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News October/November 2009


Friday November 27th 2009

Hands will be shooting a new music video. It will be a live video, recorded in The Warehouse in Willmar, Minnesota, USA, on December 21st. The entire concert will be filmed for the music video.

There's an amateur video of My Silent Wake's performance at this year's Destruction Fest. The band plays a new song. The studio version of this song will be on the split album they're releasing with The Drowning:

August Burns Red released a new Christmas single. They've recorded the classic O Come, O Come Emmanuel. You can listen to it on myspace, you can also download it from iTunes and Amazon MP3. If vinyl is your thing, you can get this single along with Carol Of The Bells. This vinyl single is limited to 1000 copies. It's released by CI Records.

Speaking of Christmas... MxPx will release their first Christmas album. This fourteen track album features the Christmas songs they've recorded over the years, plus two previously unreleased songs. The album will be released by their own label Rock City Recordings Company on December 1st. There are various editions of Punk Rawk Christmas, as the album is called. MxPx is Mike Herrera (bass & vocals), Tom Wisniewski (guitars) and Yuri Ruley (drums). In the span of 17 years the band has sold over 2.5 million records world wide.

Living Sacrifice has a new videoblog online. You can see the band recording vocals for The Infinite Order (out in January). Bruce Fitzhugh is recording as well as David from The Showdown. The video proves that holding a camera may be considered a form of art...

The UK metal band Rising From Death will record an album in March. They have twelve songs ready. Expect the record out in August. Rising From Death will also shoot a music video.

Peter and Martin from the defunct hardcore band Pistis IHA have a new project called The Receding Bro(w)s.

Retroactive Records will release the new Liberty N' Justice CD Light It Up on January 19th. The album features guest appearances of Phil Collen (Def Leppard), Chris Jericho (WWE Wrestler), Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister), CJ Snare & Bill Leverty (Firehouse), Phil Lewis (LA Guns), Marq Torien (Bulletboys), Oz Fox (Stryper), Jeff Pilson (Dokken/ Foreigner), Pete Loran & Steve Brown (Trixter), Robert Mason & Jerry Dixon (Warrant), Ted Poley (Danger Danger), Vic Rivera (Crunch), "Bumblefoot"(Guns N' Roses) JK Northrup, Dale & Troy Thompson (Bride), Les Carlsen (Bloodgood), Lynn Louise Lowrey (Vixen), Harry Hess & Pete Lesperance (Harem Scarem), Kelly Keeling (Baton Rouge), Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper), Chris Holmes (WASP), Sheldon Tarsha (Adler's Appetite/ Tarsha), Shawn Pelata (Line Of Fire), Stephen Chesney (Frontiers) and more....

HM Magazine has its annual reader's poll. Vote for your favorite band, album, singer, lyricist, guitarist, bassist, drummer and more.


Friday November 20th 2009

Soundmass will release the fourth Grave Forsaken album in early 2010. The album is called Fight To The Death. The record is produced by Daniel Holmes (Templar, Scourged Flesh).

MxPx released their new EP Left Coast Punk through their own label Rock City Recordings Company. This digital release contains six songs. However, there's also a physical version of the EP, containing ten songs! The psysical version is limited to 500 copies.

Today Haste The Day is embarking on the Napalm & Noise Tour with All That Remains, The Devil Wears Prada and Story Of The Year. After the tour the band will enter the studio to record their next album, to be released in Summer 2010.

Solid State Records and Oh, Sleeper have a T-shirt design contest going in which you can win a Fender Squier guitar. The contest goes until November 30th.

Memento Mori, the new Flyleaf album, entered the US Billboard 200 album chart at #8.

Bullroser Records released the second album from Mehida for the Finnish market. The disc is entitled The Eminent Storm.

HMmagazine.com reports that Brian "Head" Welch is in Nashville recording his new solo album with producer Rob Graves (Red, Pillar). The record should be completed in February and will be released by Driven Music Group.

In two weeks time the annual Christmas Rock Night will take place in Haus Ennepetal, Ennepetal, Germany. New to the line-up are Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster. Two bands cancelled: FM Static and Secret & Whisper. Among the booked bands are: HB, Disciple, Arson, Thousand Foot Krutch, Fireflight, Flatfoot 56, Children 18:3, Showbread and Haste The Day.


Friday November 13th 2009

Hard rock band Mass is in the studio to record their next album. They're recording twelve songs with Kenny Lewis in the Mixed Emotion studios. The mixing is planned for January. Expect the album out in early 2010 through Escape Music.

