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News August/September 2008


Friday September 26th 2008

HB is recording a new album. The album will contain ten tracks. The presentation will take place during the Maata Näkyvissä Festival in Turku, Finland. A single from the album will be available in internetstores in October.

Zao is working on a new album. This is the follow-up to The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here (2006). As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis is producing the album along with Daniel Castleman and Zao guitarist Scott Mellinger. The band's 1998 album Where Blood And Fire Bring Rest was recently recognised by Alternative Press as one of the most influential albums of 1998.

Disciple is working on a new album called Southern Hospitality. They've finished recording. Now the album is mixed by Joe Berresi (Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age, Lost Prophets). The CD comes out on October 21st.

Here's the video for Contention by MxPx:

The latest addition to the Nordic Fest is Tourniquet. Tim Gaines, formerly of Stryper, will join them on stage as their bassist. Other bands on the Nordic Fest in Oslo are: Seventh Angel, Deuteronomium, My Silent Wake, Blood Drift, Morgenroede, Arcane Legion, Dalit, Slechtvalk, Thy Majestie, Frail Grounds & Benea Reach.

Here's the video for Here We Are by German rock band Mad Max:


Friday September 19th 2008

The German hard rock band Mad Max will release a new album called Here We Are on October 1st. With this album they celebrate their 25th anniversary. The band will make a video of the title track. Here We Are will be released by A-Minor Records. Mad Max is also invited to be special guest on the Skull Crown Tour 2009 with Axel Rudi Pell.

Congratulations to As I Lay Dying. Two days ago they won the award for Artist Of The Year at the San Diego Music Awards!

The new Theocracy album Mirror Of Souls will be released in Europe November 21st by Ulterium Records. The album will be released in Japan November 25th, and the North American release date is set to December 9th.

Exhale posted a new song from the upcoming album Blind on myspace. The song is called Anger. Right now the group is looking for a label.

The annual Nordic Fest is extended with one more day. The fest takes place from November 13th-16th. The venue is the Sub Scene in Oslo. Bands booked so far are: Seventh Angel, Deuteronomium, My Silent Wake, Blood Drift, Morgenroede, Arcane Legion, Dalit, Slechtvalk, Thy Majestie, Frail Grounds & Benea Reach.

Want to know how Becoming The Archetype gets all sorts of strange noises on their next album? Watch this webisode:

Trenches released a new album called The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole. You can hear new music from the album on myspace.

Haste The Day released the new single Madman on iTunes. This song is off their upcoming album Dreamer that comes out on October 14th. Go to their myspace page now to listen to two more songs off the album, 68 and Haunting.


Friday September 12th 2008

Mortification asks for your support. On September 26th they will release the Live Humanitarian double dvd through Nuclear Blast. The band hopes the label will resign them. So, get a copy from NuclearBlast.de! Mortification has 6 months to prove the label that they are a viable band with a strong fan base. The more DVD's are sold, the better chance they have of a deal for their next studio album they will record between November and March. This Live Humanitarian double dvd might be a great idea for a Christmas present...The double dvd is in Region 0, so you can play it on any DVD player.

Former Korn guitarist Brian Head Welch released his first solo album this week on Driven Music Group. The title for this record is Save Me From Myself. The first single is Flush.

The Once Dead album Visions Of Hell will be released on October 28th 2008. The members of this group have experience in playing with bands like Vengeance Rising, Hirax, The Crucified and Fasedown. Visions Of Hell will be released by Open Grave Records.

Ulterium Records from Sweden has inked a deal with Nightmare Records for the North American release of the new Harmony album Chapter II: Aftermath. The album will be released in the USA on November 25th.

Stairway is returning to the studio to continue recording their new album.

There will be ten tracks on the next Becoming The Archetype album Dichotomy. These are the songs: Mountain of Souls; Dichotomy; Artificial Immortality; Self Existent; St. Anne's Lullaby (instrumental); Ransom; Evil Unseen; How Great Thou Art; Deep Heaven; End Of The Age. Dichotomy is scheduled for release on November 25th.

Callisto has finished recording their new album. They're mixing right now. Here's a live video from the song Wormwood, a track from the previous album Noir:

The German group World To Ashes spent time over the past weeks to write new material for their next album. They have finished the first part of the pre-production. Six songs are ready and recorded.

The new album Lost In The Sound Of Seperation from Underoath entered the Billboard Top 200 chart at #8.


Friday September 5th 2008

MxPx is currently planning to release an album filled with covers.

You can download MxPx's new single Contention. This is the third single from the Secret Weapon CD. This offer lasts until September 18th, so be quick! There's also a video for Contention. You can view it on Buzznet.

On November 26th the new album Mirror Of Souls from Theocracy will come out in Japan through Soundholic Records. The Japanese release will have all eight songs plus the bonus track Wages Of Sin. A release date for Europe and North America will be announced soon.

On myspace you can listen to the new single Favorite Disease from Thousand Foot Krutch. It's a track from their album The Flame In All Of Us. There's also a video for this song.

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster are working on their next album. They go into the studio on December 1st. Expect the record out in early summer 2009.

Dagon is writing for the next album. They should be in the studio soon.

Underoath published a video for the song Desperate Times, Desperate Measures from their new album Lost In The Sound Of Seperation. You can view it at the MTV2 Headbangers Blog.


