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News August/September 2009


Friday September 25th 2009

Darkwater is still looking for a new bassplayer. In the meantime Simon Andersson (formerly of Pain Of Salvation) will be used as a session player. Even without a full line-up, Darkwater is determined to work on their new album. They've written enough songs for even ten albums. The band hopes to head into the studio later this year.

Hawk Nelson posted the new song The Job from their new album Live Life Loud on myspace.com.

The Letter Black posted the new song Best Of Me from their new album Breaking The Silence on myspace.com as well. Here's a trailer supporting the album:

Saving Grace from New Zealand has signed with Strike First Records from the USA. They'll finish the work on their new album in October.

And Desyre from Finland will release their debut album Warning Of The Night. The release date is not set yet, but pre-orders will be shipped within two weeks.

Death metal band inExordium has a new guitarist. His name is Sheldon D'Costa and he's a Canadian. He'll be playing with the band at the Blackstump Festival in Sydney, Australia, on October 2nd.

The Crimson Armada made a video for The Serpent's Tongue:

The Brazilian metal band Shaphal is back. After a two year hiatus band leader Arnon Mello decided to reform the group. Shaphal is preparing the launch of an album called Shaphal 2004-2007 Unreleased Tracks. Expect this one in October. It will be available as a free download. On myspace.com you can listen to three songs from the album.


Friday September 18th 2009

On September 22nd Stryper will shoot a video for the song I Believe from their new album Murder By Pride. The video will be directed by Michael Sarna (Megadeth, Counting Crows, Dream Theater). Strper is currently on tour. They did their first show on September 11th in Boston. Check this video for The Rock That Makes Me Roll, to get an impression:

Have you seen the new video from Hawk Nelson? It's for the title track of their new album Live Life Loud (out on September 22nd):

Ecthirion is still working on their new album. The band hopes to have finished the entire CD by Christmas. They will have five guest vocalists: David Cooney (death metal vocals), Ema Walton (operatic vocals), Kim Cook (clean vocals), Lois Bolderson (clean vocals) and Sarah Ashton (clean vocals).

Grave Declaration is looking for permanent band members. Preferably from the Oslo area.

And the Dutch band Docile lost their singer JJ. This doesn't mean the end of the band. They've recorded almost the entire new album, including drums, bass and guitars.

The annual Christmas Rock Night takes place in Haus Ennepetal, Ennepetal (near Wuppertal), Germany on December 4th & 5th. Some of the bands playing the festival are: Haste The Day, Fireflight, Flatfoot 56, HB, FM Static, Manic Drive, Disciple, Thousand Foot Krutch, The Letter Black, Seventh Day Slumber, Showbread, Children 18:3, Arson and more.


Friday September 11th 2009

Illuminandi entered the Chinook studio in Debica, Poland, to record their new album. This CD will have nine songs and perhaps instrumental pieces.

Also Blinside is writing and recording a new album. Do you want to follow the process, go to Twitter.com.

Hawk Nelson added the song Alive to their myspace.com profile. This is a song from their upcoming album Live Life Loud.

Also Gwen Stacy has a new song up on myspace. It's called The First Words and it's taken from the A Dialogue album that appears on October 20th.

The Dutch rock band John Coffey will release their debut full length Vanity on October 22nd. A release show will be held at the Ekko, Utrecht, Holland. Pre-sale tickets are 8 euro, but if you pay 10 euro extra, you'll get the CD as well. Isn't that a nice deal? You can find the details for this deal on their website.

Perhaps you know Mark Glunt of Silent Planet Promotions and Silent Planet Radio (also known as The Sasquatch). Over the years he supported bands getting reviews, radio air play and other promotional bonuses, without getting paid. Now he's in trouble as one of his heart valves needs to be replaced. Fortunately, the state of Ohio is probably going to foot the bill for his medical needs, but he's on his last paycheck from his former employer. If you want to help him, his wife and their four children, donations are welcome. He has paypal and the email address associated with it is mark@yccm.net. His snail address is:  8466 Township Road 166, West Liberty, OH 43357, USA.


