records will release The Silver Cord Is Severed on the 5th of February. The Nuclear Blast release will also include a free live-CD containing 13 tracks. The band is also arranging their world tour for the summer. For the European part of the tour, Mortification will be accompanied by the Swiss band Detonation. The world tour will start on the 8th of June in Johannesburg, South Africa and two other dates. The band will then move to Europe to tour with Detonation starting on the fourteenth in Portugal. On the seventh of July Mortification will fly over to the US for the Cornerstone Festival and more dates in the US. At the end of July the band will fly to South America for shows in Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina.

Laceration Productions is looking for Christian bands in the following styles for another compilation as a follow up to the Screams Of   Abaddon sampler. Styles looked for are: Black metal, death metal, grindcore and doom metal.

Ugly Records announced the sudden release of the album of the band Space In Your Face. With the album The True Essence Of Life, this young French band from Belfort confirms their style and their talent: A rough sound, metal guitars and the tinted whole of hip-hop, gives you an explosive mixture distributed on ten titles. The album is recorded and mixed right now and it will come out in April 2001.

Soon Minus SF from Finland will release their EP. This will include five tracks plus a music video for New Colours. Minus SF will also be on Blam - SM Sampler 2001 - Volume Rock which will be out on the 24th of January. And the band will also be on the Sellout #2. Furthermore, the Finnish band had success in the Favorite Indie Band section of HM Magazine's reader's poll 2000. Minus SF will be touring through their homecountry later this month with Blindside.

Gryp has secured new management with Ted Gardner and Pete Riedling of
Larrikin Management best known for managing bands such as Tool, Rage Against The Machine, Jane's Addiction, and Queens Of The Stone Age.

You might have been wondering why Bad Little Duck still hasn't released a new album. The new record was planned for 2000. However, the album was cancelled. Various circumstances (like lack of funds for this project) made the band and their label, Ugly Records, realize that it wasn’t the right time to finalize this production. In the second part of 2000, the band went through a line-up change. Bad Little Duck added keyboardist Nicolas Golay. The Swiss band received a cordial greeting on behalf of the German public at the festival Christmas Rock Night 2000 last December.

Just before the holidays, The guys in Deliverance decided to surprise their label by sending them the first demo tracks for the band's come back project, Assimilation. According to one of the people from the label, the initial tracks prove the new record will win Deliverance fans and even satisfy the very demanding standards of the old fans who have come to expect simply the best from the band. It has been described as: "Thick organic grooves with dark electronic layers and lush vocal landscapes". Possible track titles are The Search, Ein Sof and Assimilation. It has been confirmed that Deliverance will perform at the Herrin Civic Center in Herrin, Illinois on Saturday April 7th 2001. In addition to the show in Herrin, Deliverance will perform a few more shows after the April 7th show. On Wednesday July 4th, HM Magazine and Cornerstone Festival 2001 will present the new Deliverance CD with a release party.    The show starts at 10:55pm and will showcase music from the new CD. The release party at Cornerstone will also kick off a US tour to be confirmed at a later date.

Since much of the Bride material can no longer be purchased in stores, Bride is now offering every song they have ever recorded on a major label on 1 CD. From Show No Mercy through Oddities and everything in between. There are 107 songs in all. You would have to have an MP3/CD player or a computer
in order to play the Bride songs on this CD. In addition to this offering, Bride has also compiled all of their independent releases and Dale's solo CD's into a second MP3 CD that contains 160 songs. Each MP3 CD also includes a song that was considered for the upcoming Fist Full of Bees, but didn't quite make the cut. On the Bride MP3 CD, the unreleased cut is called Kid and on the Independent MP3 CD, it is I Want To Know You. Some songs on the Independent MP3 CD appear more than once. For instance, Would You Die For Me is on Bride Live In Germany as well as Lost Reels II. Until February 15, you can get these MP3 CDs for $ 25.00 each. As for the new CD, Fist Full Of Bees, the Bride camps seems to be more excited than ever for a new CD. The actual release date will be announced very soon. You will here the new band line-up for the very first time: Dale Thompson (vocals), Troy Thompson (guitar), Lawrence Bishop (bass) and Michael Loy (drums). The band's booking a tour for the spring and are trying to fill dates. All concert promoters who are interested can send all info needed to sharon@bridepub.com with the words in the subject box "Bride Tour"

The new Impellitteri album will be recorded this month with Graham Bonnet on vocals and should be ready for a release in the summer.


