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News April/May 2010


Friday May 28th 2010

On June 29th the new Haste The Day album Attack Of The Wolf King will come out. There will be a special edition as well, including three bonus tracks (one of them is Meet Me Half Way, a cover from Black Eyed Peas), a DVD with behind the scenes footage and three music videos, and special edition artwork. Want to hear a song from Attack Of The Wolf King? Go to myspace.com and listen to Dog Like Vultures.

For Today began recording their next album with producer Will Putney (who also worked with Bloodsimpel and Haste The Day). The album will be the follow-up to Portraits (2009). The title for the new record is Breaker and it will be released by Facedown Records later this year.

Fireflight has a new video, made for the song For Those Who Wait:

Alice Cooper will join forces with producer Bob Ezrin for the recording of a new album. Ezrin did past albums like Billion Dollar Baby and Welcome To My Nightmare and he's also known for his work for Pink Floyd, Kiss and Peter Gabriel.

The German metalcore band Saphena had to say goodbye to their bassist Silvia. She left due to health issues. Silvia was part of the band for nine years. She's now replaced by Joki Schaller who produced and played on the upcoming album.

Illuminandi uploaded the first full track of their new album In Via that came out today. The song is called The Promise.

August Burns Red has a new video. It's for the song White Washed:

Children 18:3 put a new song on their myspace profile. It's called Lost So Long and it comes from the upcoming album Rain's 'A Comin'. The CD is scheduled for release on June 29th.

Progressive hardcore/emocore band Conduit also put a new song on myspace. The track I Am The Moth comes from the album Fear For Those Who Missed It.

MyChildren MyBride also posted a new song, Crimson Grim. It's from the Lost Boy album.

Stryper is going to tour Israel and you can be part of it. The band will be hosting a ten day tour from February 12th through 21st 2011. This VIP tour will be limited to 150 people. Portions of the trip will be filmed for an upcoming DVD. Among the highlights are visits to Caesarea, Mount Carmel, The Dead Sea and, of course, different locations in Jerusalem.


Friday May 21st 2010

War Of Ages published a new video. This video they've made for the song Collapse from the album Eternal.

The Powerless Rise, the new As I Lay Dying album, entered the Billboard 200 in the USA at #10 this week.

On June 4th August Burns Red will be filming a live DVD. This will happen at the Warehouse 54 in Manheim, Pennsylvania, USA.

A new band on Solid State Records is To Speak Of Wolves. This group just released their debut album Myself < Letting Go. The album was mixed by Jason Suecof (who also worked for All That Remains, August Burns Red and Trivium). You can listen to the song Quercus Alba on their myspace.com profile. The song features Spencer Chamberlain from Underoath, who is a brother of To Speak Of Wolves drummer Phil. To Speak Of Wolves also made a video for Darkness Often Yields The Brightest Light:

Facedown Records signed Your Memorial. This band already released an album independently, entitled Seasons. Right now Your Memorial is writing songs for a new album that Facedown Records will release in the winter.

MyChildren MyBride put the song Terra Firma on their myspace.com page.

Flatfoot 56 made a video for the song Courage from their album Black Thorn:

Coriolis will release a new album through Youngside Records. The record is called The Endless Funeral. Expect industrial metal.

Destroy The Runner is disbanding. The members of the band are involved in different projects. Keep on the lookout for a softer, more experimental project with Nick, Duane, Marc, Jeremiah and several others called Other Mountains. Also check out Chapter 14 with Chad and Tanner. And for the super heavy fans, be on the lookout for a very heavy, experimental band with Nick, Duane (vocals), Kyle (from Thieves and Liars), and their guitar tech Jason.

Exhale has a video for the song Turning Blind with footage from their tour:


Friday May 14th 2010

The new Stryper album entitled The Covering featuring all original members will be released in the fall of 2010. These are the songs on the album: Heaven And Hell from Black Sabbath, Lights Out from UFO, Breaking The Law from Judas Priest, The Trooper from Iron Maiden, Carry On Wayward Son from Kansas, Highway Star from Deep Purple, Set Me Free from The Sweet, On Fire from Van Halen, Blackout from The Scorpions, Shout It Out Loud from Kiss and Immigrant Song from Led  Zeppelin. The album will also have a new Stryper song entitled God. According to Michael Sweet this song is very heavy both lyrically as musically - old school heavy metal.

Steve Rowe reported that his new band Wonrowe Vision has signed with Silver Bullet Records. The debut album Mission Invincible will come out on September 1st. The album will have a free bonus DVD.

Underoath will be entering the studio on May 24th to record their follow up to Lost In The Sound Of Separation, which is scheduled for a late 2010 release. The album will be produced by Matt Goldman (who did the previous two studio albums as well) and Jeremy SH Griffith. Underoath also found a replacement for founding member Aaron Gillespie who left the band after the Europeon tour. The new drummer is Daniel Davison, formerly of Norma Jean. He will play on the new album as well as play with the band during the upcoming Cool Tour with As I Lay Dying, Blessthefall, Between The Buried And Me, The Acacia Strain, Architects, Cancer Bats and War Of Ages.

