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News April/May 2011


Friday May 27th 2011

August Burns Red posted the new song Empire on their Facebook page. The song comes from their new album Leveler that comes out on June 21st.

Before There Was Rosalyn also choose Facebook to launch a new track, Hypocrites. This tune is only a demo version of the title track for their new album.

Random Eyes will release their third album Light Up. This record was produced by Nightwish producer Tero Kinnunen. To support the album, Random Eyes already released a single for the title track.

The Requiem For The Art Of Death is the title of the new Immortal Souls album. There will be twelve tracks on the CD: i. Art Of Death Act I: Soulbells, ii. Evil Believer, iii. Nuclear Winter, iv. I Wept, v. Absolution, vi. Art Of Death Act II: The Last Journey, vii. Reek Of Rotting Rye, viii. Last Day On Earth, ix. Hypnotic Atrocity, x. Thought Of Desolation, xi. One Last Withering Rose,   xii. Art Of Death Act III: The Requiem Of The Funeral Eve.

P.O.D. played the Rock On The Range festival. Here's some footage (underground quality):

My Epic will release their new album Broken Voice on July 5th. You can listen to two songs on the bands Facebook page.

The Weakening is now also active on Facebook. You can listen to the entire Chaos Harmony demo.

From June 30th through July 3rd the annual Cornerstone Festival will be held in Bushnell, Illinois, USA. Here are some of the bands that are booked: Anberlin, P.O.D., Classic Petra, Brian Head Welch, Blindside, Flatfoot 56, Sleeping Giant, Saviour Machine, The Letter Black, For Today, The Chariot, Resurrection Band, War Of Ages, Headnoise, Children 18:3, Grave Robber, A Plea For Purging, As Hell Retreats, Broken Flesh, Call To Preserve, Exegesis, Gideon, The Great Commission, In The Midst Of Lions, I The Breather, Hands, Leper, Lust Control, My Epic, Onward To Olympas, The Satire, Texas In July, Venia (USA), Your Memorial and more.

And the line-up for the annual Flevo Festival is looking promising. The latest additions to the list are: As I Lay Dying and Brian Head Welch. Booked earlier on were HB, Underoath, Red, Run Kid Run, The Spirit That Guides Us, and more.

Still a long time waiting, but on November 4th and 5th the annual Brainstorm Festival will be held in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. So far these bands are booked: Becoming The Archetype, Immortal Souls, War of Ages and a few more.


Friday May 20th 2011

HMmagazine.com reports that Blindside will release their new album With Shivering Hearts We Wait on June 7th through INO Records/Sony. This record comes out after a four year silence. Blindside recorded the album with producer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, Flyleaf). Benson also worked with the band on the previous albums Silence (2002) and About A Burning Fire (2004).

On Withshiveringheartswewait.com you can now hear the song Bring Out Your Dead.

Gideon released the video for Virtue, the first single from their Facedown Records' debut Costs. The video was directed by Drew Russ:

Thousand Foot Krutch will release a live CD/DVD on June7th through Tooth & Nail Records. This CD/DVD is called Live At The Masquerade. This release was recorded on May 28th 2010 at the Rexall Place Arena in Edmonton, Canada. Thousand Foot Krutch will also release a Fan Edition this fall.

Here's a sample of what the DVD has to offer:

On July 5th My Epic will release an EP with an acoustic base. The songs were originally written for the album Yet (2010) but didn't fit in with the sound of the album. You can hear the song Deathbed on Facebook.

Hardcore band Ark Of The Covenant released their debut EP Separation through Strike First Records.

P.O.D. is postponing their European tour that was scheduled for May and June, due to a contractual breach by the tour promoter. The band will be working with different promoters to return to Europe in the fall.

