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News December 2010/January 2011


Friday January 28th 2011

Stairway released a new single called Enter The Light. This is a track from their latest album Interregnum. Enter The Light was re-mastered by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Bob Catley, House Of Lords). You can listen to the song on myspace, and purchase it from Reverbnation.com.

As I Lay Dying published their video for the track Anodyne Sea from The Powerless Rise album. The video was directed by McFarland and Pecci of Killswitch Productions and was shot in the band's hometown of San Diego on December 17th 2010. The video tackles the issue of free speech and the worst case scenario of what could happen when you stand up for what you believe in regardless of the consequences.

HM Magazine has been around for more than 25 years. Now they've decided to reduce the frequency of their publication. Instead of issueing six magazines per year, HM Magazine will become a quarterly magazine. Thus they hope to stay in print, as many magazines have ceased to exist as printed magazines over the last few years.

Rebuilding The Ruins is the third album from Images Of Eden. Nightmare Records will release it on March 1st. Rebuilding The Ruins is a 74 minute concept CD, mastered by Eric Zimmermann (Fates Warning, Limp Bizkit, Deftones, etc.). The title track was selected by an independent film company to be used as a soundtrack for an upcoming film to debut at the Cannes/Tribeca Film Festivals.

Hardcore band Comeback Kid has a new video online. The music video was made for the song G.M. Vincent & I. You can view it here:

Rock band I Am Empire released their new album Kings. They also made a video for Brain Damage:

The Almost has a physical version of the Monster Monster EP out. A digitally-only Deluxe Edition features all the songs from the original Monster Monster release, plus the five EP songs, plus four videos.

Underoath releases Disambiguation on vinyl. It will be available as a deluxe picture disc, as well as a standard 12" LP. The band will also do a 7" split vinyl with Thursday. All vinyl releases will be released in very limited quantities.

There's a new song from The Famine on myspace, and it's called A Fragile Peace. They've also posted a new videoblog about the recording of the drums:

Saving Grace will release a split 7" vinyl record with the band OneXChoice. The split is a tribute to Earth Crisis. Both bands will cover a song from Earth Crisis, as well as add two new and original songs. The split is entitled Now This War Has Two Sides and it comes out in a few months. The cover illustration comes from Dave Quiggle from Facedown Records.

Speaking of Facedown Records, this label will do their annual Facedown Fest on April 8th and 9th at The Glasshouse in Pomona, California, USA. On April 8th the following bands will appear: War Of Ages, A Plea For Purging, Hands, Onward To Olympas, My Epic, Your Memorial, Hope For The Dying, Saving Grace and Messengers. On April 9th you can see: For Today, In The Midst Of Lions, Call To Preserve, Overcome, A Hope For Home, Take It Back!, As Hell Retreats, Gideon and The Burial.


Friday January 21st 2011

Tourniquet has succesfully funded their next album. The band started a fund raising project on Kickstarter. The goal was to get $22,000 together to enable them to record their new album. 420 people decided to support the band, gathering more than 28,000 dollar. Tourniquet has ten or eleven songs with lots of cool riffs, beats, thrashiness and melodies. They hope to start the recordings in February.

As I Lay Dying is working on a video for the song Anodyne Sea from their album The Powerless Rise. The band just returned from a European tour with Suicide Silence and Heaven Shall Burn. Watch the video below with some behind the scenes footage as well as bassist Josh Gilbert and singer Tim Lambesis talking about the upcoming video:

Here's a live video of Anodyne Sea, taken from the Cool Tour:

On Facebook you can hear the song Virtue from Gideon. This is a track from their album Costs (out on March 1st). You can also listen to Virtue on the Facedown Records myspace.

Here's a video announcement from Saviour Machine, especially interesting to their fans in the USA:

Dale Thompson from Bride has informed his fans that the band has been on vacation, but they're now working on new material. They've written six songs so far. Six more will be written, while they look for a release date for a new album in early summer.

On February 1st the new Overcome album The Great Campaign Of Sabotage comes out on Facedown Records. It also happens to be the 100th release this label is putting out. On the Facedown Records myspace you can hear the song Alone In A Crowd.

Strike First Records released The Absolute from Ace Augustine.


