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News October/November 2010


Friday November 26th 2010

Tourniquet will record an album independently. They believe this is the best way to have the freedom to make the album they want. The band feels the new album will be filled with songs that are destined to become classics. Tourniquet will work with producer Neil Kernon. As the making of an album costs a lot of money, the band has partnered with Kickstarter. Fans can help fund the album and get cool stuff in return. The goal is to raise $22,000. The band has almost achieved this goal! Have a look at the video and see what they want to give.

The latest Tourniquet studio album dates back from 2003.

Sad news comes from Haste The Day. They will be doing their final tour in February and March 2011 as they've decided to disband. Mike: 'There are many reasons why HTD is ending, however we mainly feel as though we have created the best music we can and believe it is now time for us to move on to the next stage of our lives. I remember when this band started a decade ago, we wanted to be like the Solid State/Tooth & Nail Records bands we grew up idolizing. We wanted to use our passion for heavy music and the love that God put in us to be a light in the underground scene.'

Golden Resurrection is doing fine in Japan. Their debut album Glory To My King received 88 points from Burnn!, the biggest metal magazine in this country. The first pressing of the album is already sold out in both Europe and Asia, even though the record is yet to be released on December 3d. The band just published their second music video. They made a video for the song Best For Me:

On December 13th Stairway will release the single Christmas Merry Christmas. For those living in the UK or the USA, you might get the band into the singles charts by buying the single.

Last week it was reported that Coram Deo is calling it a day. Right now they are finishing mixing the album Time To Gather Stones that they recorded in 2008. With this material they end their career with a fat dot.

The Dutch band John Coffey has a new singer called David achter de Molen. Right now the band is working on songs for their next record. The first demo recordings will take place by the end of this month.

On October 22nd the Swedish rock band Jerusalem released their new album She. Jerusalem was started in 1975. They are best known with their albums Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent and Prophet. On myspace you can hear the title track for She.

Heavy metal band Dread The Forsaken from Guatemala released their debut CD Unbound through Nightmare Records.

Fireflight had a bit of bad luck lately. Their band trailer was stolen with most of their equipment, plus merchandise. It's all worth about $80,000. Fortunately they are insured: 'Sure, there were things in the trailer that are one of a kind and somewhat irreplaceable. But at the end of the day it was just 'stuff'.  Will this set us back a little? Maybe. Will we allow it to make us bitter and cynical? No. God still has a great plan for this band, just as he has a great plan for your life. So we want to be an encouragement to you. When life looks bad and the cards are stacked against you, Look up! We all go through tough and disappointing times. Let's go through them together with God's help!'

Augusts Burns Red made a new Christmas single, like they do every year. This time they've covered Little Drummer Boy. You can listen to it on myspace.

HMmagazine.com reported that Wretched from Grave Robber is putting together a Christmas album. It will be a free downloadable album that he will release through his new label Rottweiler Records. So far the following bands are confirmed: Leper, Coriolis, True Liberty, Frost Like Ashes, Grave Robber and Fireborn.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Paramore's video for Playing God from their album Brand New Eyes:

Intohimo will spend the last month of the year and a bit of 2011 to write a new album.

Eowyn is working on the fifth album, entitled Beautiful Ashes. The record is produced by Travis Wyrick. A video for the title track will also be made. Expect the album out in early 2011.


Friday November 19th 2010

The Showbread is now offering their newest album Can You Know It? as a free download. You can find the download at Come & Alive. Musically they blend hardcore punk with pop, alternative, industrial and other musical styles. They describe it themselves as raw rock.

The Great Commission was in a hit and run car accident on November 6th. Their trailor was struck from behind by a semi truck. This caused them to loose control of their van. The trailor itself broke off the hitch and slammed against the side railway. Fortunately no one was harmed, but their van did not survive the accident. Right now the band would appreciate your prayers, while they look for possibilities to get back on the road. Donations are welcome.

Here's a video of The Great Commission talking about their identity:

Facedown Records signed As Hell Retreats for the release of the new album Volition. As Hell Retreats debuted on Strike First Records with Revival in May 2010. The band will enter the studio with Brian Hood (A Plea For Purging, MyChildren MyBride). Expect Volition to be out in Spring 2011.

The new Underoath album Ø (Disambiguation) debuted in the Billboard 200 album chart at #23 this week. Hot Topic is now offering the album as a USB Bracelet! The bracelet includes a digital version of the Deluxe Edition along with 9 webisodes, 3 remixes, an exclusive interview, and a photo gallery. Head over to www.hottopic.com to get yours today. 