Flyleaf published the video for Bride, a song from their new album Memento Mori:

As I Lay Dying is working hard on their next album. So far they've tracked drums for eight songs, while they write more songs. The production is in hands of Adam D. and Daniel Castleman.

The Cruficied will release a new version of The Pillars Of Humanity, their 1991 classic album. The band was never satisfied with the original release, from the packaging to the final mix, so they've acquired the master reels from Ocean Records and remixed, remastered and repackaged the album. The new version of The Pillars Of Humanity will come out on November 17th through Tooth & Nail Records.

The German metal band Arcane Legion will publish it's new EP Dark Side Of Man on December 1st. The EP will be available through their label T-Recs Music.

Facedown Records signed the band A Hope For Home. The band originates from Facedown Records' side label Strike First Records. A new album should come out in Spring 2010. Recording will take place in January with Chris Common (Pelican, Mouth Of The Architect). On myspace you can hear the pre-production song Post Tenebras Lux.

Facedown Records has more in store for 2010. Expect new releases from War Of Ages, A Plea For Purging, Impending Doom, Wrench In The Works and Onward To Olympas.

Strike First Records signed Letter To The Exiles. This band is fronted by former Alove For Enemies vocalist Erich Barto. Expect a new album from Letter To The Exiles in early 2010.

South African gothic rock band The Awakening is collecting video material for the first official DVD. If you have any footage of the band, no matter how old, send a copy to: Intervention Arts, 4740 N. Cumberland Ave, Chicago, IL 60656, USA. If your footage is used for the official dvd, you will receive three copies of the DVD as well as other goodies.

Desyre from Finland released their new album Warning Of The Night.

Eternal Emperor is delaying the release of the first full length to early next year. The album will be called Antarctica. It will contain one hour of instrumental symphonic death metal with black and doom metal influences.

Believer started the writing process for the next album. They still have copies available of the The Brave shirt. The proceeds go to cancer research.

Today the second edition of the Brainstorm Festival will start in De Gigant, Apeldoorn, Holland. Due to healh problems Darkwater and Harmony had to cancel. They're replaced by Morrigu (with Eluveitie members) and Seventh Avenue. This is the line-up:

Friday November 13th:
18.00 - Doors open
18.30 - Projekt Klone
19.20 - Morrigu
20.10 - Theater: interview with Mad Max
20.40 - In Vain
22.00 - My Darkest Hate
23.15 - Mad Max

Saturday November 14th:
14.00 - Doors open
14.30 - Rift
15.25 - Nymphea Aurora
16.20 - Drottnar
17.20 - Theater: dvd-presentation by Morphia
18.15 - Seventh Avenue
19.05 - Foyer: meet and greet with Morphia
19.25 - Deuteronomium
20.30 - Theater: interview with Narnia (plus acoustic suprise)
21.05 - Forsaken
22.10 - Theater: grunt-competition (presented by Morphia-vocalist Jasper Pieterson)
23.00 - Narnia


Friday November 6th 2009

Classic metal band Saint is releasing a new album entitled Hell Blade. The CD will be released by Retroactive Records.

The Almost have a new album out called Monster Monster. The Almost is the side band for Underoath drummer Aaron Gillespie.

Hardcore band Sleeping Giant have published the video for The Army Of The Chosen One. This is a song from their album Sons Of Thunder. Check out the clip:

Norma Jean is leaving Solid State Records. For the release of their next album they've signed with the independent label Razor & Tie. The band will enter the studio in January.

Living Sacrifice published their first video blog with footage from the studio, recording their new album The Infinite Order. See them look for a song lost during The Hammering Process album days. The Infinite Order appears on January 26th.

Soundmass signed the Polish band Malchus. This group was formed in May 2004 by Radoslaw Solek (also known as Radii), who also sings in Illuminandi. Didymos is the debut album and it comes out around the end of the year.


Friday October 30th 2009

As I Lay Dying has won the Best Music Video award at the Hollywood Film Festival. Last Monday the thirteenth annual Hollywood Film Festival's Hollywood Awards ceremony was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. As I Lay Dying's video for The Sound Of Truth (directed by Brian Thompson) won in the Best Music Video category. Check out the winning video:

Seventh Angel added two new songs to their myspace.com page: In Ruins and Exordium. Singer/guitarist Ian Arkley: "If you enjoy what you hear from the new album and would like to hear the whole thing, please do not download the album illegally. The truth of the matter is that there will be no future albums from bands like us if the trend continues as it is, because no-one will be able to afford to record a decent album. Record sales generally have plummeted and small labels like Bombworks are feeling the effects. Downloads are temporary things and are no-where near as good as owning the actual albums. For the sake of underground music we need to support small labels. No-one is making any money which is not a problem for people like us as long as things can stay afloat. We make nothing from the band anyway, we just want to do this for pleasure. The sad fact is that some musicians will be struggling because their music is their livelihood."