Friday January 14th 2011

The Dutch metalcore band Jedidah released a demo. This demo contains four songs: Burn Babylon, Hearts & Ink, Your Love, and The Radar, The Wave And The Breaker. The good news is that you can download this demo for free from Bandcamp. You can see Jedidah live on Friday January 28th in Het Kasteel, Alphen aan de Rijn, Holland. The entrance is only 3 euros and the band will be playing with Galbak and El Camaro.

News that was overlooked last year comes from another Dutch band called Spyker. This metalband released their first EP Sacred Rage in May. On myspace you can listen to the songs Endtime and Goat, Bloody Goat. At the moment Spyker is writing new material. The band can be seen live on Saturday January 22nd. They'll be playing at Bridge2Fame in Dorpshuis Us Honk, Britswerd, Holland. Starts 21:30. Entrance 5 euro.

Spyker also made a video for the song Endtime:

Norma Jean released the triple-pack Birds And Microscopes And Bottles Of Elixirs And Raw Steak And A Bunch Of Songs. This pack contains their first three albums Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child, O' God, The Aftermath and Redeemer.

MyChildren MyBride published their video for King Of The Hopeless on Metal Injection. The song comes from their latest album Lost Boy.


The Famine have posted the new song VII The Fraudulent on myspace. This song comes from The Architects Of Guilt (out on February 15th).

Facedown Records added a new band to their roster, called Gideon. This hardcore band was formed in 2008. Their Facedown debut will be released on March 1st. The album is called Costs and was engineered by Brian Hood. The song False Profits can be listened to on Facebook.

The german metalcore band Saphena is going to record a video in February. It will be their first. Other video material can be viewed at their youtube channel.


Friday January 7th 2011

First of all, best wishes for 2011!

The Famine posted a new song on myspace. The track is called Ad Mortem and it is taken from their new album The Architects Of Guilt (out on February 15th). Solid State Records will bring this record out.

Letter To The Exiles had soms personel changes last year. In May their singer Erich Barto left. He is now replaced by Chris King. With him the band is writing lyrics for their next CD. Another change is the departure of guitarist Ricky. Letter To The Exiles has decided to continue as a four piece. On myspace you can hear a demo version of the new song Open Graves with singer Chris King.


Friday December 31st 2010

Callisto is writing songs for their fourth album. They plan to release a new record and do a tenth anniversary event in 2011.

Stryper will finally release their album The Covering on February 1st. Right now you can purchase the singles Heaven & Hell and Carry On Wayward Son from iTunes. Stryper also has a new management: Union Entertainment Group, Inc. They also work for Nickelback, Hinder, Red, Pillar and Cinderella.

Saint has started working on a new project .

And the German hardcore band Today Forever is working on a new disc. This album is scheduled for release in early 2011. The band is working in the Kohlekeller Studios again.

Back Pocket Prophet put two samples on myspace of songs from their new album.


Friday December 24th 2010

Divinefire returns to the music scene. After releasing their fourth album Divinefire disbanded in 2008. Now they return with an extra singer, former Narnia vocalist German Pascual. He will be singer along with Christian Liljegren. A new album comes out in late March (Japan) and early April (the rest of the world) 2011. The title for the comeback album is Eye Of The Storm.

Christian Liljegren's other metalband, Golden Resurrection, now released their third promotional video. They made this music video for the song Proud To Wear The Holy Cross. This is a song from their debut album Glory To My King.

Metalcore quintet I The Breather released their debut album These Are My Sins. They've also made a video for the song Forgiven.

A new band from Canada is The Beckoning. This group makes a combination of extreme metal with gothic metal. You can download their two song demo called The Bloodlet for free from Stereokiller.com.

Living Sacrifice published their new music video. It's for the song Overkill Exposure.

The German metalband Exaudi released their first full length album called Sehnsucht. On myspace you can hear three tracks from the album.

Rock band Flyleaf released their new album Remember To Live.

P.O.D. is in the studio and getting ready to unleash some new tunes.

Stairway is doing well with their Christmas single. They've reached #5 in Amazon Hard Rock & Metal MP3 album Best Sellers.

The Famine release their new album The Architects Of Guilt on February 15th. Their record company now published a video that was made during the recording sessions. The band members talk about the band and the new album, and you can hear the new song The New Hell in the background.

Bloodgood was inducted into the 2010 Christian Music Hall of Fame. You can see pictures on facebook.


Friday December 17th 2010

Believer has finished tracking their second release for Metal Blade Records. The new album was produced by Trauma Team Productions and the recording will be mixed by Kevin Gutierrez at Assembly Line Studios. Believer is once again pursuing new musical territory.

