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News December 2009/January 2010


Friday January 29th 2010

Evanescence will begin recording their third studio album in February for an early fall 2010 release. If you can't wait, you can hear a previously unreleased song. Evanescence supports the relief efforts of the UN in Haiti. Fans who donate a minimum of $5 can download the song Together Again. The song will be available for a limited time at unfoundation.org.

Haste The Day is working hard on their new album. They're in the studio. According to the band their new material is the heaviest, catchiest and most energetic music they've ever written. The album will be released with a DVD with footage from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Panama, Colombia, as well as all the US tours they've done in the last year. It will also has a new music video.

Haste The Day will be heading to Europe in April.

We Are The Fallen will release their first single Bury Me Alive through digital channels only, on February 2nd. We Are The Fallen was formed by former Evanescene members Ben Moody, John LeCompt and Rocky Gray. Former American Idol finalist Carly Smithson is their singer and Marty O'Brien completes the line-up. The group is preparing for the debut album that Universal Republic will release later in the year.

My Silent Wake recorded their new album. But this is not the only thing coming out as the band did a split album with The Drowning as well. They've put song I Am (Eternity) from this split album on their myspace.com profile. It's a cover of a song from the band Attrition. The split is due to be released in May.

On April 20th Eonian Records will release the first album from hard rock/metal band Legacy. This group was formed out of the ashes of Cross in 1987. They had short-termed contracts with Pure Metal and Star Song, though things never pulled off for them. Legacy disbanded in 1992. Now old recordings will resurface on the titleless album.

Brazilian death metal band Krig released a new album called Narcissistic
Mechanism. On myspace.com you can hear new material.

Last Saturday Stryper was in the Netherlands for a show in Tivoli, Utrecht. They played a packed house. Did you miss the show (like I did, as the show sold out fast), check out this enjoyable video of Soldiers Under Command, their 1985 classic:

Saint, another classic from the eighties, released a new album. It's their fourth since the reunion in 2004. The record is called Hell Blade. Saint has a show planned at the Grand Theater in Salem, Oregon, USA. It happens on February 13th. The band will video record the show for a live DVD.

Check out this video of Saint performing the 1986 classic In The Night a few years ago:


Friday January 22nd 2010

August Burns Red has a new version of their song Indonesia on the Take Action Compilation. This compilation will be out on February 9th. The release is meant to raise money for non-profit organization Driving For Donors. The aim of this organization is to sign people up for the National Bone Marrow registry list in the USA. It helps saving people with leukemia.

This World Is Not My Home is the debut album from Onward To Olympas that just came out. Make sure you check out the new video for their song Sink Or Swim:

The German metalcore group Saphena is still working on their next album. They got the title and the artwork, but will reveal them yet. Expect this long awaited release in the middle of the year.

Ulterium Records signed the Swedish melodic metal band Audiovision. The new album Focus will be released later this spring. Audiovision will open for Stryper on three shows in Europe (Hamburg, Germany; Malmö, Sweden; Gothenburg, Sweden). The band will play two upcoming singles entitled Invitation and Keep The Fire Burning. Audiovision consists of vocalist Christian Liljegren (formerly of Narnia, Divinefire and Modest Attraction), bassist Simeon Liljegren (formerly of Modest Attraction), guitarist Torbjörn Weinesjö (Veni Domine), drummer Thomas Weinesjö (Veni Domine, Saviour Machine) and Olov Andersson (Grand Stand) on keyboards and vocals.

Flatfoot 56 will shoot a video for their song Courage on Saturday February 13th. They are looking for twenty people to be in the video. It will be in the Chicago area and will take place on a 1940's Chicago shipyard scene. If you're interested in a role in this video, check out the requirements on the Flatfoot 56 myspace.com page.

The German rock band Mad Max did an unplugged show on German television. Here's a video registration:

Illuminandi from Poland recorded all instruments for In Via, their next album. The CD will have nine songs plus an intro track and a short instrumental interlude. The band hopes to have the album out in May. Musically In Via will have different musical directions, from folk doom to death/thrash metal to hardcore, yet all with the Illuminandi sound.

The British black metal band Wintersoul completed the recording of their debut album. More details will follow.

Former Still Remains members Bones and Jordan have a new band called Anthem Alone. They've recorded the track Unmoved to give an idea of what they sound like. Right now they're looking for a singer. Check out this video for a segment of the song:


Friday January 15th 2010

Ulterium Records will release When Worlds Collide on March 26th. When Worlds Collide is the debut album from Sinbreed. This powermetal band was formed by guitarist Flo Laurin with singer Herbie Langhans (Seventh Avenue), drummer Frederik Ehmke (Blind Guardian) and bassist Alexander Schulz. The album was mixed and mastered by Markus Teske and the artwork was created by Felipe Machado Franco. Among the guests on the album are Joost van den Broek (Ayreon, Star One) and Morten Sandager (Pretty Maids).

