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News February/March 2008


Friday March 28th 2008

The guys from Still Remains have decided to call it quits. According to the band, personal reasons have lead to this decision. They think it's time for them to move on to different things in their lives. However, you can see Still Remains on a final headlining tour. The last concert will take place on the Cornerstone Festival.

Destroy The Runner have put up a new song online called Crumbs For The Murder on myspace.com. This is a track from their upcoming album I, Lucifer which appears on April 15th.

You can also listen to I Needed A Spaceship (Instead I Got Problems) from Inhale/Exhale on myspace.com. This song is from the I Swear album, due out on June 10th.

And you can listen to The Famine too! On myspace you can hear Stitched In Plastic from The Raven And The Reaping. This CD will be out on May 27th.

On May 5th Metalmind Productions will re-issue Hellig Usvart from Horde for the European market. This remastered version will also contain bonus tracks. Hellig Usvart appears in the USA on June 10th.

Momentum Scandinavia will release The Nightshift Worshipper. This is an EP from the one man band Grave Declaration. The EP will appear on March 31st. The disc contains four songs of symphonic black/death metal.

Classic metal band Saint has a new album out called Crime Scene Earth. This record contains nine songs.

Dagon finished recording their EP with covers. They hope to have it out in the second half of April.

You can listen to A Curtain Of Deceit. This is a track from Dead Alive, the new Soul Embraced album that will come out on April 29th. Listen to the band on myspace.com.

Fear Dark announced the bands that will play the Fear Dark Festivals this year: Thy Majestie, Slechtvalk, Exhale and World To Ashes. The Dutch festivals will take place on May 23rd, 24th and 25th. For more information you can view myspace.com kijken. That's also the spot for you to listen to these four bands!


Friday March 21st 2008

The Showdown is recording their third album in Nashville. This will be the follow-up to the Feel Like Hell EP (2007). So far the drums are finished.

The Swedish progressive metal group Darkwater will shoot a video in Gothenburg, Sweden. The song they've chosen is The Play - II. This is a song from their debut album Calling The Earth To Witness.

Underoath is in the middle of recording a new album They have two live webcams in the studio, one in the drum room, the other in the sound room. Use this link and this link.

Also the Dutch hardcore band Deckard is in the studio for their first demo.

If you are between 12 and 16 years old, there's a chance for you to star in a video clip from hardcore band Today Forever. This German group will shoot a video and they're looking for two actors. It's a voluntary job, no payment involved. So, if you think it's fun check out this information sheet (in German language though). Today Forever comes from the Kassel area.

If you play in a band, you might get the opportunity to tour with Becoming The Archetype in June on the so-called Peel Your Wig Back Tour. And you will also play the Tooth & Nail Day at the Cornerstone Festival. Interested? Send an e-mail to peelyourcontest@gmail.com for all the details. The deadline for submission is May 1st.

Kekal is still working on their new album. It will contain a cover song from the Norwegian band A-ha. No, it's not their infamous track Take On Me...

Joshua Perahia will re-issue three of his past album this week. The titles available again are: The Hand Is Quicker Than The Eye (remastered 25th anniversary edition), Surrender (remastered and with new cover art) and Chapter 1 (remastered and with new cover art). The new DVD Intense Defense: Live In The Studio will be out in April.

The promoters of the annual Christmas Rock Night festival in Germany, will organise the Legends Of Rock festival on Saturday April 5th. For fans of classic metal bands this is an event you surely don't want to miss. The festival takes place in Haus Ennepetal, not far from Wuppertal and the Dutch border.

This is the time schedule for Legend Of Rock 2008:

Seventh Avenue - 15:00

Rex Carroll Session - 15:50

Stavesacre - 16:45

Narnia - 18:00

Glenn Kaiser Band - 19:15

Whitecross - 20:30

Blindside - 22:00

Bloodgood - 23:20

Jim Laverde from Sanctuary International is raising money for his and pastor Bob Beeman's festival tour. They'll be visiting lots of festivals this year. Bob and Jim desperately need financial support to do all of this. It takes several thousand dollars to do just one event. They never ask the people who put on these festivals to pay our way over, they never want to be a burden to them. So if you feel you can be of help to these fine people, send them an e-mail through the Barren Cross myspace.com page. Every  little bit helps.