HMMagazine.com reports that gothic metal band The Beckoning made a video for their song Withered. The song and the video are meant as a tribute to the persecuted church worldwide:

The sponsor of this website published two crime novels. If you understand the Dutch language, you may be interested to purchase these books:


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Order from Bol.com, Bruna.nl, Cosmox.nl or Eci.nl


Friday May 13th 2011

On June 14th the new ReinXeed album 1912 comes out through Liljegren Records/Doolittle Group. This album with melodic power metal tells the story of the mighty ship Titanic. These songs are on the record: 1912, The Final Hour, Terror Has Begun, Spirit Lives On, Through The Fire, The Fall Of Man, The Voyage, We Must Go Faster, Challenge The Storm, Reach For The Sky, Farewell, Lost At Sea.

ReinXeed also recorded two videos We Must Go Faster and Terror Has Begun:


In 2008 Tommy from ReinXeed also formed Golden Resurrection with vocalist Christian Liljegren. Their debut album Glory To My King was released in late 2010. Their second album Light Of The World will be released in October.

In early 2011 Gary Moore passed away. He was one of the Tommy's favorite guitar players. To pay his respects to Gary Moore he recorded a cover version of the song Thunder Rising.

And speaking of covers, Tommy also worked out an album with songs from other Swedish artists, such as Abba, Roxette and Ace Of Base. The album is called Swedish Hitz Goes Metal.

Hands is set to release their new album Give Me Rest on July 5th. You can hear the new song I Will on Facebook.

Pierced Records will release the new Jerusalem album She on June 14th. She is the band's first studio album with completely newly written material in sixteen years. The album contains thirteen songs: Calling On, Come On, I Want To Leave Her, Suddenly, Supernatural, Save My Life, She, Amos 5, Crown The King, The Story of D, Heaven, The Greatest Party and Standing At Jericho.

If you understand the Polish language, you might like this informative video from Malchus. Band leader Radoslaw Solek talks about the new album Caput Mundi:

From October 20th through 23rd the final Nordic Fest will be held, called NordicFest 2011 - The Final Chapter. After ten years the people behind this festival decided it was time to give the torch to a younger generation. So far these bands are booked: Whitecross, War Of Ages, HB and Crimson Moonlight.


Friday May 6th 2011

Norma Jean released the official video for Bastardizer from their latest album Meridional. The video was directed by Brooks Jones and shot at the band's rehearsal room in Atlanta.

There's also a behind-the-scenes video with footage of the making of the music video:

World To Ashes postponed the recording of their next CD. The recordings were scheduled for November this year. They still hope to enter the studio before next summer. However, with the recordings postponed, World To Ashes now has more time for touring obligations.

The hardcore punk band Headnoise is back together. Robert and Edie Goodwin have lined-up again with a new drummer and guitarist. They're playing shows, and they can be seen at the Cornerstone Festival in July.

Long-time member guitarist Pete Loisa has left Immortal Souls. The Finnish metal band also found a replacement. His name is Marco Pekkarinen, who was with the band during their last tour. Immortal Souls is finishing their new album.


Friday April 29th 2011

Underoath premiered their new video for the song Paper Lung. The band shot the video last winter in Montreal:

The new August Burns Red album will be called Leveler.

Eowyn published her video for Beautiful Ashes:

Rock band Hyland made a video for their ballad This Love Is Free:

Kekal made a new video. It's for the song Futuride from the EP they will release in July. The EP will be free to download.


Friday April 22nd 2011

Divinefire released their new album Eye Of The Storm. Right now you can listen to most of the songs on myspace: Hold On, Bright Morning Star, Even At My Lowest Point, Unchain My Soul, To Love And Forgive, Send Me Out and the 2011 versions of The World's On Fire and Never Surrender.

Underoath was recently filmed by Rock Sound during one day at their Sheffield (UK) stop on their UK Tour. Check out the video to see what a day on the road is like for Underoath:

Minerva Pappi (Shade Empire, Charon, Swallow The Sun) is mastering the new Immortal Souls album this week. In the meanwhile the band has been working with an artwork artist, making photos.