Friday August 29th 2008

On October 31st the next Harmony album Chapter II: Aftermath will be released in Europe. Release dates for North America and Japan will be announced soon. The album was mixed by Pelle Saether. The songs on the album are: Prevail, Aftermath, Rain, Don't Turn Away, Kingdom, Silently We Fade, Inner Peace, Weak, I Run, Hollow Faces, End Of My Road.

Narnia has a new singer. His name is Germán Pascual. He grew up in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, but move to Sweden in his teens. Pascual sang with various bands, including Minds Eye and Mendez.

Kekal is offering a free download of their album Acidity. This is for a limited time only. The offer ends on October 31st 2008.

Bloodgood posted a video of their concert in Sweden on Youtube. It's the song Demon On The Run. It was recorded in June of this year.

And much more aggressive, Anguish & Pain:

On September 30th a new Avian album will come out. This disc is called Ashes And Madness. Avian is a melodic metal band featuring singer Lance King.

You can download the video Austrian Death Machine made for Get To The Choppa.

Seventh Angel will re-issue their first two albums through Metal Mind Productions. Both records will be re-mastered and will contain a bonus track each. One of the bonus tracks is The Turning Tide.


Friday August 22nd 2008

As I Lay Dying is nominated at the San Diego Music Awards. They're nominated in the category Artist Of The Year. The band won this award last year. As I Lay Dying will perform at the 18th annual awards ceremony on September 17th. Other nominees are: Angels & Airwaves, B-Side Players, Grande Ole Party, Greg Laswell, Peter Sprague, Switchfoot and Tristan Prettyman.

Wonder what the new Seventh Angel will sound like? They just put a new song on their myspace profile. The song is called The Turning Tide and is one of the tracks from the upcoming album.

August Burns Red put their video of Back Burner online. This is a track from their Messengers album:

Stairway is working hard on their next album. They hope to have it out in early 2009.

Inhale/Exhale premiered their music video for It's Myself Vs. Being A Man on MTV2's Headbanger's Blog. You can also find it unofficially and in poorer quality on youtube:

Ancient Prophecy is active again. This German metal band released an EP in 1998. Now they have a new myspace site with three new demo songs.

Soundmass has signed Scourged Flesh. This Australian group was formed by the brothers Todd and David Kilgallon. The latter is now also drummer in Mortification. Guitar player for Scourged Flesh is Daniel Holmes, also from Templar.

Wrench In The Works released their new album The Lost Art Of Heaping Coal.

Underoath put the song The Only Survivor Was Miraculously Unharmed on their myspace.com page. This song is off their upcoming album Lost In The Sound Of Seperation, which comes out on September 2nd.

From The Midst Of The Battle, the new Deuteronomium album, made it to 11th place on Finnish album list on it's first week after release.


Friday August 15th 2008

Harmony released their new EP End Of My Road. This EP gives a taste of the upcoming new album Chapter II: Aftermath. The release date for the album is still to be announced. Listen to the EP's title track on myspace.

The new X-sinner album is being manufactured. The title for this album is World Covered In Blood and it's the follow-up to Loud And Proud. You can hear the title track on myspace.

The next couple of months Docile will be working in the studio to finish it's first full length. So far, they've got material for 14 to 15 songs. Only 10 or 11 will make the final cut. Drummer Geert Samuel will produce the album. He also did the first EP (Babylon Ablaze). Expect the album out in the first quarter of 2009.

The Showdown put another song from the Back Breaker album on myspace. The track is called Prometheus - The Fires of Deliverance.


Friday August 8th 2008

MxPx released their first 7" picture disc. This one contains the songs Keep A Beat and Coffee. Only a limited amount of 1,000 copies were printed, so be fast.

Norma Jean has a new record out. It's called The Anti Mother. On myspace.com you can listen to a couple of songs.

Maylene and The Sons of Disaster have been nominated for Best New Artist for the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards with their video Darkest of Kin.

Success for Austrian Death Machine. Their debut album Total Brutal entered the Billboard 200 chart at #179, #32 on Billboard Hard Music Albums, #28 on Billboard Independent Albums Chart, and #7 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. Singer  Ahhnold commented on this achievement: "WHAT?! No #1's? BRUTAL! Heatseekers? The only heatseekers I know are missiles! Nyaaahhhh!"

The Showdown put the new song, Ares - I Am Vengeance up on their myspace.com page. It's a track from the upcoming album Back Breaker.

Retroactive Records signed the band Faith Factor. Their debut will appear in the next few months.


Friday August 1st 2008

Callisto is returning to the studio. They will record their third full-length album. The CD will be produced by Jonas Olsson.

Miseration is planning a tour in November, after the re-release of their Your Angels - Their Demons album. The band also has some new songs they hope to record around February/March 2009.

The new Kekal album Audible Minority will be out in December 2008. The album will have eleven songs, one of them being a cover of Locust (originally from A-ha). Right now you can download the track The Vampire Song. It's the intention to make the first eight tracks available for free download. The official album release will have eleven tracks plus possible extras.

Impending Doom published their new video My Nemesis on Headbangersblog.

Royal Anguish published three songs from their upcoming album The Grand Deception on myspace. The songs are Please Educate Me, Thy Pale Existence (featuring Meri Tadic from Eluveitie) and The Grand Deception (featuring Jasper Pieterson from Morphia).

And Dalit also released a song to myspace. The track is called Tears Of Uriah.


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