Friday January 5th 2001

Rock The Party of POD ended on #34 on MTV's Total Request Live Year End Countdown. The song's sandwiched between Eminem and Britney Spears. Other success of the POD gang: The band ended on #1 on Rollingstone.com - People Of The Year Poll. Here's the top-five of the list: #1 POD #2 Creed #3 Blink 182 #4 Papa Roach #5 U2. Congratulations!

Flávio from the Brazilian Metal Mission magazine notified that issue #8 is out now. It has 88 pages and a copy of it costs 6 dollars with shipping included. Issue #8 contains features with Tourniquet, Saint, Light Hammer, Bride, Laudamus, POD, Stauros, E.B.D.M., Ruptura, Empty Grave, Anointing, Boanerges, plus a poster of the band Stauros.

The Bob Fest organization has added two bands to the roster of their festival. As an addition to Extol, Veni Domine, Vaakevandring and
Pantokrator they will have these bands: Hallowed from Finland and Tekla Knös, the Swedish punk band. The Bobfest will take place at Ryttargårdskyrkan in Linköping, where a limited group of people also will be able to stay the night, for a small fee, yet to be determined by the church. The organization still works on finding another place to stay as well. The tickets for the festival will cost 200 SEK/NOK for Scandinavian visitors (from
Sweden/Norway) and 150 SEK (about $15) for foreigners. No food will be served, except maybe breakfast.

Here's update about the Todd Pope project called Eden In Ruins. Todd Pope: "Well, I am currently writing the new album. I've decided to go ahead and foot the entire bill for studio time this time around, unless by some miracle we get the money handed to us by a label (wishful thinking ha ha). I  will probably shop it to different Christian Record companies for licensing....more on that later though...nothing is set in stone yet but my footing the bill for studio time. This line up will be different than the last two. I am still doing  guitars and vocals, yet have asked a couple of people to help out on the album, and someone else to produce....I really don't desire to do everything again." The line-up is not officially confirmed yet though. Pope also reports that he has a new website with a few new real audio and winamp files.

Tourniquet has recently acquired the full lifetime ownership and exclusive worldwide rights of the first seven Tourniquet albums. As many of you know, some of these CD's are becoming very hard to get in their original format. The band will be re-releasing these in CD format. They plan to preserve the original release covers and pictures and add some new features: Live tracks corresponding to the songs on the CD's (like a live version of Ark Of Suffering will appear on Stop The Bleeding), unreleased photos and new liner notes. Tourniquet will start by releasing the first three albums (Stop the Bleeding; Psycho Surgery; Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance) at the same time. They hope to have these ready for shipping by March 1st, at the latest.


Friday December 29th 2000

There's not much news this time. Almost everyone's taking off for the holiday season apparently.

Due to Rowe Productions secure server's malfunctioning, they haven't been abled to take online orders since December 12th. Their e-mail list is also disabled. Despite this inconvenience, it's possible to order the new Mortification CD's (re-issue on CD of the Break The Curse 1990 demo and The Silver Cord Is Severed) and some other merchandize via E-mail. The other merchandize you can purchase are Mortification T-shirts (for Break The Curse and TSCIS) and Extol T-shirts (Burial & Mesmerized).  The long sleeve shirts have the thorns down both sleeves.  The shirts come in sizes L, XL and XXL. Short sleeves are available in XXXL also.  Long sleeve shirts are $ 24.00 US plus shipping. Short sleeve are $ 18.00 plus shipping. Shipping in the US is $ 3.50 for the first shirt and $ 1.25 for each additional.    Outside the US it is $ 7.00 for the first shirt and  $ 4.50 for each additional shirt. Prices for the CD's are: $15.00 US each plus shipping.  Shipping costs in the US are $ 2.50 for the first CD and $ 0.50 for each additional CD.  For outside the US it is $ 3.00 for the first CD and $ 0.75 for each additional. To order by mail send the order and payment in US dollars or your credit card details to: mail@roweproductions.com    or:
Rowe Productions
PO Box 270
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-0270

Now is the time of year that many summer festival planning committees are booking artists for their 2001 festivals. One of these festivals is 'Creation Festival' and this year they are asking fans to "vote" for the artists they would like to see perform! Now Michael Sweet is seeking for your support. Therefore, visit The Creation Survey and "write-in" Michael Sweet as an artist you'd like to see perform at Creation Festival 2001.