Melodic Rock band Hyland will release their debut album Weights & Measures through Tooth & Nail Records on May 3rd. Now they've posted a video with a part of an interview that deals with what the new album is about:

The Polish band Malchus put a track on their myspace profile containing samples of their new album.


Friday April 15th 2011

The next Mortification album will be in the vein of the 1991 self titled debut album. As founding member Steve Rowe now puts his rock and punk influences in his other band Wonrowe Vision, he can focus on death, grind and thrash metal for his work for Mortification. The next album will be recorded with new drummer Andrew Esnouf and new guitarist Troy Dixon, who make Mortification a quartet. The band's second album, Scrolls Of The Megilloth (1992), received the classic status from metalreviews.com.

Golden Resurrection recorded the song Pray For Japan and made a music video. Ever since March 11, 2011, when the earthquake happened and the tsunami swept over Japan, singer Christian Liljegren thought a lot of the friends and fans he made during his stays and tours in the country of the rising sun. Christian Liljegren: 'My goal with this song is simply a prayer for the Japanese people in this chaotic situation. It is all about hope and finding strength in life even though we face hard times.'

After eleven years of being together as a band, Saphena finally made their first music video. The video is made for the song Ich Sehe Mich from the album Das Ende Einer Wahrheit.

HMmagazine.com reported that War Of Ages re-signed with Facedown Records for the release of their next album. The band will be heading into the studio this fall to record a new CD that will come out in early 2012.

Believer released their new album Transhuman through Metal Blade Records. On metalblade.com you can hear the track Ego Machine, that was inspired by the book The Ego Tunnel from Dr. Thomas Metzinger.

The Polish band Malchus have a new album coming out, entitled Caput Mundi. It will be released by Katolik.pl in Poland and probably by Soundmass in the rest of the world.

Zao will release a vinyl version of their album Liberate Te Ex Inferis. The first pressing is limited to 500 copies.

Inevitable End posted the new track Memento on their myspace page. The song comes from the upcoming album The Oculus. The album was recorded in the HoBoRec Studio in Huskvarna, Sweden, with producer Ulf Blomberg. The Oculus comes out in North America on May 24th.


Friday April 8th 2011

Immortal Souls finished mixing a new album in the Fantom Studio in Tampere, Finland. The disc will contain twelve songs, though the band recorded fourteen tracks. They wil post song titles and put a new song on myspace soon.

The Dutch metal band Slechtvalk is working on new songs for their next album. So far they have the rough versions of six songs, but their goal is to finish ten to twelve songs this year. Slechtvalk hopes to record them in the winter of 2011/2012 and release it in the spring of 2012. The new album will be a concept album, though it's still uncertain what the storyline will be.

Kekal will release an EP in a few months, that you can only get as a free download. The EP will feature two new tracks, recorded in 2011, plus some separate recording tracks (guitars and vocals) of the song Tabula Rasa in case you want to make your own remix. Jeff and Leo are right now working on a new album as well. If all goes well, a new Kekal album comes out in 2012. Two of the tracks on the new album are also on the download EP.

Kekal also published their second video to support their latest album, 8. The video is for Track One:

Inevitable End put a new song on myspace. It's called Memento.


Friday April 1st 2011

Watch Becoming The Archetype's new music video for Magnetic Sky on Metalsucks.net. The video was inspired by Nintendo games. A fan put the video on youtube (though in poorer quality) as well:

Check out August Burns Red's fourth studio videoblog. Frontman Jake Luhrs talks about recording the vocals, while producer Jason Suecof watches.

The official music video for Seraphim from the For Today album Breaker is now online. The video was directed by Drew Russ:

The Devil Wears Prada is writing for a new album. Here's a video with footage they shot while working on the album:

Former Underoath drummer Aaron Gillespie launched the video for his first single as a solo artist. The video is for the song We Were Made For You and it was produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse. It was recorded last month when Gillespie traveled to Haiti to see the work these two organizations do in this country. Also a documentary was recorded that will debut this summer.


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