MxPx will release a Christmas album. See what singer Mike Herrera has to say about this:

A new post hardcore band is Before There Was Rosalyn. They released their debut album The Führer: An Allegory Of A History Of Deception. On myspace you can hear the song The Warrior.

Soundmass has signed Dead Moons Grey for the release of their third album. Dead Moons Grey blends metal, rock, blues and southern rock.

Crimson Moonlight is reactivated. What this holds for the future is yet to be revealed. For those who haven't seen them at the Frizon Festival last year, check out this live video for a new song:

Shadows Of Paragon will release their new album Through The Valley Within at Blast Of Eternity on November 7th. This is the track list: Parabellum, Repressed Experience, The Ocean of Inane Thoughts, Fear of Being Forever Lost, Fall Leaves, Without a Veil Concealing My Sight, Darknes Fading, Silentium, A Tranquil Image Of A Wounded Child, In the Midst of the Morbid Darkness, At War, Kyrie Eleison, Dawn of Insight. On myspace.com you can listen to ten of these songs.

Slechtvalk will enter the studio on November 16th to record their fourth full length album. The record is scheduled for release in April 2010. November 16th is also the date for the release of An Era Of Bloodshed, the tenth anniversary compilation CD. However, tomorrow you can get the album by going to the Brainstorm Pre-party in De Kelder, Amersfoort, Holland. Becoming The Archetype, Seventh Avenue, Sacrificium and Edge Of Serenity are on stage. Metal shop First Paradox will sell a Slechtvalk CD & Shirt combi for 25 euro. The fastest way to get this best-of...


Friday October 23rd 2009

Hmmagazine.com reports that Frontiers Records will release the comeback album from Mastedon on November 6th. Mastedon is an American melodic hard rock band  put together by former Kansas singer John Elefante with his brother Dino. They debuted in 1989 with It's A Jungle Out There, followed by Lofcaudio. Now Mastedon returns with the third album, simply called 3. None other then Kansas main songwriter Kerry Livgren appears on the album, playing lead guitar in an eleven minute long track.  3 also has contributions from Dave Amato (REO Speedwagon), Anthony Sallee (Whiteheart), Dan Needham (Michael McDonald, Neville Brothers, Amy Grant, Garth Brooks, etc.) and of course John's brother Dino Elefante.

Frontiers Records will also re-release the debut album It's A Jungle Out There. Frontiers new reissue includes full lyrics and three bonus tracks: Wasn't It Love (from the compilation album California Metal), Islands In The Sky (live version, recorded live at Cornerstone 1991) and Right Hand (also recorded at Cornerstone).

The Brazilian metal band Shaphal released their 2004-2007 Unreleased Tracks album. You can download it here for free!

Ulterium Records will release a limited 12" picture disc edition of the new Stryper album Murder By Pride for the European market. This disc comes out on December 4th. The LP will be strictly limited to 500 copies and comes with a full color poster inlay. You can pre-order the picture disc at the Ulterium Records store.

Whirlwind Records will release a best-of compilation from Slechtvalk. From the CD Falconry, these songs are on the best-of: My Bleeding Heart, Consumed By Flames, In Hell I Burn. From the split EP with Kekal they took Storms. From the album The War That Plagues The Lands the compilation has From Behind The Trees, My Last Call, And Thus It Burns. From the At The Dawn Of War CD: Thunder Of War, On The Eve Of Battle, Cries Of The Haunted (re-recorded version). The compilation also has three unreleased songs from the upcoming album: Hounds Of Battle (featuring Sevan Kirder from Eluveitie), Towards The Dawn, War Of The Ancients (instrumental).

Barren Cross has a new singer to replace original member Mike Lee. His name is Dean Kohn. In the eighties he took vocal lessons from Hollywood vocal coach Elizabeth Sabine, who has trained vocalists such as Michael Sweet of Stryper, Don Barnes of 38 Special and Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. Dean sang for the band Attakk, joined the Japanese band Loudness for a short while, and was lead vocalist for Malice.

The Norwegian band Mantric (featuring former Extol and Lengsel members) has signed to Prosthetic Records.

Their fellow-Norwegians of Benea Reach have left the country to go to India to headline The Great Indian Rock Festival. This festival takes place from October 23rd-26th. Benea Reach will play several concerts at the festival.

Living Sacrifice has a new song called Rules Of Engagement that you can hear by downloading the new Solid State podcast at iTunes for free!