My Silent Wake is undergoing a lot of changes. First of all personell changes. Jasen and Andi have decided to leave the band. A new drummer is found in Tank, from Seventh Angel. Though the split album with The Drowning will be released by Bombworks Records, the next album will not come out through this label. My Silent Wake is in the process of signing with a European label.

Illuminandi finished mixing their new album in Chinook Studio. The mastering is done in the High End Studio in Warsaw by Grzegorz Piwkowski. This is the tracklist for the album In Via: Intro, The Promise, Poczekalnia, Cela, Wejdz, Interludium, Reborn, Illumina Tenebras Meas, W Drodze, ...I O Tym Drugim and A Blessing. In Via comes out on May 28th.

Hands will record a new album in January 2011... They will be recording in the Great Western Record Recorders with Matt Talbott.

Project 86 will be releasing a video for the song Destroyer very soon.


Friday May 7th 2010

The Swedish melodic metal band Audiovision have released their video for the track Keep The Fire Burning. The song comes from their new album Focus that came out through Ulterium Records on April 23rd. Keep The Fire Burning is the second video from Focus. It was directed by Ronny Hemlin (Scar Symmetry, Steel Attack) who also did the first video for Invitation.

Haste The Day has a new a song on myspace from the upcoming record Attack Of The Wolf King. The song is called Travesty. The new CD comes out on June 29th.

Altera Enigma has been working on new material the last few months. The new material is heavier than anything they've done before, but it also incorporates much more jazz than on the debut album Alteration.

Pop punk band Children 18:3 will release a new album through Tooth & Nail Records. The album is called Rain's A Comin' and it appears on June 29th. On myspace you can hear new material.


Friday April 30th 2020

As I Lay Dying is nominated in two categories for the Metal Hammer Awards by Metal Hammer Germany. The band is nominated for best international band and best live act.

On 2010-05-06 Pantokrator will release the never before released song The Initiation.

The UK black metal band Wintersoul put a new song on myspace. The track is called Thorns Of The Winter and it comes from Frozen Storm Apocalypse. The album will appear through Nokternal Hemizpear Records on May 17th.

Saint has two new videos online. First for the song The Blade, from the album Hell Blade:

The other new video is for New World Order:

Audiovision released their second album Focus in Europe and North America. In a few weeks the band will release the second video from the album, made for the song Keep The Fire Burning.

Theocracy is working on their third album, to be released this year.

Craig's Brother has almost finished a new album. It will have twelve songs.


Friday April 23rd 2010

Narnia will cease to exist. The Swedish metal band was started in 1996 by singer Christian Liljegren and guitarist CJ Grimmark. In 2008 Liljegren left and was replaced by Germán Pascual. With the new singer Narnia released Course Of A Generation in 2009. Now the members have decided to disband the group. Narnia will do one last farewell show.

August Burns Red will be filming their first DVD in their home town Manheim, Pennsylvannia on June 4th. The band will be playing songs from all their records. The audio will also be recorded for a CD. The show will take place in a venue called Warehouse 54.

Remember Klank? This metal/industrial outfit is returning with new material. The band debuted in 1997 with Still Suffering on Tooth & Nail Records. Now the new album Numb...Reborn will see the light of day. On Facebook you can hear new songs, including Don't Count Me Out with guest appearances from Jim Chaffin (The Crucified) and Larry Farkas (formerly of Vengeance Rising). The album has fifteen tracks and can be downloaded from the Fixtstore.

MyChildren MyBride will release their new album Lost Boy through Solid State Records on June 8th. These songs will be on the CD: Terra Firma, Hooligans, King Of The Hopeless, Crimson Grim, Lost Boys, Dark Passenger, Gatekeeper, Digital Rebirth, Redeemer, Nuclear+, Lungs Full Of Water.

Bullroser Records released Through Soil And Skin, an album from the Finnish band  Sáwol.

Norma Jean spent the month February in the Glow In The Dark Studios for the recording of their fifth release. This CD will be called Meridional and it comes out on July 13th.

My Silent Wake has a new song on their myspace.com profile. It's Bleak Endless Winter from the split album with The Drowning, entitled Black Lights And Silent Roads. The record appears soon.

Demon Hunter is added to the line-up of the Brainstorm Festival. The band headlines the Saturday night, November 6th. Demon Hunter will be promoting their new album The World Is A Thorn.