Friday March 14th 2008

The Australian company Soundmass will release three albums in April.

First of all it's the first full-length album from Synnôve. Their record is called The Whore And The Bride. Synnôve was formed by former members of Virgin Black. They started out playing symphonic/gothic black but are now a more aggressive black metal unit with doom and death elements. You can listen to the band on myspace.com.

Second, Soundmass will bring out the debut album for Martyrs Shrine. This may sound as a new band, but the group is formed by Michael Carlisle and Mike Forsberg, also known for their work with Mortification and Cybergrind. You can expect a blend of death and thrash metal.

And the third release from Australia is in fact a CD from a German band. They're called Eternal Emperor and play combination of death and black metal with thrash influences and doom metal passages. Their debut EP is called In The Beginning.

Soundmass also signed a new band from Australia, Dei Elithaeon. They play a blend of thrash, death and progressive metal. Their debut should be out in mid 2008. You can listen to the band on myspace.

Images Of Eden is working on a new album. The recording should take place in late summer/early fall 2008. The band also has a new drummer called Chris Lucci from the progressive metal band All Too Human.

Blissed almost finished their new CD. According to the band, the heavy will be heavier, the hooks will be hookier and the vibes vibier...

My Silent Wake recorded their new album in the Kewsound Studio. Expect the disc out through Bombworks Records in the summer.

The Swedish heavy metal band Incrave will release their new single The Forgotten through Ulterium Records on March 27th. The Forgotten is taken from the up-coming album Dead End, due out on April 25th (Europe) and May 13th (North America). The single contains two different versions of the single track, plus two extra songs. You can listen to The Forgotten on myspace.

Underoath is about to record a new album.

Also Anberlin works on new stuff. They are in the studio in Los Angeles.

And a new CD from Tower is in the works. Their are in the mixing stage.

You can download a new file containing the Art For The Ears radio show. It's the March 7th 2008 show, featuring Mehida, Still Remains, P.O.D., Stellar Kart, Thousand Foot Krutch, King's X, Tourniquet, Pantokrator, xDeathstarx, Rob Rock & Ivoryline.


Friday March 7th 2008

On May 19th the new King's X album XV will be released by InsideOut Music in Europe. People living in Germany, Austria or Switzerland are more fortunate. In their countries XV arrives four days sooner. People in the US will have to wait until May 20th. XV was produced by Michael Wagener (Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Stryper).

ReinXeed has finnaly recorded its debut album. The band now also has a full line-up.

The Dutch death metal band Docile signed a deal with Open Grave Records for the North-American market. Open Grave Records will release their debut EP Babylon Ablaze. It should be out round April/May. First Paradox Metal Records will take care of Europe and Asia.

Tooth & Nail Records signed a new band called Since October. Their album This Is My Heart appears on May 27th. On myspace you can hear this band.


Friday February 29th 2008

Joshua Perahia is working on a new album. He'll be heading into the studio soon to begin recording. Returning to the Joshua line-up will be vocalist Jeff Fenholt who also sang on the album Surrender (1985). Several special guests are being lined up to appear on the CD. Joshua Perahia is also editing footage for his first DVD called Intense Defense: Live In The Studio. This disc will feature the entire albm Intense Defense performed live in the studio with Rob Rock on vocals. The DVD will also feature unreleased live performances Joshua did at the 2001 Salvation Army Benefit Concert and Stryper Expo 2001. You can also expect promotional videos and other extras.

Last sunday, February 24th, rock legend Larry Norman passed away. Norman debuted in the sixties and was known for being one of the pioneers in Christian rock. He's probably best known for his song Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music.

A memorial service will be held at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 1st at The Church on the Hill, 2707 Maranatha Ct., Turner, Oregon, USA.

The Dutch hardcore group Deckard will record a demo EP. This disc will probably contain five songs. The recordings will be done by Willem Jonker (The Hot Stewards, Sacred Life) in his studio in Hattem, Holland.

Teramaze, the Australian metal band, is putting the final touches on the two new tracks for the Anthology. They hope to finish it all soon.

Bride has started writing the songs for a new album. On one night alone singer Dale and his brother Troy wrote five tunes. They hope to have fifteen songs ready before they'll enter the studio. Go to the website of the band and find out how YOU can be involved with the recording process!