As has been mentioned earlier, Little Rose Productions continues as a record label. And their next release is the power metal EP from Hallowed. Due to some problems the release date had to be delayed a couple of times, but now the album is finally in print. It will be released in early January 2001


Friday December 22nd 2000

Some months ago the news spread that guitarist Ole Børud left the Norwegian band Extol. Guitarist Christer Espevoll reports: "Yes, it's true, he left the band. He was tired of metal and wanted to explore other aspects of music. Right now he's in the US with his family, touring and working with them." The departure of Ole Børud may want you to ask what this means for the future of Extol. Ole wrote much of the band's music. Christer: "Of course it is sad, because he is an excellent musician, but when it comes to making music for another album, it's going to be good even though he's not in the band."  Does the band look for replacement? "No. Tor and Jon from Lengsel are helping us out." The band is currently rehearsing and it looks like will be coming back to America the next summer. In the most recent issue of Metal Maniacs there is a write up for the band.

There's news from the progressive power metal band New Eden. Guitarist Horacio Colmenares: "We are currently mixing our 3rd full length CD.  It will not be released through Nuclear Blast Records. We are still negotiating with other labels. I will be posting MP3 samples of the new material in a couple of days. Please go to NewEdenBand.com in a couple of days. Rock On!"

From Flávio de Souza of the Brazilian magazine Metal Mission, this news was send to me about the ever moving and growing Brazilian scene:

The Joke are preparing their long awaited full length album, which is called Beware Of The Dog. The album will contain 11 tracks.

Heavy Metal band Surrender has changed their name to Soul Hunter. Reason? There is another band with the same name.

Another band that has changed the name was Burial, for the same reason as the above mentioned Surrender. Now they are called Burial Sarkikos. The band's also looking for a new drummer because Fábio has left the band.

Deadline has a new bassist. His name is Melke.

The single Old Man, which was supposed to be a new version for the Comfort In Trouble demo-tape, won’t be done by the Amos band anymore. Three of the songs on the demo will appear as bonus tracks on the new edition of their CD Gothic Soul that soon will be released with new art cover, new pictures and remastered. The group also has the intention to release an acoustic CD and a home-video. There’s a new guitarist in the band: Helder Domingues.

The band Testimony broke up. Fernando (guitar/vocals), Douglas (bass) and Amaury (drums) formed a new band called Raising Faith. Only Eder (guitar/vocals) remains from the former line-up and he called new members to keep up the band. Raising Faith play 80’s thrash metal.

Sacred Scrolls are preparing their new demo tape and have already recorded two songs. They also have got a new drummer, Otávio Mendes.

Skymetal, a brutal death metal band, has an e-mail address now: skymetalnanet@aol.com.br . The current line-up is Lucio (bass), Júnior (guitar) and brothers Gustavo (vocals) and Rafael (drums). They are recording their first single CD.

The Last Feeling will release a demo tape entitled Until The Last Breath and Samuel Sant’ana describe it as being "atmospheric". Besides drummer, Samuel now also plays keyboards and does the vocals, that according to him are screeched in a Black Metal style. The Last Feeling is a twosome band again: Samuel Sant’ana and H. Cardoso (guitar/bass/vocals).

Trino are already preparing stuff to record a new album soon. According to Fábio Kiefer (drummer) the sound will be more aggressive than ever, in Living Sacrifice’s Reborn vein. The first edition of Suffocated Breed CD is almost sold out and in the name of the band Fábio would like to thank all those who supported the band and bought the CD. Mirko Moratti will pick up the bass right after the CD recording and his performance is pleasing the band mates. Core4christ@brazilmail.com.br

Cataclisma (Cataclysm) is the name of the debut CD of Vulgata. The band plays progressive heavy metal.

Hard rock band Bless have some of their songs for the new demo tape already done. It will be released soon and will contain four tracks.