Check out the band's visit to an air craft carrier:

Next Tuesday Facedown Records will release Atonement, the new album from Your Memorial. You can listen to three songs on myspace.

Paramore premiered their new video for Playing God this week:

Project 86 put the live track Stein's Theme on myspace. This track comes from the album 15 - Live.

Strike First Records released Anthems from the band Messengers. The band plays a combination of old style hardcore and thrash.

Dynasty, the new As They Sleep album, comes out on Monday. You can listen to the new song The Unseen on myspace. Here's the album trailer:

On December 3rd & 4th the annual Christmas Rock Festival will be held in Haus Ennepetal, in Ennepetal, Germany. 24 bands will be performing. Among the booked bands are: HB, Fireflight, Kutless, Children 18:3, Narnia, Disciple, Project 86, Saphena, Make Up Your Mind, Burial Earth, Illuminandi, Decyfer Down, Fivestar Prophet, Sacrety, Veetacore and more.

Coram Deo, the Ukranian band that will release a new disc on Soundmass on December 3rd, has called it quits...

Megadeth is working on new songs for their next album with engineer Ken Eisennagel. Five songs are almost finished.

Demon Hunter put the new song The Wind on myspace. The track comes from Happy Christmas Volume 5.

Rammas Atas put three new songs on myspace from their upcoming debut album.

And FM Static finished up their fourth album for Tooth & Nail Records. It will be released in Spring 2011.

The Swiss band Escape From Sickness have uploaded some new songs to myspace.com.


Friday November 12th 2010

Hardcore/Emocore band Close Your Eyes released the video for The Body. This is a song from their Victory Records' debut We Will Overcome.

Wonrowe Vision will finally release their debut Mission Invincible on December 4th. This day they will do an album launch with special guests Katie Harder and Rosanna Palmer. The last was known from the band Rosanna's Raiders. Rosanna will be performing classic Raiders songs One Man and Run The Race. One Man was written and recorded for Modification, the tribute album that was made for Steve Rowe (from Wonrowe Vision) in 1997 when he was dying of cancer (though he eventually survived). Rosanna will talk about the first time Steve Rowe was given two hours to live in June 1997.

Images Of Eden released a video for their single Tribal Scars. The video was filmed on September 11th 2010. The song is dedicated to all war heroes who never return home, or have the misfortune of returning home but bringing their wars with them. A full length CD entitled Rebuilding The Ruins will be released on February 22nd 2011 through Savvy Muzik (digital) and Nightmare Records (digital & CD).

Saphena released their new album Das Ende Einer Wahrheit. The album contains ten songs and was published by Whirlwind Records. A releaseparty takes place on November 19th in Achtermai, Chemnitz, Germany.

Check out the Ø (Disambiguation) interactive trailer from Underoath. Through this trailer you can listen to the album in its entirety, watch the music video for In Division and see the album trailer.

As They Sleep put another new song on myspace called The Darkest Ages. Their Dynasty album comes out on November 22nd.

After six years, nineteen countries, countless US tours, two albums, and an EP, Gwen Stacy has decided call it quits. The members feel it's time to pursue other options and directions in life. They will part on good terms. A few members will be starting new projects. A final Gwen Stacy show will take place at Rhino's, Bloomington, IN, USA, on Saturday November 20th.


Friday November 5th 2010

Underoath is now streaming all songs from their upcoming album Ø (Disambiguation) on myspace. The record comes out on November 9th. The band also made a video for the song In Division:

Want to see how this video was made? Watch this video:

Living Sacrifice revealed the details of the The Infinite Order Deluxe Edition they will bring out on iTunes on November 30th.  The CD will have three bonus tracks, including a new song called Glasshouses. And the DVD contains the following songs: Bloodwork, Imminent War, Local Vengeance Killing, Flatline, Rules Of Engagement, In Christ, Reborn Empowered, Reject.

The Swedish progressive metal band Darkwater released the music video for Breathe. This is the opening track from Where Stories End. The video was directed by Radionika AB, Dino Medanhodzic and Joacim Hammarström. The girl in the video is played by Angelica Lewenhagen.

Impellitteri is in the studio working on new material, while awaiting the release of Wicked Maiden in the USA next year. It also looks like the band will do a full world tour in 2011. And a digital release of Wicked Maiden will follow as well.

Rock band Ivoryline has a new album out called Vessels. One of the songs on the album is Instincts. Here's the video for this song:

As They Sleep put the new song Bedlam At The Nile on myspace. This is a track from the upcoming album Dynasty (out on November 22nd). The disc will be released by Solid State Records.

Soundmass will Death Is Dead from the Ukranian band Coram Deo on December 3rd. Expect melodic, yet aggressive thrash/death metal.