A new band on the Solid State Records' roster is My Children, My Bride. Their new album Unbreakable appeared this week. Four songs from the record can be listened to on myspace.

Another album that was released this week, is the self-titled debut from Children 18:3, a new band on Tooth & Nail Records.

The line-up for the Elements Of Rock festival in Switzerland is completed. This festival takes places on April 25-27th. Booked are: Seventh Avenue, Drottnar, David Benson's DBeality, Kreyson, Obed, Monoblock, Metratrone, Vindex, Thy Bleeding Skies, Exaudi and Morgarten.

You can download a new file containing the Art For The Ears radio show. It's the February 22nd 2008 show, featuring Relient K, Becoming The Archetype, Demon Hunter, Veni Domine, Bloodgood, Sympathy, Tourniquet, Torman Maxt, Virgin Black & Remission.


Friday February 22nd 2008

Bombworks Records have signed the Canadian death metal group Sympathy. The new CD will be titled Anagogic Tyranny and will feature ten songs of "technical blackened death metal". Expect the album out in mid 2008.

Underoath recorded songs from a recent US to release a live record. This album will have twelve songs. Underoath is also writing for a new studio album. They'll go into the studio within a month with Matt Goldman And Adam D. So far eight songs are writing. Expect some of the heaviest stuff as well as some of the most experimental.

Endtime Productions will release a 7" from Dalit. This record will have two songs: Nomad and Silent Genocide. Be quick to get this vinyl release. Only 100 units were pressed in four different colors.

The Dutch label Dark Balance have signed Thy Bleeding Skies. This German/Finnish death metal initiative will release their debut Chapters Of Downfall on May 5th. Thy Bleeding Skies will also tour Europe, including a show in The Netherlands on April 23rd.

The third Soul Embraced album, Dead Alive, will be released on April 29th. The record comes out through Solid State Records.

You can listen to a new Kekal song on myspace.com. The track is called Narrow Avenue. Another new tune, The Vampire Song, can be downloaded a long with more material from other bands as part of the Open Grave sampler. Check this page out.

Essence Of Sorrow is working on material for a new album.

The 2002 album On Hallowed Ground from Stairway will be re-released. It will be available from Amazon, HMV and other online stores from March 17th.

Sullen Records signed two bands. First of all Sorrowstorm. This is a solo project from Panama. This black metal one man band is active since 2000. Sullen Records will release Onward. This album contains improved, revamped and partially re-recorded songs as well as new tracks. The other band is Northern Ash. This band blends black metal, death metal and thrash metal. The line-up features Felipe Diez (from Sorrowstorm and Encryptor) and Todd Brandt (Transfigural Form and Eden In Ruins). Their debut album The Age Of Irrationality will come out in the spring. You can hear their music on myspace.

The Resurrection Band will do reunion shows this year. They are booked for the Cornerstone Festival as well as the Unity Fest.

You can download a new file containing the Art For The Ears radio show. It's the February 15th 2008 show, featuring Grimmark, As I Lay Dying, Flyleaf, Veni Domine, Pantokrator, My Silent Wake, Stellar Kart, August Burns Red, Seventh Angel, Opposition Of One, 12 Stones & Seventh Angel.


Friday February 15th 2008

My Silent Wake is working on a new album. They have booked the studio in March. The new disc will be recorded in the Kewsound Studio, the same studio they used for previous efforts. My Silent Wake hopes to have the album ready by the summer.

On April 8th the new P.O.D. album When Angels & Serpents Dance appears. The first single is Addicted. When Angels & Serpents Dance contains a couple of guest appearances: Paige Hamilton (Helmet), Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies) on the track Kaliforn-Eye-A, The Marley Sisters, and a gospel choir.

Bombworks Records will release the third Holy Blood album in April. The record is called The Patriot and you can download the track Well Tried Faith to get an impression. The CD will also contain an multimedia part.

The new single Living For Tomorrow from Random Eyes hit Finland's official single chart on #11.