Friday September 4th 2009

Dark Balance will release the farewell DVD/CD One Last Embrace from the Dutch symphonic metal band Morphia. The band did their final show at the Brainstorm Festival last year. Expect a full 60 minute show with former members as special guests, backstage material, photo's, extra clips and the live music on an audio CD. The DVD/CD will be released on September 11th in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The rest of the world can get it on September 7th. Check out this trailer:

Relient K is getting ready to release a new album. It's called Forget And Not Slow Down and it will come out through the Mono Vs. Stereo label on October 6th.

Demon Hunter is working on their fifth album. This will be the first album without founding member Don Clark who left to focus on his other obligations. Also drummer Ethan Luck left to focus on his other band Relient K. Patrick Judge is the new drummer. Randy Torres from Project 86 is an unofficial member of Demon Hunter now. About 90% of the music for the new album has been written.

The new Bride CD Tsar Bomba is delayed to October 27th.

Austrian Death Machine put a preview track on their myspace.com page. This track features fragments of songs from the new album Double Brutal that will appear on September 25th/28th. A full song is streaming on the Metal Blade Records' myspace. The song is called I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots And Your Motorcycle.

The German band Saphena is finishing their new album.

Project 86 will be shooting a new music video in late September for Dark Angel Dragnet from their new album Picket Fence Cartel.

Haste The Day is doing the 5 Countries 3 Continents Tour. During this tour they will be filming for their upcoming DVD. The band visits the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Colombia and Panama.

Advent posted a new song, the title track off of Naked And Cold on myspace. The album comes out on September 8th.


Friday August 28th 2009

The European release of Stryper's new album Murder By Pride will have a bonus track. It's the song My Love, My Life, My Flame, taken from Michael Sweet's solo album Touched. This song is dedicated to Sweet's late wife Kyle and he wrote it during her battle with cancer. Murder By Pride will be released by Frontiers. The Stryper site is now renewed as well.

Does the idea of a Deliverance DVD make you excited? There are plans to release a DVD with three live shows. Three songs from the Stay Of Execution tour (1993) will be on it, a full show from the What A Joke tour (1992)when the band played in front of 1000 people, and a full show from the As Above So Below tour (2008). The DVD will also have backstage footage with The Crucified.

According to a post on The Christian Metal Realm Deliverance will be playing live in Cleveland Ohio at Peabody's Downunder on November 21st. The original members Jimmy P. Brown II, Brian Khairullah and Glenn E. Rodgers will be together on stage for the first time since 1989. Mike Reed from the As Above So Below album will be drumming. The four members are currently working on the next Deliverance album The Annals Of Subterfuge. Expect this one out in 2010 through Retroactive Records. The return of Brian Khairullah to the line-up of this formerly known Christian metal band is remarkable, since he considers himself an atheist now.

Gwen Stacy signed with Solid State Records. The band will release their new album A Dialogue on October 20th. A video for the song The First Words is currently being shot by Jeremy Jackson.

Rock band Kutless will release a new worship album called It Is Well.

November 3rd is the release date for the new Living Sacrifice album The Infinite Order. The album was produced by Jeremiah Scott (Destroy Destroy Destroy) and mixed by Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Machine Head). The tracks on the album are: Overkill Exposure, Rules of Engagement, Nietzsche's Madness, Unfit to Live, The Training, Organized Lie, The Reckoning, Love Forgives, They Were One, God Is My Home, Apostasy.

Day Of Fire published their video of Lately on their myspace.com page.

Bury Me Alive is the new Inhale Exhale album. It comes out on October 6th. The record was produced by Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., Pillar) and mixed by Devin Townsend.

Advent have a new song called Revival on myspace. This is a track off their upcoming album Naked And Cold that will appear on September 8th.

Due to problems with the equipment, Thy Bleeding Skies have to re-record the guitars for their next album.

Sacred Warrior is still working on their next album. This will be their first new CD since Obsessions (1991). According to singer Rey Parra the album will be the band's heaviest disc so far. The album will also have contributions from original keyboardplayer Rick Macias who passed away due to a heart attack in February.

You can now download three Kekal albums for free: Audible Minority (2008), Acidity (2005) and 1000 Thoughts Of Violence (2003).