Guitarist Kai left the German power metal band Seventh Avenue. Right now the band also has to fight the elements. The roof of their rehearsal room isn't water tight and the rain and snow comes in. The temperature seldom reaches over 1-2C. The good news is that they have begun with their next CD.

Kekal will release their new studio album 8 at the end of the month. The German label Whirlwind Records will bring it out. The album 8 is a collective effort of all three former members Jeff, Azhar and Leo. You can watch this video with samples of the songs:

Theocracy released a new Christmas single called All I Want For Christmas. You can get it from iTunes, but you can also listen to it from Youtube:

Eowyn spent time in the Lakeside Studio recording her fifth album entitled Beautiful Ashes. The producer is Travis Wyrick. Beautiful Ashes comes out in May 2011. Here's footage from the first two weeks in the studio:


Friday December 10th 2010

The Finnish metal band HB released a video to promote their new English album Jesus Metal Explosion. This album is the English version of Piiki Lihassa. Here's the video for the title track:

Victoria School of Arts made a new video for an old song. The song is Dead End Drive and it comes from the second Holy Soldier album Last Train (1992).

Rottweiler Records released Fleas Naughty Dog Volume 1. This is a free Christmas album. You can download it after submitting your e-mail address here, and following instructions. The album contains the following songs: O Holy Night (by Tim Bushong), Silent Night (by Bridgeshadows), Little Drummer Boy (by Blissed), God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (by True Liberty), Anti-Santa's Coming To Town (by Einstein Savage), What Child Is This (by Coriolis), Angels We Have Heard On High (by Marty Warren), You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch (by Grave Robber), Christmas For Real (by Harry Gore), Jingle Bells (by Confessions Of A Sinner), O Come O Come Emmanuel (by Leper), Hark The Herald Angels Sing (by False Idle), All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth (by Fire Born), Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent (by Frost Like Ashes), O Come All Ye Faithful (by Cryo-Mancer) and Holidays Suck (by Desiring Dead Flesh).

Megadeth is nominated for a Grammy Award. They are nominated in the category Best Metal Performance with Sudden Death, the single they wrote for the Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock video game. Other nominated bands: Iron Maiden, Korn, Lamb Of God and Slayer.

If you understand the Dutch language, this next video might be quite entertaining. It was made by the sponsor of this website.


Friday December 3rd 2010

Showbread released a video for the song You're Like A Taxi. This is a song from their new album Can You Know It? You can download the album for free at Come & Alive.

Hope For The Dying signed with Facedown Records for their next full length album due to be out in April 2011. This is the follow-up to their self titled album which came out through Strike First Records in 2009. The new album will be mixed and mastered by Brian Hood (MyChildren MyBride, A Plea For Purging, Before There Was Rosalyn). Hope For The Dying is influenced by Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Unearth and All That Remains. You can listen to the new song Perpetual Ruin on myspace.

Mass released a two song Christmas CD featuring the songs Jingle Bell Rock and Grown Up Christmas List. The CD will be available for a limited time and quantity. All proceeds will be given to the Toys For Tots Foundation.

The German metal band Fallen Walls is almost ready with their first full length album Declaration Of War. This is the follow-up to the demo CD Nekropolis. On myspace you can hear some new material.

Autumn Souls is the new album from Thy Bleeding Skies. The record was mastered last month in the Panic Room Studio in Sweden by Plec (Scars Symmetry, Miseration & Slumber).

Onward To Olympas is recording a new CD. They're doing it with their new singer Andy Simmons who replaced Justin Gage.

And Letter To The Exiles wrote a new song and they're going to record it in the Sacred Sound Studio next Wednesday. The band will be working with Mike Austin. On January 1st they will launch the new song, new promo pictures and a new myspace layout, plus some more news.

Golden Resurrection will reveal a third music video to promote their debut album Glory To My King. The video is for the song Proud To Wear The Holy Cross. Their CD came out today.

The Polish band Illuminandi had to cancel their appearance at the Christmas Rock Night due to massive snowfall in Poland.

On February 1st the rock band Red will release their new CD Until We Have Faces.

From March 4th through 6th the annual Elements Of Rock Festival will be held in Uster, Switzerland. Among the booked bands are: Whitecross, Sacred Warrior, Antestor, Deuteronomium, Rex Carroll Band and Thy Bleeding Skies.


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