In case you missed it, here is the video from rock band Anberlin playing Impossible on Jimmy Kimmel Live on November 2nd:


Friday October 29th 2010

The Chariot made a video for David De La Hoz, track seven from their upcoming album Long Live.

A new band on Solid State Records is the technical deathcore band As They Sleep from Detroit. Their first album for Solid State is Dynasty which will be released on November 23rd. The band made the album with Jason Suecof (All That Remains, Demon Hunter). On myspace you can hear the song To The Republic. Here's also a videoblog about the song:

Darkwater made a promo clip for their Where Stories End album. Next week they will publish their video for the song Breathe.

New to the Strike First Records roster is Gideon. This melodic hardcore band will release a new album in February 2011. The band previously released two EP's since 2008.

Underoath has a Catch Myself Catch Myself contest. Watch the video below containing the lyrics of the song Catch Myself Catch Myself. What you've got to do is recording a video of yourself singing the vocal parts of the song and submit it as a response to the original video. One grand prize winner will receive the guitar used in the filming of the In Division music video and a prize pack with a shirt, poster, stickers and more. Two runner-ups will receive an Underoath prize pack only. The contest ends on November 23rd.

If you are subscribed to the Tooth & Nail Records iTunes podcast, you can now also download three podcasts for free with the new Underoath songs Who Will Guard The Guardians, Reversal, and Vacant Mouth.

Tooth & Nail Records signed a new band called Hyland. Previously this melodic rock band released an EP entitled Quotients produced by Ben Kasica of Skillet and Nick Rad of Acceptance. Their first full album will be produced by Aaron Sprinkle and comes out in Spring 2011.

Roxx Productions is about to release Temporary Insanity: A Salute To Deliverance. On the Christian Metal Realm myspace profile you can listen to eight different songs from the Tribute album: The Sacrificed with Slay The Wicked, Coriolis with What A Joke, Krig with Weapons Of Our Warfare, Leper with The Call, Grave Forsaken with Bought By Blood, Crucible Divine with Ramming Speed, Saint Spirit with Prophets Of Idiocy, and Days Of Affliction with River Disturbance.

The Finnish band Rammas Atas finished recording and mixing their debut album.

Today the My Silent Wake album IV Et Lux Perpetua came out. Here's a home made video for Death Becomes Us:

John Coffey is offering their album Vanity as a free download! Vanity was released exactly a year ago on October 22nd. You can get the album from Bandcamp by clicking 'buy now' (fill in 0 euros if you want it for free...).


Friday Ocotber 22nd 2010

At the moment The Spirit That Guides Us are writing some new material as they are planning to record a new album in 2011. If you want to catch a glimpse of what that new album will sound like, you can see them at the Sally Family Festival on Friday November 5th. The band plays with People Get Ready (formerly known as This Beautiful Mess), Intohimo and Blood Command. The festival takes place in the Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland.

Inevitable End posted a video of the band in the studio recording their new album The Oculus. The clip includes a portion of the title track.

Narnia will be doing two farewell shows. The first will be at the Together For The Revolution festival in Mexico City. The band will play along with Rob Rock, Becoming The Archetype and Deborah. The final performance will be at the Christmas Rock Night in Haus Ennepetal, Ennepetal, Germany.

The Awakening are currently in the studio working on a new album scheduled for a March 2011 release.

Project 86 published the track listing for 15 - Live, the new live album coming out in December: Sincerely, Ichabod; Safe Haven; Oblivion; The Butcher; Last Meal; Me vs. Me; SMC; Illuminate; Evil; Destroyer; Stein's Theme; The Spy Hunter.

Underoath posted a new song on myspace called In Division. Here's a video of guitarist Timothy talking about the recording of the album Ø (Disambiguation):

Hawk Nelson posted a video of the photo shoot they did for their next album Crazy Love (out in February 2011).


Friday October 15th 2010

My Silent Wake is releasing their new album IV Et Lux Perpertua digitally on October 25th and the physical CD on October 29th. Right now you can enter a contest to win the album. The three people sending in the best English translation of the Latin album title, as judged and selected by the band members, will win a free copy of the CD. If you also correctly identify the source of the title, your free album will be signed by the band. Mail your answers to Nick Bolton. IV Et Lux Perpertua will be released by Dark Balance.

On September 27th Antithesis released their first album in nine years. This record is called Dreaming Reality.