The Letter Black shot a video for their song Hanging On By A Thread. This is a song off their new album Breaking The Silence.

The US release of Narnia's Course Of A Generation will have the bonus track Master Of Lies. Course Of A Generation will be released by Nightmare Records on October 13th.


Friday August 21st 2009

The Brainstorm Festival will do a preparty. This extra festival takes place on Saturday October 31st in De Kelder, Amersfoort, Holland. Headliner is Becoming The Archetype. Co-headlining is Seventh Avenue from Germany. Other bands playing are Sacrificium, Edge Of Serenity and another support-act yet to be announced. Doors open at 18:30. First band 19:00. Tickets are 14 euro.

Nightmare Records will release the new Narnia album Course Of A Generation in the USA.

Project 86 are getting ready to film a new video.

Guitarist Ben left the German group World To Ashes. He can no longer combine band life with his job. World To Ashes is looking for replacement.

The Letter Black put a new track on their myspace.com page called Moving On. It's the first song from their new album Breaking The Silence that will appear on September 22nd.

Underoath performed on The Daily Habit. The show is now posted on Fuel.tv. For example, check out Desperate Times, Desperate Measures:

Former Stryper bassist Timothy Gaines will release a new instrumental CD called Breakfast @ Timothys. It will come out in September. Timothy Gaines will also be the bassist for Stryper during the 25th Anniversary Tour starting on September 11th.

Seventh Angel had to cancel their performance at the Flevo Festival due to one of the band members having to stay in another country after an accident to a family member. Simon Bibby and Ian Arkley went to the festival nonetheless to meet people. Ian's other band, My Silent Wake, was still able to come to play.

Oh, Sleeper put the song Reveries Of Flight on their myspace.com page. It's one of the songs from Son Of The Morning that will come out next week.

Take It Back! released their limited edition EP Rumors Of Revolt.


Friday August 14th 2009

Flyleaf finished recording their new album Memento Mori. The first single of the record is Again. This one will first air on radio stations across the USA on August 25th.

As I Lay Dying will record a new CD in October/November.

Living Sacrifice is almost ready with their new record. The mix is done by Andy Sneap (who worked for Megadeth, Testament, etc). Jeremiah Scott produced. The record is called The Infinite Order.

The Polish band Illuminandi will enter the studio to record their first full length album. It will start on September 14th. The album will have nine songs and perhaps an intro and/or instrumental interludes. The record will be finished in November/December. The band is discussing with a few labels.

Have you seen Kutless' video for To Know That You're Alive?

Jeff Arwadi and Leo Setiawan have left Kekal. After fourteen years the band is now without members. Jeff: "So does that mean Kekal has ended? No, absolutely not. We all understand that Kekal CANNOT be dissolved as a band. No one has a right to disband Kekal legally as it is already bound to copyrights, licenses and all the legal stuff as an independent institution. But it is a good thing to see Kekal as a band will stay forever in the music world, even without current active band-members."

Bassist Tracy Ferrie will not be performing on the U.S. leg of the Stryper tour. Instead, original bassist Timothy Gaines will be the sole bass player. What was originally planned as a 2-set show, will now be one full 90-minute show, consisting of all the greatest hits and new Stryper material. The band will be wearing new yellow and black outfits designed by the original outfit designer. All original members, Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet, Oz Fox and Tim Gaines will be performing on the 25th Anniversary U.S. tour. Tracy made his decision to put the needs of his family first. To support his family he has a day-job. Leaving this job for the tour would put his family in a tough situation upon returning from tour. The other band members support Tracy's decision.

The Stryper album Murder By Pride will be released by Frontier Records in Europe, on August 28th.

September 22nd is the release date for Live Life Loud, a new CD from Hawk Nelson. This studio album was produced by Steve Wilson and it has twelve songs. Hawk Nelson also supports TOMS Shoes. For every pair of shoes purchased via Hawk Nelson's website, another pair of shoes will be donated to a child in Haiti. Check out this video about the band's involvement:

The Canadian rock 'n roll metal band Blessed By A Broken Heart is writing songs for their next album. They'll be locked in the recording studio for five weeks to get some hits.