Do you want to support the Dutch extreme metal band Slechtvalk? Join them on Sellaband. It's the band's goal to collect enough money to enable them to do a European tour.

On January 18th In Vain will release their new album Mantra. This release also includes a bonus disc with a documentary, one bonus track, screensavers and images.

Living Sacrifice published another new song on myspace. The track is called They Were One and it can also be found on the new album The Infinite Order that comes out on January 26th.

My Silent Wake will record their next album next Wednesday. The record should be released in May. My Silent Wake is currently looking for a new drummer.

The American black metal band A Hill To Die Upon is also working on a new album. They're finishing up two songs with their old guitarist, Drew Webster, who is moving from Columbia to Chicago for a career in recording.

One of the most curious bands around the world is active again. Former Kekal members have confirmed that they will contribute to a new studio album. This will be an experimental album, though the former members will make it accessible and digestible. Curiously, Kekal will stay member-less...

Last Tuesday a massive earthquake hit the poor country of Haiti. Tens of thousands were killed, the lives of many more are feared, and hundreds of thousands were made homeless. Various organizations are active in Haiti to help people. Donations are welcome:

- Compassion

- Red Cross

- Hope Alive Clinic


Friday January 8th 2010

Demon Hunter will release a new album on March 9th. The record is called The World Is A Thorn. The album was produced by Aaron Sprinkle and mixed by Jason Suecof. According to the band this is their heaviest yet most melodic project thus far. Demon Hunter also welcomed Ryan Helm of The Ascendicate as their new guitarist.

Gwen Stacy put their video for The First Words online. It's the first video for a song from their A Dialogue album:

Living Sacrifice put a song from their new album The Infinite Order on myspace. The album comes out on January 26th. The new track is Organized Lie.

The Dutch death metal band Docile has renamed itself to Burial Earth. Their new singer is Joey van der Hart, who replaced JJ. Burial Earth hopes to release something this year. It could be a promo or an MCD or even a full album. On myspace you can hear two songs with Joey doing the vocals: Burnt and Embers Of Our Curse.

The Celtic punk band Flatfoot 56 will release a new album in March. It will be released in the USA by Old Shoe Records, in Canada by Stomp!, in Europe by I Hate People, and in Japan by Big Mouth Japan.

Facedown Records signed In The Midst Of Lions. The band comes from the side label Strike First Records. Through Strike First they released Out Of Darkness last summer. In The Midst Of Lions will record new material this spring.

The German death metal band Sacrificium has a line-up change. Guitarist Ulrike left the band to pursue other musical projects. She will do one final farewell show with the band. Sacrificium also found a replacement in Matthias Brandt. He's a brother of bassist Thorsten Brandt.

Impellitteri put a video online with guitarist Chris Impellitteri playing an ultrafast solo during a studio session:

Okay, that was short. So how about impressions of Impellitteri playing live?


Friday January 1st 2010

First of all, best wishes for 2010!

Death/thrash band Pale Horse is active again. They're back in the studio to record the songs for their next album In The Theatre Of My Mind. The band hopes to have the album finished in the first part of 2010.

Thy Bleeding Skies put two songs from their upcoming album on myspace. Those songs are only roughly mixed...

Also the Dutch metal band Docile added new songs to their profile.

On November 5th and 6th their third edition of the Brainstorm Festival will take place in Club Gigant, Apeldoorn, Holland. In several weeks from now the first names will be announced.


Friday December 25th 2009

Last week you could read in this column about the Merry Metal Christmas compilation album that you may download for free. Now Nightmare Records made it easier to obtain this material. You simply have to go to this place and download a zip-file with all the music.

Living Sacrifice premiered their video for Rules Of Engagement:

Ulterium Records is getting ready for a busy 2010. Besides new records from Harmony, Darkwater and Theocracy you can expect the Sinbreed debut album, re-releases and new signed bands.

Speaking of Theocracy, they're continuing their tradition of recording a Christmas song each year. In 2009 they've recorded their heavy version of Angels From The Realms Of Glory. Listen to it on myspace and get in the Christmas mood.

My Silent Wake will record a new album in January. Right now they're writing songs and rehearsing.

The Dutch ska/rock/punk band Make Up Your Mind is busy recording their new album. The drummer did his part already.

Day Of Fire made a trailer for their upcoming album Losing All:

And also classic rockers Jerusalem made a trailer for their thirteenth album:

Last but not least, news from Fear Dark. In March 2010 four Fear Dark Festivals will be held in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. Bands booked so far are Seventh Angel and Random Eyes.


Friday December 18th 2009

Nightmare Records released a free Merry Metal Christmas compilation album. When you sign up, you can download music from bands like Theocracy, Narnia, Darkwater and more.

Check out this video interview with Underoath about their music, faith and Christmas:

Illuminandi is still working on their new album. Right now they're looking for a new singer to do the aggressive vocals as singer Radoslaw Solek left. Solek is now solely active with his band Malchus (on the Soundmass label).