Rob Rock is busy as ever. Now it's been announced that he can be heard on Fires Of Babylon. This is eighties heavy metal. The line-up includes guitarist Lou St. Paul (Winter's Bane), bassist Kelly Conlon (formerly of Death), drummer Robert Falzano (Annihilator) and, of course, singer Rob Rock. Lyrically the album has themes based on relationships, struggles and triumphs, political commentary, and Biblical world views. The album will be released by Metal Heaven. You can download three samples, taken from the songs Devilution, Falling To Pieces and When The Kingdom Comes.

The first bands are announced that will play the annual Flevo Festival. Two of the bands included are Tourniquet and Project 86. Also booked are: Ruth, Fire Flight, Flatfoot 56 and a few others.

You can download a new file containing the Art For The Ears radio show. It's the February 8th 2008 show, featuring Thousand Foot Krutch, Demon Hunter, Grand Lux, Veni Domine, Deliverance, Living Sacrifice, Zenith Of Abolition, Project 86, Rob Rock & Mehida.


Tuesday February 12th 2008

News flash: Art For The Ears has a new forum. You can find it right here. The main language on the forum is Dutch, as most visitors are from The Netherlands.


Friday February 8th 2008

Living Sacrifice is back together! Founding members Bruce Fitzhugh (vocals/guitars) and Lance Garvin (drums) have reunited with Rocky Gray (guitar) and Arthur Green (bass). The band will be on tour this summer and they are already writing material for a new album. Expect this record this year!

The Showdown have signed to a new record label, yet to be announced. Right now they are working on a new album. The band should be in the studio in March.

Kekal is nominated for Best Avantgarde Metal Album 2007 by Metal Storm. Please vote for the band.

Saviour Machine will release a Legend Part I - 2 Disc Limited Signature Edition on March 24th. The disc will contain the following songs: A Prophecy; Legend I:I/The Lamb; The Eyes Of The Storm; The Night; The Sword Of Islam; The Invasion Of Israel; WWII - The Final Conflict III; Ten - The Empire; The Best; Antichrist I. It will be a 70+ minutes CD with all new remixes and extended mixes of the mentioned songs.

Liberty N' Justice will release their best-of album 4-All The Best Of LNJ on April 1st. For a limited time you can hear Dale and Troy Thompson of Bride on the LNJ myspace.com page. The song was written by Dale, Troy, Shawn Pelata (Line Of Fire) and Justin Murr (Liberty N' Justice).

You can download a new file containing the Art For The Ears radio show. It's the February 1st 2008 show, featuring MxpX, Still Remains, Opposition Of One, Veni Domine, Pantokrator, Seventh Avenue, Megadeth, War of Ages, August Burns Red, Virgin Black & Project 86.


Friday February 1st 2008

Seventh Avenue have finished their new album Terium. This record will be released on March 28th. For the release of the album Seventh Avenue will work with Massacre Records again.

There's news from the Random Eyes camp. On february 6th they will release the single Living For Tomorrow through Bullroser Records.

Remove The Earth is the new album from Advent that Solid State Records will release on February 12th. Right now you can listen to the song The Cost on myspace.

Another Solid State band is mychildren mybride. They have posted the new song Headshot on their myspace.com page. This song is off of their upcoming record Unbreakable. The album comes out on February 26th.

The Brittish death metal band Bloodwork is working on an album.

In case you're wondering when the new Altera Enigma album sees the light of day: the band is still working on it. But it will take longer than initially expected. All members are busy with other bands as well.

The Swedish melodic metal band Incrave (formerly known as Evergrace) will release Dead End on April 25th. This is first album under the moniker of Incrave. Ulterium Records will put the CD on the market. Dead End contains ten tracks and the song Shattered can be listened to on the band's myspace.com page.

From Norway comes death metal formation In Vain. They are working on new material. They hope to enter the studio to record a new album this summer.

You can download the title track from the new P.O.D. album When Angels & Serpents Dance for free.

On April 5th the second annual Legens Of Rock festival will be held in Haus Ennepetal in Ennepetal (near Wuppertal), Germany. This festival will bring bands back to Europe that once played the annual Christmas Rock Night. One of them is Bloodgood. This band played the CRN in 1987. The line-up of the band now also features Oz Fox (Stryper). Other bands booked are: Whitecross, Stavesacre, Blindside, Narnia, Seventh Avenue, Glenn Kaiser Band and more. For more information go the festival site or myspace.


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