MyChildren MyBride has a video out for Crimson Grim:

Rock band Petra has reunited their Beat The System line-up, including singer Greg X. Volz. On the new website ClassicPetra.com you can read that Petra recorded old hits like More Power To Ya, Judas' Kiss, Grave Robber, Adonai and Beat The System. The album will be called Back To The Rock. Digital downloads will come available through ClassicPetra.com at the end of this month. The release of the physical CD will follow a week later. A world tour will start in early January.

Darkwater posted the track Why I Bleed on myspace. This is a song from their second album Where Stories End. The record comes out on November 12th in Europe and on November 23rd in North America.

Hands is working on material for a next album.

And Inevitable End has completed working on their second album called The Oculus. They recorded it at the HoBoRec Studio in Huskvarna, Sweden, with producer Ulf Blomberg. Some of the song titles: Tell Us, Parasites, Dogmaties Paralies, While Surpassing Ether, Chamber Of Apathy and Cadaver Inc. Expect the release in early 2011.

Project 86 is celebrating their fifteen anniversary in 2011. To celebrate this they will release a new live record on December 7th, entitled 15 - Live. And throughout the year 2011 they will be releasing new content every few months including new merchandise.


Friday October 8th 2010

Underoath's new album Ø (Disambiguation) is now available for pre-order at the Tooth & Nail Records/Solid State Records Store. There's also a deluxe edition of the album including three remixes and a making of the record documentary. On myspace.com you can hear the new song Illuminator. The album comes out on November 9th.

Vaughn Gregory from Grave Forsaken has been working on songs with Richard and Matt. However, the tracks are not in the normal Grave Forsaken mould. Therefore Vaughn decided to release them as solo material that will be made available through the Grave Forsaken website. The music is more in the hard rock vein, like the early Grave Forsaken material.

Stairway published a video from the old days. In this video you can see guitarist Pete Jennens play a guitar solo in Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, on May 28th 1988.

Terraphobia is in the final stages of mixing their fifth album. It's a mix of death metal, thrash and some melodic black metal. This album will come out in the first quarter of 2011.

Hmmagazine.com reports that The Chariot will release a new album on November 23rd. This album is Long Live. For the release of this disc the band signed with Good Fight Music, home to bands like Cancer and Madball as well. Long Live was produced by Matt Goldman (Underoath, MyChildren MyBride, Four Letter Lie) who also did previous albums from The Chariot. Check out this album teaser:

Golden Resurrection has delayed the release of their debut album Glory To My King. Now the album will be released in Japan on November 26th and in the rest of the world on December 3rd. You can get an album signed by singer Christian Liljegren by ordering it from Liljegren Records.

Priestsoftheunderground.blogspot.com release a tribute to Mortification. This tribute single is called The Mortification Day and it contains a recent interview with Mortification singer Steve Rowe, a message typed by Steve Rowe, plus a cover of Grind Planetarium made by Krig. You can download this tribute single for free here.


Friday October 1st 2010

The Finnish metal band HB has a new album out. It's called Pääkallonpaikka and it contains ten songs, all sung in the Finnish language. The album already did well in Finland, reaching #5 in the Album Top 50 chart. On myspace you can hear the new song Supermies as well as a track containing samples of other songs. An English version of their album Piikki Lihassa will be released in November or December. The name of the english album will be Jesus Metal Explosion.

Comeback Kid released the video for Because Of All. This is a song from the new album Symptoms + Cures that came out in late August.

Hawk Nelson will release a new album in February 2011.

And Altera Enigma has enough songs ready to fill an album with over sixty minutes of music. The band now also has a Youtube channel where they will have updates, studio footage and announcements. One of the videos you can see there right now, contains music they've written for the second album. Altera Enigma is also on Twitter nowadays. In the future Twitter followers will get exclusive downloads and other bonuses.

Believer has completed recording guitars, bass and drums. Right now they're working on vocals, keyboards and lead guitar playing. It's likely the record will come out in spring 2011.

The new CD Autumn Souls from Thy Bleeding Skies will be mastered at the Panic Room Studio in Sweden in November. It will be done by Plec, who also worked for bands like Scars Symmetry and Miseration.

Wrench In The Works are disbanding. The band still has a lot of merchandise left over. The shirts are now available for purchasing for only five dollar. The proceeds go to Project AK-47. They help free child soldiers in Southeast Asia.

Letter To The Exiles have cancelled their participation in the They Drew First Blood Tour that takes place in November. The band is regrouping right now, as well as writing for a new record.

On September 19th the Annual Legends Of Rock Festival took place in Haus Ennepetal, Germany. One of the bands performing on the festival was X-Sinner. The entire concert was filmed from the crowd by a fan. Now you can watch all videos on Youtube. Here's the band playing their classic Medicine:


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