Friday April 16th 2010

Stairway will release a single version of New Life. This is one of the songs on the new album Interregnum. However, the single version will be different to the album version and it will be exclusively available through itunes.com. Stairway also made a video file containing poor quality sound clips of the album songs:

Sent By Ravens posted the new song Beautiful List on their myspace.com profile. They also released a trailer to promote the release of Our Graceful Words (out on April 20th):

The Swedish progressive metal band Darkwater will start recording their second album next week. Joining them on the album is Simon Andersson (formerly of Pain Of Salvation) on bass. The yet untitled album will be mixed this summer by Fredrik Nordström (At the Gates, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir) at Studio Fredman, and is planned for a fall 2010 release through Ulterium Records.

The Letter Black posted the new song Believe on their myspace.com page. The song comes from their upcoming album Hanging On By A Thread.

Hawk Nelson will be releasing Hawkology on June 8th. This release features their albums Letters To The President, Smile It's The End Of The World and Hawk Nelson...Is My Friend.

The German death metal band Sacrificium will be filming a video tomorrow. The video will be for a song from the new album Prey For Your Gods. If you want to be in the video, and if you are into metal and know how to mosh, then this is what you've got to do: mail to iwanttobeinthevideo@sacrificium.com with your name and age. If you're younger than 18 years, you will need a letter of agreement signed by your parents. The band needs about 40 people at a little show they're playing in Waiblingen, near Stuttgart, Germany. Entrance is free. Doors open 6:30 PM. Only apply if you're really up for this and serious about showing up.


Friday April 9th 2010

On April 23rd the new Audiovision album Focus will be released by Ulterium Records. To support the album, Audiovision made a video for the song Invitation:

As I Lay Dying put a new song on myspace. It's a sample of Beyond Our Suffering from the upcoming album The Powerless Rise (out on May 11th). The sample is 70% of the song.

Drummer and singer Aaron Gillespie has left Underoath. This decision followed shortly after the European tour, though it was note made in haste. Aaron will be pursuing other musical and ministry endeavors. The rest of the band will continue working on the next album.

Speaking of drummers, Jayson Sherlock (InExordium, formerly of Mortification) will play on the next album from the Finnish band Deuteronomium. Since drummer J-J is having a sabbatical year, the band had to find a drummer to replace him. Jayson Sherlock agreed to play drums on the fourth studio album.

The Devil Wears Prada has a new video. It was made for the song Assistant To The Regional Manager from the album With Roots Above And Branches Below.

Also Gwen Stacy published a video. The titletrack from A Dialogue was used for this.

The Letter Black has an album trailer to promote the release of the Hanging On By A Thread (out on May 5th):

Haste The Day is working on their next album. It will be out in the summer. The title is Attack Of The Wolf King.

Slechtvalk uploaded the song Vengeance Of A Scorned King to myspace. It's a track from their upcoming album A Forlorn Throne.

And the band Sent By Ravens posted a new song on myspace as well. The song is called Salt And The Light.

Through Solace uploaded the new song Skyward. This is a demo recording.

Pillar has a new video, it's for the track Whatever It Takes:

Martyrs Shrine is demoing songs for a new album.

The Weakening has three new songs on their myspace.com profile.

Whirlwind Records will release a new album from Icon Clan. The record is called Rock 'n Roll Rodeo.

A new band on Whirlwind Records is the UK hardcore band Conduit. This group will release their album Fear For Those Who Missed It soon. The CD was produced by Jeff Scheetz.


Friday April 2nd 2010

Punk rock band Sacred Life from The Netherlands will be doing a reunion show at the Peacedog Festival. However, this is not the first reunion show. The band was seen playing live in their home area. The festival organisation heard about the show and invited Sacred Life for Peacedog 2010. Check out this video with some live footage:

Other new bands added to Peacedog 2010 are Social Suicide, Through Solace and Intohimo.

Two brothers of Sacred Life members are in the rock band Among This All. They released their EP No Statues in March. The first single Last Kiss Last Goodbye is now on myspace.

Stairway added the new track New Life to their myspace music player. The song is taken from the upcoming album Interregnum, out on April 5th.

On April 5th the new Exhale album Blind will be released worldwide by Dark Balance. The CD was released today in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You can also download it from I-tunes, Napster, E-music and other digital music stores. A European tour will start on April 16th, beginning in SCV Eureka, Zwolle, The Netherlands.

The French metal band Betraying The Martyrs covered a song from Destiny's Child called Survivor. The music is in this youtube lookalike video:

Bride can't get enough of it. After recording their final CD, Bride has been overwhelmed with emails, letters and well wishes. Because of the reaction to their retirement, guitarist Troy and singer Dale have decided to record ten more songs as an encore. This is especially for those fans that prayed for them, supported and encouraged them throughout the years.

Sent By Ravens put more new songs on myspace. The songs are from their upcoming album Our Graceful Words (out on April 20th). Have you seen the video for the new song Trailer Vs. Tornado?

The Polish metal band Malchus released their new album Didymus through Soundmass.

The Showdown are putting the finishing touches to their new album Blood In The Gears. This record will be released through Solid State Records in the summer.

August Burns Red has a video contest:


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