Völlig Heilig’s vocalist Helio D’Tarso is releasing with the band Sacramento a CD entitled Voice In The Desert. The record will have six songs and one of them is a cover of Stryper's To Hell With The Devil. The songs have progressive heavy influences from band like Queensr˙che, Veni Domine and others. This CD is just a partnership since Völlig Heilig keep on being the main band for Helio. In this CD the group has got the name of D’Tarse & Sacramento. About Sacramento, the group is testing a new vocalist. The Voice In The Desert CD will be available in the beginning in 2001.

Deliver re-released their Official Demo with a bonus track "Ele é" (He is). For those who like a well played Thrash Metal this might be a good option. Contacts: Caixa Postal 162. Curitiba/PR.80001-970. Brazil

Nec Plus Ultra is a new band in a Rage Against Machine style.

War Blade is recording their first CD. They intend to have the CD available in April 2001.

In other news, Flávio de Souza reports that there are some new bands in his homecountry: Daring (melodic heavy metal/power metal), Spiritual Cradle (death metal), Anameniem (modern extreme metal), Hazael (black), Shabak (death metal), Embrace (metalcore), Steridzo (hard rock), Benedictus (death metal). Althar (hard rock), Themplo ( heavy metal), Yourself (alternative metal), Crucifer (death metal), Phissalia (hardcore), Prayer (thrash metal), Grind Lucifer (death metal/grindcore/black metal), Satan's Death (death metal), R4 (punk rock), Opera Side (heavy metal), Halleluyah (metal praise), Mortify (trash metal/death metal), Neverdie (death metal), Calvarium (death metal), Tronos (deathcore), Sonets Of God (doom metal) and Armagedom (grunge).

You can support The Juliana Theory by voting for them in the indie rock record category at Plug Awards. Expect an interview with Brett Detar here at Art For The Ears in early January.

On December 16th 2000 Stryper played a successful show in Costa Rica. It has been reported that the band played songs like Free, To Hell With The Devil, Honestly, Rock The People, Soldiers Under Command. The set consisted of a total of seventeen songs. And bassist Tim Gaines sported his new look: Short hair! Thousands were gathered. One of reports says the crowd went totally nuts when the band played Free. Kids also had yellow and black make-up. Girls had yellow and black braids in their hair. And Stryper posters were on busses, cars and buildings. If you want some early photos of the event, go to this thread on the SinDizzy board. According to singer Michael Sweet the show was great. He was seen playing a V-formed guitar.

According to World Gone Mad many fans wanted to go to Costa Rica and see Stryper in concert, but were unable to go at this time. However, if you missed it, there's a collectible Costa Rica 2000 Stryper concert tee-shirt! This shirt is white and yet very colorful.  There's also, in limited quantities, a Stryper To Hell With The Devil  T-shirts with the original artwork on them. These will go very quickly! These shirts are not being offered for sale anywhere
and they are available in limited quantities. If you want to get them, E-mail Frank@worldgonemad.net if you are interested.    Include your
phone number in case he has any questions.

Faithbomb, the Texan thrash metal band, has nine new songs ready. They will hit the studio this month.


Friday December 15th 2000

Here's some news from German melodic power metal meisters Lightmare. Vocalist Timon Schreiber: "In the last few months everybody in the band was occupied with all things but Lightmare. But right now, Andi and I try to go on with our music. Well, we´ll see what the time will bring." 

The German band Acoustic Torment will return to the studio to record a new CD. They've planned to enter the studio in January.

The San Diego based punkband Dogwood returns to the studio next month too, to record yet another album. This time they'll record with Ryan Greene who also worked with Lagwagon and NOFX.

Craig's Brother is back in action.   They have a new drummer, a new guitarplayer and are possibly making a move to southern California. They recently did some dates in Canada including one with Samiam.   According to Ted from the band the shows went well and they had fun. Their new album Lost At Sea comes out in February.

The Juliana Theory is also going back into the studio in mid January. They will be recording an EP for Initial Records. This recording will be with Barry Poynter and Jason Magnusson once again. This EP will feature all new songs. It has no release date as of yet. And speaking of recording, the band also have studio time booked in March. They plan recording for a split CD with their long time buddies Zao. The intent of this split CD is for each band to record two new songs and for each of them to cover one of each other's songs. This is still slightly tentative though. The split will be released by Equal Vision Records.  Release date will probably be around the Summer of 2001. In vinyl news, plans to release Emotion is Dead on colored vinyl are being made at this time. The band plans to release the vinyl on C.I. Records with all new artwork and maybe a few other goodies.