In late September Austian Death Machine will release the double CD Double Brutal. Disc one contains newly written songs, Disc two has covers from bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Motörhead, Agnostic Front, Misfits and  Goretorture. Guitarist, bassist, drummer and vocalist, Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying frontman as well) says: "Most bands sit around in a rehearsal room for a few years to put out a 10 song album and do a tour supporting that release. I've been a busy touring with As I Lay Dying and traveled everywhere this year besides Antarctica, but in the five minutes that I was home between tours I decided to put together a double disc of Ahhnold inspired brutality called Double Brutal. Also, Ed Repka (the legend behind the artwork for Megadeth) did an amazing job on this album cover."

Fuel Magazine is the official magazine of Tooth & Nail and Solid State Records. You can download it online. Don't forget to download the Fuel MP3 sampler as well, with music from bands like Underoath, Thousand Foot Krutch, Oh, Sleeper, The Showdown, MxPx, Living Sacrifice, Haste The Day and more. This stuff will only be available through September 18th.

The Devil Wears Prada has a new video. It's for the song Danger: Wildman. The video was directed by Spence Nicholson (Hollywood Undead, Taylor Hicks). The song is from the band's new album With Roots Above And Branches Below which debuted in May at #11 on the Billboard Top 200 with over 32,000 copies sold in the first week. Since then the band have surpassed the 75,000 mark. The band will be on the Warped Tour until August 23rd and have recently announced a full European Tour in October and November.

Here's the video:

Martyrs Shrine is working on new songs for their next album. The lyrics will be based on the Pacific War. The band wants to have this record out in 2010.

The new Bride CD Tsar Bomba will be released in September.

Thousand Foot Krutch posted a new song called Forward Motion on myspace. This is a song from Welcome To The Masquerade that will come out on September 8th.

Also Narnia uploaded material to myspace. The songs Course Of A Generation and Scared can be listened to now. The album Course Of A Generation will be released in Japan by SoundHolic on October 28th. Narnia has also signed a deal for the USA as well. Details will be announced.

Disciple made a video for Lay My Burdens. You can view it on Tangle.com. A fan put it on youtube:

Coming up is the Destruction Fest in London, UK. This festival will happen on October 24th. Booked so far are: A Hill to Die Upon (USA death / black), Antidemon (Brasil death / grind), Back Pocket Prophet (UK metal / thrash / rock), Bloodwork (UK extreme metal), Conduit (UK progressive hardcore), More Than Dust (UK metal), My Silent Wake (UK death / doom), Rising From Death (UK metalcore), Solace The Day (Denmark hardcore), Xphere (UK rock / industrial). The venue for the Destruction Fest is Rooz Studio, 2a Corsham St, Old Street, London N1. First band goes on stage at 14.30!

From October 29th through November 1st the annual Nordic Fest will be held in Oslo, Norway. So far seven bands are booked: Becoming The Archetype, Drottnar, A Hill To Die Upon, Eleos, In Grief, Solace The Day, Sáwol.


Friday August 7th 2009

The Dutch band Docile is still working on their next CD. After rewriting songs they've recorded drums and are now working on guitars. Check out this video with impressions of the drum recording:

Difficult times for Rowe Productions. Due to illegal downloading the Mortification home label is on the edge of collapse. Right now Steve Row is working on a Christian rock project, but it's not certain how things will develop financially. The 20th Anniversary Album will be available for pay download in early February next year. But December/January is make or break time for Rowe Productions.

Interested in downloading free music? Check out the Summer Slam samplers, including music from Everdown, Harmony, For Today, Sleeping Giant, Venia, Theocracy and many more.

On August 4th Oh, Sleeper released their new album Son Of The Morning. They put a few new songs on their myspace.com page. On OutlawVideo.TV you can see an interview with singer Micah, explaining the meaning behind Son Of The Morning:

Roxx Productions are working on an online radio show called Strictly Stryper. This new monthly series is dedicated solely to Stryper. It features old songs, new songs, live songs, rare songs, exclusive songs and songs from solo projects. Episode 1 will begin airing September 5th on Almighty Metal Radio and Blabber Jesus Radio.


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