The Dutch metal mailorder company First Paradox has Stryper vinyl available. It's the vinyl version of Murder By Pride. Only 500 copies were made of this LP.

Harmony hopes to have a new album out some time next year.

Desyre put a glam metal Christmas tune on myspace called Yule Night Brightness.

Ecthirion from the UK has new members: singer Dave Cooney, drummer Sam Creamer, keyboardist Sarah Ashton and Adam Walker as stand in guitarist for shows in the north. The band is still looking for a bassist in the Huddersfield area. Ecthirion is still working on their album.

Living Sacrifice posted another new song called Nietzsche's Madness on myspace.


Friday December 11th 2009

As a Christmas gift, The Awakening offers a new version of their classic song Martyr for free. You can download it from here. It's only available until December 25th.

As a Christmas gift, Sacred Warrior offers all music to their four studio albums for free. Go here. Don't remember Sacred Warrior? Check this video of a show they did early this year (the songs played are Rebellion and Onward Warriors):

Or to stay in the Christmas mood, O Come O Come Emmanuel:

Shockhound.com has a feature on Flyleaf up. You can see footage of the band playing four songs: Beautiful Bride, Again, Sorrow and All Around Me. If you stick through to the end, you can see bassist Pat Seals accidentally hitting singer Lacey Mosley with his bass. Ouch!

There's also an interview up with Lacey and Pat:

Underoath has a Grammy nomination in the category Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package for the Deluxe Edition of their album Lost In The Sound Of Seperation. This deluxe version features a hardcover book detailing the recording process for the album, two LP's and a DVD of the making of the album.

Theocracy put the first part of their European tour documentary online:

Jason Truby, formerly of P.O.D. and Living Sacrifice, has a new band called Truby.  The first album is entitled Entropy.

Speaking of Living Sacrifice... they put the song Rules Of Engagement on their myspace.com page. The track comes from The Infinite Order, the new album coming out on January 26th.

The Dutch extreme metal band Slechtvalk finished recording their new album. It took them three weeks. Slechtvalk has a tour coming up in May.

The German hardcore punk band Preacher renamed themselves to Praiser.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the coffee table book Stryper: By His Strypes will not be released this year. Originally the book was expected to come out this month. Now it's delayed until February 15th. The good news about this delay, is that more exclusive photos will be added. Among them pictures submitted by former Enigma Records employees and by former Metal Edge editor Gerri Miller. And some pictures from the current Murder By Pride tour will end up in the book as well.


Friday December 4th 2009

The video for Again from Flyleaf is at the top of the Yahoo Top 100 Videos list.

It's a busy time for Steve Rowe from Mortification. Roxx Records USA will release a 20th Anniversary Gold Edition Re-Issue of the first demo Break The Curse (1990). It's a double disc. The first disc has all the Break The Curse songs plus eight bonus tracks. These bonuses are taken from the live EP: Noah Sat Down And Listened To The Mortification Live EP While Having A Coffee. Disc two is a DVD release of a show they did in Melbourne, Australia on June 15th 1990.

Nuclear Blast is also reviving the Mortification heritage with the Twenty Years In The Underground release.

Both Mortification albums come out on February 26th 2010.

But Steve Rowe is also busy with a new band along with former Mortification guitarist Lincoln Bowen and Andrew Esnoug. It's called Wonrowe Vision. This band plays classic rock 'n roll and stoner rock with a heavy eighties punk rock edge. The debut album is entitled Mission Invincible and it appears in June.

Want to get into the Christmas mood? MxPx put two Christmas songs on their myspace.com page: Auld Lang Syne and Punk Rawk Christmas.

Fireflight is getting ready to release a new album in February. It's called For Those Who Wait.

Hardcore band Before There Was Rosalyn posted their new video for Warrior. This song comes from their new album The Fuhrer : An Allegory Of A History Of Deception.

Venia will record a song for the Deliverance tribute album that Roxx Records will release. Other featured bands are Grave Robber, Oil, Eternal Decision, Grave Forsaken, Faith Factor, and members from the bands Saint, The Crucified, Ultimatum and Deliverance.

Speaking of Deliverance, the band will not play in Cleveland tomorrow as the promotor of the show vanished. Deliverance will now concentrate on their next album The Annals Of Subterfuge.

Metalsucks.net published the new video from Austrian Death Machine.

For a limited time you can download Alive for free. This is a ballad from the new Stryper album Murder By Pride. Go here, fill in your e-mail address and add pass code 777. The download is available until December 13th 2009, 9PM EST.

Further Stryper news, the band is selected to perform at the New York Stock Exchange 86th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting. This annual tradition takes place on December 10th from 3 PM through 6 PM. Location: beneath the NYSE facade, Broad Street between Wall Street and the Exchange Place in New York City. It's open to public. Other bands: Twisted Sister and Collective Soul.


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