Jamie Rowe from Guardian fame is selling his Epiphone 'Joe Pass' Emperor I guitar. The price is $350.00 U.S. plus shipping. This was Jamie's main guitar for the past four years. It was the one that was played at the Stryper Expo and was featured on the inside cover of The Beautiful EP. It comes with strap and straplocks. If you want to purchase this item, be quick as first comes first serves. E-mail Jamie at jamiefans@hotmail.com with the subject "I WANT IT".

Four new songs from Society's Finest will be on the Rise Over Run split CD. It will be released by Goodfellow Records in Early 2001.

The Belgian alternative rockband Orange-i is working on a new CD. The album comes out in February and expect a single release in January. However, the band worked on its sound and decided to change its name to Moonlake. The band Moonlake will release their album through BMG Records.

Born Blind welcomes new drummer Jymi Stewart into the band. According to the band, he's a very valuable asset to their line-up.

Excision is, as you may know, a solo project from Jeff (guitarist of Kekal). Excision was started in 1996 as technical death metal with industrial influences. However, there's a new album coming out this month. Musically it evolved into emotional music, taking influences and inspirations from gothic, electro, industrial, and both 80's & 90's styled heavy metal, still with the band's trademark sound. The album entitled Visi has ten tracks including an exclusive remix of one track done by FXAJ (of Kubik). According to the label, THT Productions, Visi is a very spicy album.

Antithesis is working feverishly on their Dying For Life album. If the mixing process went well, the album is now ready for mastering. Sound samples will be made available through the band's website. Antithesis is also working with a film producer who is putting together a music video for the band of Netherworld which will be a part of the Antithesis homevideo. Release date for the homevideo is tentatively Spring 2001. The release date for Dying For Life is not set yet. According to the band that depends on how quickly they get through negotiations with record labels. The band's management will be shopping the new disc to several labels during January and February.


Friday December 8th 2000

Finally it has been decided. Part III of the Legend trilogy by Saviour Machine will be released on two CD's as Eric Clayton was not abled to put the final part of the apocalypse story on just one album. The first CD of   Legend Part III will be released in March or April 2001, the second part will follow in Autumn 2001.

Balance Of Power will start recording their new album this month at House Of Audio in Karlsdorf, Germany. The new album's release is scheduled for March 2001.

Besides opening a show for Motörhead, Blindside is writing new material at the moment. They will be spending the springtime touring in  Europe and hope to be in the States in the Summer of 2001.  The band also started working with Lotoma Booking Agency in  Europe.

Embodyment have been hard at work putting together material for their follow up to their The Narrow Scope Of Things album. The band will be entering Barry Poynter's studio in February.

Tooth and Nail Video Volume 6 is  complete. Videos include:  O.C. Supertones - Escape From Reason; MxPx - Punk Rawk Show; Blindside - King of the Closet; Starflyer 59 - No New Kinda Story; Furthermore - Are You The Walrus?; Stretch Arm Strong - Second Chances; Huntingtons - No Pool Party Tonight; Joy Electric - Children of the Lord; Plankeye - Goodbye.

Upcoming hard music releases on Tooth & Nail Records and Solid State Records: The Crucial Conspiracy by The Dingees, January 23rd 2001; What's Mine At Twilight by Puller, January 23rd 2001; Figureheads On The Forefront Of Pop Culture by Blenderhead, January 23rd 2001; Stereo Girl by Element 101, February 13th 2001; This Is Solid State Volume 2 by various artists, February 13th 2001; Lost At Sea by Craig's Brother, February 27th 2001; Self-titled by Zao, February 27th 2001; Throwing Myself by Luti-Kriss, March 13th 2001.

From Sting to Cameron Crowe, Rolling Stone magazine's "People of the Year" issue is out and they've announced POD as one their Top choices. And of course, the warriors have already made P.O.D. the #1 rated "People of the Year" on Rollingstone.com! To help keep P.O.D. #1, and to show this world what's up, go here.