Everdown posted the full version of the new song Black Clover on myspace.com. It features a solo from Mark MacDonald of Austrian Death Machine.


Friday October 16th 2009

Celebrating their 25th anniversary, Stryper releases a coffee table book packed with 200 pages of rare and never before seen pictures. The book called Stryper: By His Strypes. There is a a Deluxe Limited Edition cover, that is hand signed and numbered by the author. There are only 1,000 copies of the limited edition and according to rumors this version is already sold out.

Stryper: By His Strypes - book cover

A Stryper shirt can be seen in the directional debut of Drew Barrymore, called Whip It. This movie is in theaters across the USA and it stars Ellen Page as Bliss Cavender, a rebellious Texas teen.  Bliss can be seen wearing a Stryper T-shirt in several scenes in the film. For example, watch the trailer:

In further Stryper news, Stryper singer Michael Sweet is getting married. He lost his wife Kyle to cancer earlies this year. Recently Michael proposed to Lisa.

Bride released their long awaited new album Tsar Bomba. You can buy it from the band. And on myspace.com you can listen to a few tracks.

With Blood Comes Cleansing is writing music. They hope to record sometime next year. Currently they are trying to play some more shows, but due to obligations they can't tour at this time.

Dagon is writing music for a follow-up to their Terraphobic album.

Project 86 filmed a new video.

Gwen Stacy did a video shoot yesterday.

The release of the new Living Sacrifice album The Infinite Order is delayed to January 26th 2010.


Friday October 9th 2009

Stairway is recording their new album again. Due to illness the recording process was delayed. The drum tracks will be finished next week and then the guitar solos will follow.

Oh, Sleeper debuted their video of Son Of The Morning:

Roxx Productions is about to re-release Puppet Of Destruction, an Ultimatum classic. This limited edition has new artwork, was remastered and has three bonus tracks. The pre-release version also has the previously unreleased CD demo Fatal Delay. This demo was only released on cassette in 1993. On October 13th Puppet Of Destruction will come out.

Sympathy is recording their new album. Tentative title is Beast. All the songs were written between February 2009 and March 2009. Possible tracks on the album:
Imbiding the Hemlock, Lurks in Shadows, At Sword's Edge, Without Hesitation, Womb of the Dead, The Slaughter of All, Rise of the Strong, Inspired by Evil, Beaten Broken Disfigured, Kill the Prophet, Infidel, Part I - The Beast - The Blasphemous, Inception, Part II - The Beast - Wargod.

Gwen Stacy posted the title track from A Dialogue on myspace.com. The album comes out on October 20th.

Hawk Nelson also put a new song on myspace. It's called Eggshells.

Facedown Records signed metalcore quintet Onward To Olympas. Their debut album This World Is Not My Home was recorded with Jamie King (Between The Buried and Me, For Today) and will be released on January 19th 2010.

Austrian Death Machine put their cover of Motörhead's Iron Fist on myspace.


Friday October 2nd 2009

John Coffey put the first single of their new album on myspace.com. It's the title track from Vanity. A CD release show will be held in Ekko in Utrecht city (the Netherlands) on October 22nd. The album will be released by Sally Forth Records. Check out this album trailer:

The Awakening uploaded their new single Nothing Like The Rain to myspace. Their new album Tales Of Absolution + Obsoletion is out now in the USA and South Africa. A European release date is to be announced.

As I Lay Dying has written six to seven songs for their next album. They'll start recording on October 17th and finish the record around the new year.

The Letter Black published their video for Hanging On By A Thread:

Believer released for a limited time (the month October) a T-shirt to collect money for cancer research. Kurt Bachman, singer and guitarist for Believer, is also a cancer researcher. As October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the band made a T-shirt. The proceeds go to cancer research at Johns Hopkins where Bachman earned his Ph.D.  You can order the shirt from the Believer website, payment through paypal.

Take It Back! releases their new record Atrocities on November 10th. The songs on the album are: The Beginning. Nothing, New Empires, Lost Generation, Hollow Eyes, A Reason To Scream, What We're Fighting For, Minneapolis, The Skies Are Empty, The Prodigal Soldier, and The End Of Apathy.

Callisto put a live video (for The Fugitive) on the internet of their performance in Moskow:

The new Jacobs Dream album Beneath The Shadows will come out on November 10th. On myspace.com you can hear the new song Stain.

MxPx will release a new EP called Left Coast Punk.

There's a Day of Fire video online, featuring their acoustic performance of Lately at 98 Rock/ KRXQ in Sacramento, California, USA. The new Day of Fire album Losing All will be out next year.


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