Recently The Meltdown Conference was held in the United Kingdom. There are already plans for Meltdown 2001. Guest speaker then will be Carey Womack from One Bad Pig. Meltdown will also move the conference to a new venue next year which can offer a few single rooms, double rooms and family rooms for people booking early.

There's a date for the second edition of the Peacedog Festival. On Wednesday July 25th this festival will be held in Ede, The Netherlands again. First bands booked for the event are: The Spirit That Guides Us (Scandinavian hardcore meets emo/indie rock) and Subatlantic Starfish (emo rock).

And the fourth edition of the Brainwave festival will be held on January 27th 2001 at the Evertshuis in Bodegraven, The Netherlands. And the organization added another band to the line-up: Subatlantic Starfish. This Emo-rock band will also release their debut early next year. Other bands playing the festival are: The Blamed, Jacks Of All Trades, Fire Fly, Walnut Groove, Dilemma and Sunday One. You can win two tickets for this great festival through Art For The Ears. Go to the Contests section.

It has been just been confirmed that on July 6th, 2001, from 5 - 6 PM, Michael Sweet will be performing at the Cornerstone festival in Bushnell, Illinois, USA. At this time, Michael is planning on doing a full blown performance. It has also been confirmed that on July 7th, 2001, Stryper (with all original members including Michael Sweet) will be headlining the mainstage at Cornerstone 2001 to close out the festival!


Friday December 1st 2000

Black & White Records announced the scheduled release date for January 30th 2001 of the Martyr/Betrayal project The Passing Of Time. This compilation of past Martyr and Betrayal demos will include: new liner notes from Dave Prado, Chris Ackerman and Marcus N. Colon and a one song CD-ROM enhancement displaying live video clips and lyrics from the musical years represented on The Passing Of Time. This musical history spans the previously limited demo releases of: Imminent Warfare, Frantic, Martyr’s untitled demo and Reviling Darkness. To highlight this collaboration and reunion of members and music, a limited sub-edition of 200 copies will be personally autographed by Dave Prado, Marcus N. Colon, Matt Maners, Jeff Lain and Chris Ackerman.

Look also forward to the all new Betrayal album In Remembrance Of Me. Marcus N. Colon states: "When the new Betrayal CD, In Remembrance Of Me is released, a second run of a three-song, specially packaged version of I.R.O.M. will also follow. This is for the sole purpose of freely giving out the CD to people at the clubs and streets of Hollywood (and elsewhere), involved in the Industrial/Gothic/Metal scene. The motive for this approach is to touch lives in some way, who have been forgotten (by enlarge), due to their involvement in this explicit underground world they live in."

Jason from Facedown Records directed my attention to the following: The most important news for now is that xDisciplex had to change their name to xDisciplex AD. Unfortunately, this has postponed the release of their new CD Heaven & Hell on Triple Crown Records to late January. Facedown Records will have the vinyl version of this release available in early January. It will be available on three different colors of vinyl.

Late November, Point Of Recognition went back into the studio to record their up-coming full length Refresh, Renew. It is scheduled to be released in early January, right in time for their full US tour through January and February. In late December Facedown Records will have a four song split CD featuring two new Point Of Recognition songs to give a good idea of what to expect on their new release. Figure Four will have the other two songs on the CD.

Figure Four's new full length will be released in Spring of 2001. There is a lot in the works for Figure Four. Chances are that the new Figure Four album will be released on a European label.

Anchor went into the studio on November 18th for the recording of their debut CD EP Ship Wrecked Life which will be released in early February of 2001.

About Jason's own band No Innocent Victim he reports: "We are in the process of writing the new record.  We have six songs right now and are working on five more for the full length.  We are hoping to record in late January and have it out in late spring."

There's a little piece of news from the Brazilian band Kennereth. According to bassist Isaac Morry the band's doing fine. They continue spreading the demo CD Eyes Of Fire and are preparing for their first full length.

Kennereth's natives Bedrata Dezum have only been playing live in their own area since their last tour in July. The band is considering moving to the USA.

Here's some very old news that I came across: Echo Hollow works on their new CD. Title of the album is Superficial Intelligence.

Trond Are of Sea Of Dreams is now working on music for the new album. He has music for three albums! The band also has new members.